Monday, February 22, 2021

Michigan Monday: No, You Can't Take That Away

It what was an instant classic between 2 Big Ten heavyweights, Michigan got a great win over Ohio State in Columbus.   (In my years of writing this blog, I'm not sure if I have ever gotten to say that).  

Ohio State's game plan in the first half was to try to take away Michigan's inside presence and the Wolverines shot the lights out from 3.   Then in the second half OSU had to guard the 3 point line, which opened it up for Hunter.   They also tried to take away Livers and Wagner so Brown and Brooks stepped up. 

This team is sure as hell fun to watch and a huge hat tip goes to Juwan and his entire squad.  Michigan is clearly one of the best teams in the nation and when guys have off nights, others step up.   I think everyone outside of Austin Davis could go for 20 any night.   Biggest win since Michigan made its latest run to the Final 4.

Huge win over the Buckeyes!

  • What to know what type of coach Juwan is?  CJ Baird was not on the bench on Sunday, but he drove down to Columbus to watch the game and be with his team in the stands.   After the time expired, Coach Howard turns around and points at him to recognize his effort of being with the team.   

  • Today is the first day of spring practice! 

  • Brian Jean Mary took a role at Tennessee.   Which seems more like a push out then a change he wanted to make.  It seemed to me Brian was doing well on the recruiting trail but something was a little off because he has been actively interviewing for jobs.  

  • As soon as BJM was gone, Jimmy hired the Ravens RB coach Matt Weiss as Michigan's next QB coach, who was on Jimmy's staff at Stanford.   So the plan was to hire Matt along and rearrange the defensive coaches as a LB coach left and a QB came in.  

  • So now the plan is to move Coach Bellamy to safeties, Coach Helow to LB, Gattis will again take the WR's, 

  • Ben VanSumeren is heading to MSU to play.  Hope he finds a position. 

  • Michigan's updated basketball schedule if you haven't seen it:
Thursday: Iowa
Saturday: @ IU
3/2: Illinois 
3/4: MSU
3/7: @ MSU


Rudy said...

Great win over the Suckeyes, just wish the team would have taken a steamy piss on the O at the end of the game. Maybe next time. As for VanSumeren going to Sparty....dude, cmon man. Have you no self respect? Sure seems like JH's future has been "all in" on next season, and looking at the schedule and the way the team performed this year, not a good bet. You don't have house money bro, don't do it!

szanreno said...

No these kids don't have any self-respect. I love during the recruiting process when they narrow down their college choices to their top 15. Top 12, etc. Have a little dignity. Have a little integrity. Stop with having the coaches pander to you.