Monday, January 4, 2021

Michigan Monday: News Should Be Coming Today

Before we get to that terrific win at Crisler last night, we need to discuss what we are hearing about Jimmy's future and possible contract extension.  

What we have heard:

  • Jimmy has a 5 year extension on his desk, with low buy outs on both sides.  It is not expected to be a raise in salary.  
  • Jimmy could be interested in both the Jets and Chargers jobs in the NFL.  The Jets are now open and the Chargers job is expected to be open later today.  
  • There is expected to be an assistant coach meeting today where there is going to be changes and a few deck chairs rearranged on his coaching staff. 
I have no idea why Jimmy would be interested in the Jets job.  I could see why he is interested in the Chargers job.  Jimmy loves California and they have a young QB stud that could lead to a quick turn around.   They also had a ton of injuries from a team that won 12 games 2 years ago.  

Speaking of NFL news there are strong reports that Urban Meyer is heading to Jacksonville and is already putting together a staff.  That job is also expected to be available today as well.   Update: that job is now available. 

I'm not sure how Jimmy is going to be hired so fast by the NFL.  They have rules on interviewing candidates and I don't expect he would be hired by an NFL team early this week.  Unless there is some back room handshake agreement, sort of like what we are hearing about Urban Meyer.   

So lets put the puzzle pieces together and predict what is going to happen.
  1. Jimmy put together a strong recruiting class with the commitment he was going to be the coach. 
  2. Jimmy moved on from Don Brown, which should of happened either way.  But Michigan owed him $1.7M, so I don't see the rush unless he was making decisions/changes to his staff. 
  3. Why the assistant coach meeting today? Unless it was to make changes to his staff.   If he was leaving, there wouldn't be a need to call the assistant coaches back from vacation.  
  4. Jimmy still has a year on his contract and he is not one to walk out on a contract. 
  5. I expect Michigan to announce his extension today or Tuesday.  (that is my speculation and I don't have any inside info that is going to happen or not)
At Texas it gets you fired at Michigan it gets you extended

You probably heard that statement a few times this past weekend.  A couple things,  Jimmy and Tom Herman are not on the same coaching level.   Texas loves chasing the shinny object and just hired a guy with a strong coaching pedigree and a few road bumps.   I don't see much difference from Tom Herman and Steve Sarkisian.  The other thing Universities need to learn is, if you don't get Saban you don't get his program.  Saban assistants haven't really worked anywhere.  You can make a case it worked for Georgia, but they want to run Kirby Smart out of the building as well.   Alabama's success is all about recruiting, coaches look great when they have 5 star athletes on the field.  Texas owes Tom Herman $15M, they didn't make a $15M upgrade.    It would be worth it if they got Saban or Meyer, but they didn't.  

I would love for Matt Campbell to be Michigan's next head coach, but if he doesn't come, there aren't better options then Jim Harbaugh to coach Michigan.  

Michigan Basketball 

We all wanted Juwan Howard to get the Michigan job, but I'm not sure we expected this results this quickly.  Juwan has turned this team into a real contender.   Yes, they haven't gotten into the meat of the Big Ten season yet, but damn they have played well so far.   Michigan had a strong road win against a good Maryland team and then just blew the doors off a ranked Northwestern team last night.   

Franz is really the key to everything that Michigan does.   Livers is going to Livers and Hunter might be one of the best "Bigs" in the country right now.   I love the edition of Smith at point and Brown brings Michigan so much needed toughness, its just great to see.   Yes, when Michigan shoots the lights out they won't lose, but this year they also have a low post game and don't need to rain 3's every game.   I love watching this team!!! 

Franz is showing what we always thought he had, one of the best two ways basketball players in college basketball.  I hope this isn't just a good scoring streak, I hope this is really showing his true colors.   As they said last night on BTN, "Wagner is the best player on the court and its not even close". 

  • Chase finished the year with 2 sacks on Sunday and Worm even had one. 
  • Henne started for the Chiefs, but they lost to the Chargers. 
  • Looks like Indy is going to host the entire NCAA Basketball Tournament
  • I've been very hard on Big Ten football officials as I can't stand when they let their ego become bigger then the game.   With that said, they did a tremendous job in the Alabama - ND game and didn't become the difference in the game.   The call against the Detroit Lions of roughing the passer, is an example of what I'm talking about.  That official changed the game on a terrible call.  These officials are not bigger then the game and they need to leave their ego's in the locker room. 


szanreno said...

Just ask Meyer if he's going to Jacksonville. If he says no he's on his way. Said it before and I'll say it again Jimmy is not going anywhere.
BB looking tough, Hope these guys don't start reading their press clippings.

M Don said...

Hype of the OSU rivalry and hire Herman as offensive coordinator. His head coaching has been suspect at times, but can’t argue with his offensive production. Plus with recent animosity towards OSU it would really piss them off. If we’re keeping Harbaugh long term need to change more than just defensive side. Go Blue!!

Aimtubbs said...

I wish Sark all the luck at TX. He's had some life lessons and has apparently put it behind him and become a stronger person. Having said that, there are some coaches who work well at a particular facet of the game and not as head coach. Sark is an offensive guru but hasn't shown much as a head coach. Agree that TX may have just hired another Herman rather than a Saban. Don't understand this Jimmy drama. He says he loves this school, program and fan base. Then why the drama? He hasn't proven worthy of "elite" coach pay yet. Go out and prove it and then negotiate for more money but all he's doing right now is hurting those things he says he loves. If Jimmy goes to the NFL (and I don't think he will) then Ward should get fired for leading the program into this debacle.

Unknown said...

than (not then)

Unknown said...

I still love Harbaugh. Get the right defensive coordinator and I think we'll be fine. However, it's all about recruiting and that's where Harbaugh has to pick up the level to OSU/Clemson/Bama.
It's time.