Thursday, January 21, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Defense Staff in Place

Michigan Football program confirmed the hiring of Co-DC Mo Linguist and Safeties Coach George Helow.   We looked into Mo yesterday, here is some background on George.  

George worked as a intern or defensive graduate assistant for Saban at Alabama, Florida State, and for Kirby Smart at Georgia.  Helow's then moved to Colorado State in 2016 and became the Safeties coach until 2019.   He then spent last season at Maryland as the OLB coach.  George worked with new DC Mike Macdonald at Georgia and this is clearly his choice.  

Both coach Nua and BJM will remain on staff. 

Nua - DL

BLM = LB's

Linguist = CB's and Co-DC 

Helow = Safeties 

MM = Co-DC 

I like that they kept Brian Jean-Mary as he is great on the recruiting trail and like the new hires.   The one question mark is Coach Nua on the DLine.  He has yet to show he can develop or recruit at the high level that is expected.   I think his contract and his ability to grow in that role kept him in place.   We just need him to get a little closer to his ceiling next season.  

This group needs to hit recruiting hard and the transfer portal.  In what seems bad timing, CA 5 star CB Domani Jackson is announcing on Saturday.   He grew up a Michigan fan but the timing of  this announcement and Michigan just getting his position coaches and DC's in place the last week, means he is probably looking at USC. 

Coach Mo already is busy shooting out offers to CB's in the 2022 class.  


Rudy said...

Want to give Jimmy the benefit of the doubt, earned or not, going in to this new year. He's made some tough calls on his staff and pursuing success. But, this was a no-lose situation with these two kids. Both wanted to be UM. His pissing around with a contract will be the factor if these guys choose elsewhere. Can't blame them for choosing USC if they do. They'll never pick cockeye U. Coach, hope you can pull a rabbit out of your arse and get both of these potential 1st rounders.

Unknown said...

Harbaugh signing late had NOTHING to do with Domani picking USC if that happens.
Will has already back off on an early commitment and wants to go Blue. Coach Mo already offered the #3 CB in the country and the kid is listening! Michigan will continue to recruit Domani..
.its a long way to signing day.So how about we wait and see before you throw shade Harbaughs way!