Friday, January 8, 2021

Michigan Friday: Maybe Soon?

Everyone is so busy, I'm sure getting around to finalizing a contract is not a big deal.   It's like heading to Target to do some grocery shopping, you know you need to do it but maybe it could wait until tomorrow until the Netflix show your binging is over. 

Jimmy seems to be telling recruits and people around him that he is staying at Michigan.  There doesn't seem to be any NFL interest and he is expected to sign his new contract at any time (he just has to find time to go to Target).   I don't care about the details or if he is taking a COVID cost reduction, I just want the damn thing done so the program can move forward.   

DC Search Seems Comical:

Michigan's former DC is now at Arizona, which should of happened years ago.  Michigan's offense has not been great, but Michigan losing big games has been on the defense not being able to get any stops.   So this hire is very important.  

Reading between the lines, it sounds like Charlie Strong is near a top of the list candidate.  He's had some big time jobs including Texas and now is currently at Alabama as an analyst.  He could open more possibilities to recruiting Florida and focus on making this defense better.    I do recall something McDoom said, when he left Michigan for South Florida (Strong's last HC job), that their practices were a joke, after comparing it to Michigan's practice.  Charlie is also close with Brian Jean-Mary who's already on staff and he has done a good job on the recruiting trail.  

Sam Webb is talking about former OSU DC and Rutgers head coach Chris Ash.  On one hand, Chris might be able to bring some knowledge on how to beat a Urban Meyer system, which Michigan clearly lacks.   On the other, he tried to create a fake rivalry with Michigan while at Rutgers.   I don't love this direction, but could be convinced this is the right hire.  

Derek Mason is off the market has he has gotten the DC job at Auburn.  

Marcus Freeman the DC at Cincinnati seems to be down to DC jobs at ND and LSU. 

New name is Ravens LB coach Mike McDonald, not sure what the Doobie Brothers are going to do?  Update: Reports are that MM is going to become Michigan's new DC after the playoffs.   Baltimore plays Tennessee this weekend, Sunday at 1:05.

Potential DT Transfer from Penn State Antonio Shelton has picked Florida as his next school.  

No rush Jimmy, its not like Michigan is losing DC candidates, recruits, or transfer options on a daily basis.  

  • TE Nick Eubanks won't be back, he was a 4th year senior.  His time at Michigan was a bit of roller coaster and one we had hoped had more production for an athletic TE. 

  • Urban Meyer is meeting with Jacksonville.  Side note, never met a UF fan that likes Urban Meyer.  

  • Remember RB Eric Gray that was committed to Michigan and then flipped to Tennessee?  There could be some "funny business" in his recruitment.  I know your shocked!  Its being investigated and Gray was held out of the last game Tennessee played. 

Enjoy Wild Card Weekend! 


szanreno said...

Fire Don Brown, fire Don Brown, fire Don Brown. Oh wait he have hire someone to replace Don Brown. Don't worry about that right now just fire Don Brown. What a cluster...

Voice of Reason said...

If true, Mike MacDonald is an interesting hire. When you look at his background he has no DC experience at all. I think Gattis was at least an assistant or co-OC on paper (but he never called a game). My concern is that if you've never prepared as a DC for a game and you've never called a game (play by play and made adjustments in real time) then what you'd essentially be doing your first season (just like Gattis) is learning the position as you go along. We can argue if Gattis has been effective or improved at all since last season but the potential concern would be are we placing MacDonald in the same position as Gattis (in learning for some other school after he gets fired here)? Now I could be totally off base here, at least I hope I am wrong. IMHO!!!

JDawg said...

VOR - every great DC out there right now had their Day 1 as the DC and had no prior experience before that day. Not saying that Michigan was in the position right now to turn this defense over to a complete noob at DC, but, getting a young up-and-comer who has worked on great defensive teams and has John H's stamp of approval is a least a positive sign. Plus, if Banks comes along as well, could be a dynamic duo. If Banks doesn't come, it's a little more concerning not having someone tried and true.

Unknown said...

Bob what about Banks from penn st? I thought he was in play for DC position or co DC position. Weren't we really close to signing him? He started to follow some of Michigan players as well. MM hire would be great, if things at Michigan were good. We need a solid DC who knows the position, hire Charlie with MM and allow him to learn from a vet. I am pretty sure Charlie is waiting for another HC job to open up and go there.

I love coach H but this drama made me lose respect for him. He was being way to selfish during this process. We lost kids in the portal that could have made an impact for us, assistants who have no idea what is going on, players left in a limbo. If I was Ward and coach H has a bad year next year, fire him on the spot. Coach H is NOT bigger than the university of Michigan.

Voice of Reason said...

JDawg - I knew someone would say exactly what you've said because that thought came to me as well. Specifically every successful DC like any other position has to have a "day-1" and I wouldn't imagine that John Harbaugh would let his brother Jim hire someone from his staff for such an important position (considering this is a career decision for Jim) if he didn't believe that MacDonald couldn't handle the job. My thoughts exactly.

However, most people when starting at a completely new position for the first time have to deal with a learning curve. Just go and look up the coaching record of almost any coach and look at their coaching record when they first started coaching, you will likely see either a losing or mediocre record the first two to three years. Many young up and comers still have to get through learning and growing pains. So why would we seriously expect this guy to be different? You think that in his first year as a DC that he will coach our defense to a national title? You think that he will out coach osu's more experienced OC in year one especially when Michigan still has such a young roster with a half a season worth of games under their belts?`Well I hope you're right.

My concern with that in mind is that can coach Harbaugh stand to take a chance on a new DC that has never been a DC before while learning the position considering that if Harbaugh has a rough year next season the fans (and possibly the administration) will likely be screaming louder to "fire him" than they are this year. That is why in a previous post I mention that Jim may want to seriously consider hiring a solid and successful veteran DC that has been there and done that before. Planning for a game and coaching up players at a position is two different things and skill sets. So why would Harbaugh want to have both a Josh Gattis who is still a neophyte OC who questionably has had what amounts to one and a half so-so seasons of experience and is still learning the position while at the same time then hire another neophyte DC to start learning when you're at MICHIGAN! You can take chances like that if you're at Northwestern, MSU, Illinois, Indiana, etc., but not HERE! When Jim came here folks were expecting a B1G title that same year (or close to it). Was it fair? No, but that's what we do " MICHIGAN," apparently, we eat our own if you're not successful.

It's great to give a young up and comer a chance, but if you do that here at Michigan after a season like this one then you'd better be right. IMHO!!!

EzmoB said...

Contract signed.....

JDawg said...

Voice - all valid points as well. I'm not saying it's a home run hire. It COULD be though, and maybe this newbie has the right tools and experience to be at least decent off the bat. This could totally backfire too, and we will all know why. I agree it's risky to have the DC and OC be wet behind the ears as a coordinator. There are those who already want Gattis gone. I'm still not sure he has had his chance to show his wares, but at the same, I wouldn't be sad if he departed and we got someone else with more of a track record.

MichiganMan said...

Guys don't worry we already won the national championship this year... All this time I waa writing about firing harbor and Don Brown no one listened to me.... Blue for Life see you guys next season... Which will be Harbaugh's last year....

Goblu said...

But your season isn’t over, you have one more game - against ‘Bama.