Saturday, November 28, 2020

Trying To Lose

In my life, I have never seen a coaching staff at Michigan trying to lose a football game.  Yes, we have had terrible head coaching hires in RR and Hoke but at least they were trying to win in their own weird way.  

I now believe this coaching staff is actively trying to lose football games.   You might think that is a crazy statement, but let me give you a few facts. 

1. Michigan's top return man is out and they put a punt returner that has the worse hands on the team.   BTW, that guy just dropped 2 passes before that happened. 

2. Haskins was gaining yards at 6 yards per carry and they are substituting RB's and throwing 3 yard outs. 

3. Cade was clearly hurt and could not throw the ball down field and they kept him in because Joe is struggling. 

4. Done Brown is a complete disaster and running some zone that gives 10-15 worth of cushion to PSU WR on 2nd and 8 or 3rd and 10.   These throws were easy first downs for a terrible Penn State team.  It was like Done didn't know what down it is.   The game has really passed him by and should consider retirement or some type of positional coach at UMass. 

5. If Michigan does nothing but run the ball in this game, I think its a closer game then it ended up being. 

6. Watching this game was worse then watching 2 MAC teams. 

7. The walk-on defenders that played so well last week, had a terrible game.  

8. How many times is a bad running QB going to beat a Done Brown's defense?

9. What was the 3rd down play calling?  Just terrible. 

10.  Why is Michigan throwing the ball for 4 yards on 3rd and 8?

11. Michigan made it very easy for at terrible Penn State to win today.

Michigan will not win another game this year and a complete mess on both sides of the ball.  This season does not deserve your fandom or your time.   Focus on Basketball with plays at 6:00 on Sunday. 

The Lions finally fired Patricia earlier today and now it's time to reboot all of Michigan's major football programs in 2020.   The performance this year does not deserve another year. 


EzmoB said...

I always supported coach H but after watching today’s game I think coach H has lost that fire in him. He looks shell 🐚 of himself. Either coach H leaves (they won’t fire him) or he needs to replace all his assistant coaches. There is absolute no player development going on. I want to say so much more but I am so frustrated to see my beloved Michigan in this position.

Aimtubbs said...

This coaching staff is amongst the highest top 5 paid coaching staff in the country. That means, every time this team takes the field....the staff is stealing money! Can't blame it on youth, inexperience or lack of talent when those other teams have even less. Now time to have Harbs say some ignorant post-game comment like "yeah, we're getting better!" "Just got to go out and execute" "we look great in practice". Mike Golic said on ESPN that NFL teams will certainly be calling Jim. Do it Jim, just don't take the Lions job if offered.

szanreno said...

Maybe he's already taken an NFL job we just don't know it.

Goose said...

I can 100% see Michigan faking a covid outbreak to avoid playing ohio state. Especially if they believe not playing the game will cost ohio state a big 10 title & playoff spot due to a lack of games.
Wouldn't that be an interesting twist in this lopsided "rivalry". Michigan cost osu a title by NOT playing. Lol.
Time to let Harbaugh go and make football a priority. It's almost like michigan is interested in education. What's up with that crap?

Goblu said...

Goose, best suggestion for the season - fake covid outbreak. Please make that happen... we can’t play another game this season.

Thom said...

Isn't this the same coach,team and players parents that a few months ago marched and protested that they wanted to start playing football. Well just to let them all know ....I am still waiting for them to start playing.

BaptistButch said...

I think it’s time UN stopped thinking that it’s anything more than an average team. Except for rare occasions, the Wolverines have not been relevant since Bo’s administration. Quit expecting something that can’t happen.

Voice of Reason said...

Somewhere along the line these baby (Kits) Wolverines are going to grow up. I hope it's sooner rather than later. IMHO!!!

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