Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Ball State Game Day

We all are thinking it, back in our brains, but Herbie said it.   That Michigan is using COVID to not play in Columbus in two weeks.  Then he took a huge hit on social media and apologized.   I just want this football season to be over, so Michigan can move on in a new direction.   Playing Maryland, OSU, and someone else doesn't give us any more data then we have today.  

Michigan did practice virtually on Tuesday as well, which I'm sure isn't helping prepare them for Maryland.  It's unclear how many positive tests there are in the program. 

Michigan Basketball plays its second MAC opponent tonight at 7:00 on BTN.   I'm sure they will be looking for improvement against the zone.   I also expect Hunter to be in the starting lineup.   Ball State is 0-1 with a loss to Northern Kentucky on Wednesday.  

  • Zavier Worthy will pick between Michigan and Alabama on 12/16 which is signing day.   When you're committed to program A and will choose between A&B on signing day.   Your decision is already made.  

  • Michigan - Maryland and OSU - MSU games are on for now but seem to be on shaky ground.  

  • In another 2020 sign the Steelers will play the skeleton crew from the Ravens at 3:30 this afternoon. 

  • I mention Bob Stoops in a post yesterday and he makes news for stepping in for some sick coaches at Oklahoma's practice. 


Voice of Reason said...

Even if Michigan loses the rest of their football games this season, these guys can still benefit by gaining valuable playing experience that will help them to prepare for next season. IMHO!!!

EzmoB said...

Voice I agree but these players still need to be coached and it seems like our coaches are not doing much of that right now.

I am in the department of keeping coach H but he needs to fire his coordinators and hire new ones. He needs to take his son off the coaching staff and bring in mike hart to coach the running backs. Don brown and Gattis need to be gone.

Chowman said...

I want Michigan to play both games and hope they give up combined well over 100 pts. I want there to be NO question that at the very least the entire defensive staff needs to get blown out. I'm over Done Brown, and I don't think much of the rest of the staff. Even worse, I don't think any of those guys are very good recruiters. Look, an early Christmas present for me would be UoM announcing that Jim is stepping down for whatever made up reason they want to come up with. Six years ago he looked like a like a home run hire, today just foul tip into the catcher's mitt for strike 3!

Thom said...

It's to let JH go. Either on his own or fired. The first couple of years were with Brady's players and there was hope. When he got his own players it has been a dumpster fire. Time to take off the rose colored glasses and see the world of Michigan so called football for what it is. The longer he stays the worst it will get. It will take years with a new coach to turn this mess around, but it is time to start now. Not next year or the year after.