Sunday, October 25, 2020

Post Game : Minnesota

I slept very well, thank you.  That was an interesting game last night and I hope an example of good things to come.  There was a lot to love and some concerning areas as well, which brings us to the first CHEERS & JEERS of the 2020 Season! 


  • Gattis and Jimmy have been working hard.   I loved the offense and the possibilities.  
  • Joe Milton played smart and didn't turn the ball over, when he runs its a problem.
  • Kwity Paye had a quiet night, until he dominated 
  • I thought Hutch played very well 
  • Green #22 was a bright spot in the secondary but could of had 2 picks 
  • Offensive line as expected, was very good 
  • Haven't seen those types of holes and long runs since Denard 
  • The RB's room might be the best in the country 
  • Michigan didn't flinch on the road after a blocked punt and a quick TD 
  • #23 Michael Barrett had a "F-Ing Game", he was everywhere and needed some oxygen.
  • Very happy for Chris Evans scoring a TD, welcome home. 
  • The DL seems to have better depth then I thought 
  • Welschof jumped out to me as playing well 
  • Carlos Kemp played well 
  • Ross lead the team in tackles with 9 
  • 3 missed field goals is unacceptable.  Nordin made the trip but is hurt 
  • Blocked Punt, is also unacceptable. 
  • The defense looked dominating, then pretty bad at times.
  • The run defenses needs some work 
  • Michigan had two fumbles that they recovered without a turnover 
  • Dax didn't play in the second half with an injury 
  • Eubanks didn't play at all 
  • Erik All dribbled an easy TD pass 
  • Ben Mason killed the first drive with a dumb penalty 
  • Secondary without Dax seems vulnerable
  • Minnesota is not a very good team and shouldn't have been ranked 
  • They were missing their entire offensive line and kickers 
This looked liked a different type of Michigan team to me.  Things started bad and Michigan couldn't have cared less.  They just kept dismantling the boat, board by board.  I didn't see the "Primetime - Road game" jitters and they just played their game on both sides of the ball.  They played confident, like I've only seen them play in the Big House.  Maybe it was playing in front of no fans or practicing for 3 months gets you prepared like no other season opener.  

Michigan looked like the better coached and talented team.  It also felt like they played the entire road roster, as a ton of guys that haven't played or true freshman got time and even started.   It was a good night and a great way to start the season.  On to MSU and the rest of the Big Ten.   On Saturday night the boat capsized and the Jug stayed home. 

Welcome back Michigan Football, we missed you.


MichiganMan said...

Bob is a good game overall... Needed to see some points scored and they did... would like Milton to connect on longball more often.... When they play good teams it's hard to put a drive on them big plays would help... Please advocate to fire Don Brown...

Voice of Reason said...

I think the entire Blue Nation slept well last night. Arguably Minnesota was/is a very good team when you consider some measurables for instance, according to ESPN (see link below) Minnesota was ranked as the #86 team in terms of returning production which would place them about 8th in the B1G. Compare that to Michigan which is ranked as #125 in returning production. Michigan's returning production (on paper) is ranked as one of the lowest in the Nation let alone in the conference. In other words, when you consider that Minnesota was returning so much of their actual winning production that led them to an eleven win season and a bowl win over SEC Auburn which beat Alabama, then there was no way that Michigan (on paper) should have been able to compete and win that game in Minnesota.

Moreover, that fact along with the return of their starting QB which I believe was ranked something like the #2 QB in the conference regarding production (?) and the top WR in the conference may have had something to do with their being nationally ranked. With that being said, let's be real here, this was a very good win for the Wolverines and it means a lot more than if they blew out Rutgers or a MAC school. Nevertheless, Michigan coming out of the gate (with many new and non-starting players) played with authority for most of the game and that was what I was looking for. I hope we can keep it up. IMHO!!!

MichiganMan said...

Voice without Reason...well said my would have better if you added fire Don Brown!!

EzmoB said...

Defense right now against an explosive offense is a concern. Gary in the secondary was getting beat often, Paige was not doing all that great as well, and Hawkins was shaky as well. Our secondary is a weak point and coach Z needs to make a miracle happen. Dax can only do so much back there.

Very happy with Milton, I was happy to see they started him off with short throws to get his confidence up and set him up for success.

Go Blue!!