Thursday, December 3, 2020

Michigan Thursday: Stick a Fork in It and Ball State

Michigan Football shut down their program and cancelled the Maryland game this weekend.   This is a fitting end to this horrific season.   The Ohio State game is now highly in doubt and I have no idea if there will be an appetite to play Illinois, Nebraska, or Purdue in the East vs West terrible team match-ups.   Here is my advice, shut it down and reset the entire program.  The Big Ten can change their rules and put OSU into the championship game against Northwestern, so they can get embarrassed by Clemson or Alabama in the playoffs.   The earliest Michigan can get back to practice is Monday but with the 21 day quarantine rule, I don't know how next week could be any better then this week. 

Looking back, The Big Ten could have gotten more respect for staying with the cancelation.   

Now to our active sport basketball.  

Michigan Basketball played much better last night against Ball State.   Dickinson still didn't start but played well.   Livers shot well and scored 21 points.   Franz woke up with 14 points and hit a 3, and Mike Smith added 10 and was better with the basketball.  

This team strives on point guard play and still needs to work on defense.   The Wolverines struggle with the dribble drives and help.  On the other side of the ball, I have some advice for the young Wolverines: Stop shooting 3's and get the ball to the basket.   Michigan seems to struggle from 3 and shot 16% from 3 in the first half, they were better in the 2nd at 33%.

I believe the strength of this team is the low post with Hunter, drives with Smith, Wagner, and Brown.   Livers and Brooks can sit at the 3 and hit a hand full of 3's a game.  I love Davis but he is just too slow and doesn't seem 100% heathy. 

Michigan takes on UCF this weekend in basketball, the other game on Saturday has been cancelled. 

  • For the longest time we have heard this: "These games are booked 10 years in advance we can't change them"  ESPN Game Day is at Coastal Carolina this weekend for their game against Liberty.  COVID has hit Liberty and they had to back out.  It's Thursday morning and BYU will now travel in to play Coastal.   Seems easier then we thought. 


Chowman said...

So are the covid cases real or is Harbaugh just trying to save his job? A loss to Maryland and another jail sexing by OSU would increase the appetite for a change at head coach. Look its not out of the realm of possibility as other programs used Covid as a reason to avoid player tough games on their schedule. Can you say Florida State? Has UoM even reported how many players have tested positive?

EzmoB said...

Bob watching Wagner I don’t see a NBA prospect. He needs this year and next year to develop into a prospect. I don’t see it at all this year or last year in him.

Scott K said...

I don't disagree, but the same could have been said for Jordan Poole and he went.

EzmoB said...

Scott agreed but Poole’s athleticism is much better than Wagner’s. This gave Poole much higher ceiling in the NBA and Wagner received lower grades when he tested the NBA.