Thursday, December 31, 2020

Michigan Thursday: Welcomes in a New Year

Since I seem to be in a classic rock mood, I will quote Ann Arbor legend Bob Seager today and say it's time to "Turn the Page" on 2020 and welcome in a new year.   This year has been a disaster for many reasons, including our two win football team.   Time to move on to bigger and better things.  

Michigan Basketball takes on a hot Maryland team tonight on the road.  Michigan has played 1 game in two weeks and Maryland just upset Wisconsin on Monday.    Michigan is a slight favorite at -2 but I would consider them underdogs since they are playing only their 2nd road game of the year.   If Michigan can get the effort they got in the 2nd half at Nebraska, they have a good chance of winning this game.   Franz is the key if he can give the team 18-24 points. 

My take on the college playoffs hasn't changed.  It has become almost unwatchable.   Florida and Oklahoma played a meaningless game last night where Florida was minus 8 or more starters who opted out.   The game was terrible.   

ND is almost a 3 TD (20) underdog to Alabama and Clemson is favored by 7.5.  Dabo was giving an interview to ESPN on the tarmac last night after the team arrived, a Clemson player was shown in the video having a $3000 Supreme suitcase.   Yea, they are playing a different game then Michigan is.  

You have to expand the playoffs, just so more teams are involved.  Who watched that 4 hour ESPN selection show last week?  Why would you? the 4 teams were already locked.  A day after Clemson blows out ND.   The BCS was bad and it got changed, the 4 team playoffs was better but now its under similar scrutiny as the BCS.   No, I don't think Cincinnati would beat Alabama or even stay within 40, but they deserve a shot.   The Playoff selection committee is just a way to get friends of the NCAA an extra salary.  

The way this system is set up, it's like giving the KC Chiefs the first 5 top draft picks in the NFL Draft every year.   If your not going to police Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State's bagmen lets open the playoffs to other teams, so at least it keeps more fan bases interested.  If your worried about the Bowl Game dying, they are already dead.   Wisconsin won the Mayo Bowl yesterday and broke the trophy in a few minutes.   Florida - Oklahoma should have been a great match-up but the Florida players didn't think so and opted out to protect their knees.  

  • Seems instate TC LB Christian Boivin has accepted a PWO invitation to Michigan.  Here is an interesting article from November where he talks about sending out work out videos and highlights to college coaches.   Then those coaches asking him to take a photo next to chair, so they could estimate his true height.  

  • Golden State picked up the 3rd year option on Jordan Poole's rookie contract.

  • Carlo Kemp is going to participate in the Hula Bowl.   I wonder where they are going to play that game since I read recently the former Pro Bowl stadium is no longer safe, due to structural damage. 

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Unknown said...

If CFB ran CBB then the 4 regional finals winners in March Madness would not always advance to the Final Four. The CFP "4 Best Teams" thing is TOTAL NONSENSE ! Who knows who those teams are ? Do the "4 Best Teams" ever make the Final Four ? NEVER. Does that diminish the champion ? NEVER. How in the world can a team lose their PREVIOUS GAME, sometimes blown out, and advance to the CFP !? In March it's "Win and Advance". The way it should be.

Farmington Hills