Friday, February 5, 2021

Michigan Friday: Does GOAT Things

What can be said about Tom Brady that hasn't already been said?   Tom realized where the Patriots were heading and jumped on the pirate ship.   He has that Dick Clark/Rob Lowe never ages magic formula and is now in the warm Florida sun.    He and his team will make history on Sunday either way as the Buccaneers are the first home team playing in a Super Bowl.  

I believe this game is a bettor's nightmare.  How do you pick against The Chiefs or Tom Brady?  On a side note, I believe Michigan Football has a Tom Brady jinx and won't win another championship until he retires.  I'm old enough to remember Michigan fans wanting the golden boy Drew Henson to play over the greatest NFL QB ever.   Then when Tom leaves for the NFL, Drew jumps to the Yankees.   You could argue that Michigan has struggled at that position ever since.  

I will be rooting for Tom on Sunday.   I know he is not done but would love for him to win another Super Bowl and walk off the field for the last time.  

  • How about Mike Danna's journey the last couple of years?  Central Michigan to Michigan to East-West Shrine Bowl to NFL Draft to KC Chiefs to playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday.   I really liked Mike at Michigan and his work effort has led to all of his success! 

  • I'm a little late on this but Michigan is keeping BJM and he will not be going to JAX.  

  • I know this staff is still so new they have bubble wrap on, but they seem to be top notch recruiters.   Michigan has been trending for Taylor Groves a 4 star WR out of Tennessee.   I think Jimmy started to realize, you have to have coaches that can both recruit and develop.  

  • Big Ten Basketball Tournament is moving from Chicago to Indy. 

  • Dear Warde, I understand the shutdown and even supported it, buts its time for our #4 team in the nation to get back on the court.  


EzmoB said...

Just picked up 2 4stars out of Tennessee!! A safety and a CB.

Unknown said...

Just an FYI Warde has absolutely no control over when they get back to playing!

Still Blue in Tn said...

I believe the jinx is they have gone to running quarterbacks and quarterbacks that cannot throw the ball. Harbaugh has lost two throwing quarterbacks in the last year and guess who will start in the fall? A running quarterback again. Guess where they will finish? Cade was the only bright spot on the team last year and Harbaugh let him leave.

Goblu said...

Since when is Cade leaving?

Voice of Reason said...

Charles Woodson, inducted into the NFL Hall of fame. Another GOAT from Michigan. Congratulations Big Guy! IMHO!!!