Thursday, January 7, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Wonders if Chaundee Brown Plays Football?

 As we wait for Jimmy to sign or not sign papers.  Michigan Basketball is plowing through the Big Ten.   Yes, Michigan has only played 2 road games and hasn't seen Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, or MSU yet but the Wolverines are playing some really good basketball right now.  

I know Hunter Dickinson is dominating in the paint, Mike Smith is running the point, Franz has found his rhythm on both sides of the court, but I love Chaundee's game.   I think he might just fight the opponent at any point.  He guards his match-up full court, he rebounds like the opponent is not on floor, and his hustle doesn't reflect the numbers on the scoreboard.    Michigan was up 22 points in the second half the Gophers can't score and know the outcome, there is a loose ball in the back court and Chaundee races up the sideline, gets the ball and slams it into the bucket.   

This game included Michigan up by 37 points, Brooks getting fouled and losing a tooth, and Michigan going on a 20-0 run in the second half.   Hunter finally got a match up with another 7 footer and dominated him.  Minus a loose tooth on the floor and a couple defensive lapses at the end of each half, this was nearly a perfect game by the Wolverines.   

This is really a fun team to watch and I love how they compete no matter the score.   I would also like to see if Chaundee wants to play Viper on the football team?   They could use that energy and effort.  

  • Michigan's road game against PSU has been cancelled for this weekend, due to Penn State having a COVID outbreak.  Michigan will have a long break before hosting Wisconsin next week. 

  • Don Brown is officially the new DC at Arizona.   I hope he finds a new scheme and doesn't revert back to the same damn thing that got torched at Michigan each season.  An artist could do a nice painting of Don roaming the red rock desert for an effective defense.  

  • From what I'm hearing the Sherrone Moore and Ed Warriner are both safe on Michigan's staff, everyone else is questionable.  There is a rumor that Mike Zordich is not coming back, news coming from a recruit.  The recruit later confirmed he hadn't heard anything about coach Zordich.  Mike is known as a good DB coach, but not a good recruiter.  


Tim said...

Everyone else is questionable? What about Jay? Personally, he has never impressed me, but if his dad is the coach does he leave?

Voice of Reason said...

If all of the contracts of the assistant coaches expire on Monday, then it makes sense that the focus now would be on settling their contracts (if your HC wanted to keep them) or you'd have a mass exodus of coaches by now because they don't have a job, which would have already been in the news.

Moreover, if what I'm saying is true, then settling their contracts has to be "after" the HC's contract has been settled (assuming you're keeping your HC because a new HC would bring in his own staff). So in other words, just because Harbaugh's contract status hasn't been publicly announced does not mean that his contract status hasn't been settled and the coaching staff and players would already know about it. You can figure this out by what happens with how the assistant coaches are handled. In other words to use nature as an example, you can tell what season of the year it is by the temperature, the grass, trees and where the seasonal migrating birds are.

Michigan is a "different" kind of school when it comes to certain things, while other schools cheat to win, Michigan says no. When other schools fire their HC after a bad year, Michigan is more tolerant. In other words, when other schools zig Michigan zags. So good or bad, we can't follow the examples of other schools because Michigan is cut from a different cloth. IMHO!!!

szanreno said...

Completely agree unknown. I kind of saw it when Don Brown was let go. Why would Jimmy let Don go if he was going to quit or leave?

Goose said...

Michigan wasn't more tolerant with RR & Hoke. Yes Michigan does things differently. Still irrelevant but yep different.......Great job!

If Harbaugh has a contract signed as you suppose what sense does it make to not announce it? How could keeping that quiet possibly help the program?

Unknown said...

Even if Michigan is cut from a different cloth, doesn't mean we continue on with this drama we are in.

If the contract is signed by coach H than Michigan needs to announce it and make it public. Don Brown is still listed as a DC for Michigan -_- .

The rumors I read on other blogs is, players have not heard from coach H in few weeks. Jay was actually offered a RB coach position at AZ, which he turned down, that was a rumor out there. We need Mike Hart to come in and coach our RB's. I must say Jay has done a good job recruiting the RB position though.

Personally I love coach H and if he wants to go to NFL, he should go. I vote Matt C to come coach our team!

Goose said...

Anyone else beginning to think Harbs might be in rehab?