Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Profile: Frankie Collins

Michigan Basketball loves skilled point guards and Frankie seems like another great example of recent  guys running the point in Crisler like Zavier Simpson, Derrick Walton, Trey Burke, and even Fab 5 teammate Jalen Rose.   Frankie Collins is a 4 star PG out of Vegas and ranked 59th in the country to 24/7, he is 6'1 and 180 pounds.   

Frankie has been committed to Michigan Basketball since mid-August and is a true point guard.  His his high school coach had this to say:  Kaufman described Collins as strong, tough, and a "phenomenal leaper." He's a good passer and scorer from all over the floor, and he always wants to guard the opponent's best player - “I would say he’s more of pass-first point guard,” Kaufman said. “But when he needs to take over a game and do his thing, he will.”

This was another relationship recruitment for Juwan, who has known Frankie's uncle for many years.   Here is what Frankie had to say about Michigan:  “I love their system because they play through their point guard and through a lot of ball screens. In that system it’s easier to create and play off of your instincts.”

Frankie's game reminds me of Simpson's and hopefully is a better shooter.   Love that he is a tough defender and a pass first point.   Having a guy like Zavier or Frankie wears the opponent down and likely will get wide open 3's when the opponent runs to the other Michigan scorers.  Michigan's only other point guard on the roster when Frankie gets to Ann Arbor will be Zeb Jackson.  

Frankie picked Michigan over Auburn and Kansas but had many other offers.   On a weird side note, there is Frankie Collins in Columbus, OH that is a hair stylist.  She has an offering that includes:  "Rainbow, Unicorn, Mermaid, Sunset/Galaxy, etc" that starts at $400 and up.   What the hell is that and why does it cost so much? 😀

  • Michigan Basketball has yet to release a schedule but it seems they are playing BGSU in Crisler on 11/25.

  • Michigan got some crystal ball predictions for instate legacy 5 star 2021 CB Will Johnson.  Seems like he sees an opportunity to see the field early and often. 


Tim said...

Could Will play in our bowl game? :)
Does he play offense?

Kid Adorable said...

"'Rainbow, Unicorn, Mermaid, Sunset/Galaxy, etc'" that starts at $400 and up. What the hell is that and why does it cost so much?"

It's layered multi-coloring. You're gonna be in that chair for hours as they separate and highlight. $400 seems crazy to me, but depending on the salon, I know plenty of women who pay close to $200 for a simple cut/style and maybe an all-over dye. When I was in college I used to pay 80 dollars plus tip to get my dark-brown/black hair platinum blonde/white. Now I don't have much hair, and what I do have is the white I was always going for...

Rudy said...

Did they ask Will how he'd like playing for Matt Campbell?

BlueManGroup said...

If you're a legit 5-star, I cant think of a more boring position to play than CB for Michigan. Backpedal for 20 yards, watch the QB throw a bomb to other side of the field, and then trot back to the sideline for the PAT. I'd go to OSU or Bama.