Monday, November 16, 2020

Michigan Monday: Moussa Diabate Profile

Editors Note:  Big House Blog inmates, I'm going to take a break from writing about Football for awhile.  I will cover breaking news and do the regular Friday prediction thread, but I can't write another post on what's wrong with this team.  I don't know why Harbaugh is different now vs. when he got to A2, I don't know why Don Brown runs the same defense over and over, I don't know why this team rarely shows any energy, I don't know why Michigan can't recruit DT's or CB's, I don't know what the hell is going on in Schembechler Hall.  

I do know its embarrassing and I can't write about this misery 6 times a week.  I'm a fan and can only take so much pain.  I'm going to focus on Basketball and other Michigan sports.  I don't know shit about Hockey but they seem pretty damn good.   

Here is what the ASU coach said after their 2nd loss to Michigan this weekend.  “I don’t know if college hockey has seen more talent on paper in a decade than this team, I really don’t,” Powers said. “If I’m wrong tell me. We’ve played everybody in six years. We haven’t seen anyone like that. We haven’t, and in my opinion they probably have the best goalie in college hockey.”

When have you ever heard a quote like that about our football team?  ASU is a ranked team BTW. 

This week I will take a look at Michigan's 2021 #1 Ranked Basketball recruiting class.   I glossed over that last week and it really deserves more attention.  When was the last time our football had the #1 ranked.........never mind you get the idea by now.  

Profile: Moussa Diabate

Michigan Basketball not only picked up a commitment from a 5 star Power Forward/Center, he also signed last Wednesday.   Moussa Diabate, is a 6'10 215 pounds PF/C that plays his basketball at IMG with Jett Howard.  Which means MD had a long relationship with Juwan even before he took the Michigan job.   MD is originally from France and has an "old school" vibe to him.   He didn't release a top 5 and just commitment when he was ready.  He wasn't even going to be part of IMG's signing day on Wednesday until he told his coach he was going to be a Wolverine.   In shocking news, he rarely is on social media and kept his recruitment pretty quiet.  It seems it was a UK vs. UM race and the relationship with Coach Howard was the difference.  

He also has some European experience playing for France at the U16 and U18 European Championships. In 2018, he averaged 11.1 points and 10.3 rebounds for the U16 team, then followed that up in 2019 by averaging 11.2 points, 11.5 rebounds and 2.2 blocks for the U18 group.

Here are a few quotes from his coach on MD's game:

“He can post up. He can (play in the) mid-post. He can make moves away from the basket. He can shoot 3s,” McAloon said

“His motor is unquestioned, probably one of the best I’ve ever been around,” McAloon said. “He’s an elite rebounder and a really good shot blocker in terms of his timing.”

“He’s skinny,” McAloon said. "But he’s not soft. He just squatted 315 (pounds) yesterday. “His bench (press) is probably higher than some incoming college freshman right now. He looks really skinny, but he’s a really, really strong kid.”

Here is what ESPN says about his game:

 “He is a monster in the paint,” ESPN’s recruiting director Paul Biancardi said during a recent broadcast. “One of the best finishers in the high school game.”

"He is an athletic forward with a great body type and a very high ceiling," ESPN recruiting analyst Adam Finkelstein said. "He's becoming more comfortable facing the basket, expanding his offensive game and he's very versatile on the defensive end. In many ways, he's the modern-day big man."

My take: His profile sounds a lot like Juwan Howard's out of Chicago before he got to Ann Arbor.  No, Juwan isn't from France and probably had a better scoring game, but this is the type of recruit he can mold, win a bunch of games with, and get him ready for the NBA.  

Basketball is now about non-positions on the floor.   Centers can shoot 3's and Forwards can run the point.  You want athletic guys that can be position-less and it seems MD is the perfect fit for Ann Arbor and Howards offense and defense.   Welcome Big man, you made the right decision! 

  • Michigan Basketball is yet to announce a schedule.  The team keeps practicing and trying to stay healthy.  

  • Syracuse coach Jim  Boeheim has tested positive

  • There are reports that Harden might want to be traded to the Nets.  If that trade happens, you know who would be included in that trade? Caris LeVert. 

  • South Carolina eats over $13M in a buyout to fire Will Muschamp.   Will's team beat a team we know in the Outback a few years ago (another embarrassing loss).  Will is a pretty good DC and sounds like will be pretty cheap salary wise for a program needing his defensive services. 


DP-Grand Haven said...

Totally with you-I don't even know what to wish for.

DP-Grand Haven

MikeCay93 said...

Lol I love it

Rudy said...

Dude, that's like saying you gotta stop going to AA cuz you can't seem to put the sauce down! Now is the time to write, not to quit. It's frustrating but it's easy to blog when the team is good. We are being force fed a shit samich, so may as well share. This will get better. There are too many people in this support system that will not allow this. Burn it down and start over. If that doesn't work, burn it down and start over. Tired of hearing "you won't reach the Suckeye level". Go look at the 90s when the Cockeyes were mired down in mediocrity. They eventually got out of it and are doing well. Ward Manuel has forgotten that Harbs works for him, not vice versa. If he can't understand that, he's a failure as a leader and needs to get out. Props to South Carolina for deciding mediocrity isn't good enough. They want to get a jump on fishing season before the rest of the teams do.

BlueManGroup said...

Bob - I agree 100% with you. As they say,insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Harbaugh is clearly insane. Until he's gone, what's the point in commenting on it.