Friday, March 26, 2021

Michigan Friday: FSU Up Next

Michigan will be playing a familiar NCAA Tournament opponent on Sunday.   FSU and Michigan played a back and forth game in 2018 and Michigan squeaked by to earn a trip to the Final 4.  There was some controversy when Leonard Hamilton didn't foul late in the game when he thought it was over.  

FSU has a very similar team, they are athletic, long, and deep on the bench.   Hamilton loves to basically play his entire squad.   They're also a bit of a hot and cold team and can find themselves in turnover trouble.   The only common opponent this year is UCF which Michigan beat and FSU took a lopsided L early in the year.  

FSU every year has a team that could lose to the worst ACC team in the league or beat a #1 ranked Duke or North Carolina.  It's just the way they play.  They have a lot of talent and could be difficult to defend or score against. 

Michigan will need to out execute the Seminoles and not play "Street Ball" that FSU prefers.   The dribble drive stuff that Michigan likes may not be available in this game with a ton of shot blockers.  FSU also has its own Franz Wagner in Scottie Barnes who is a NBA draft favorite.  That will be an interesting match-up.

Michigan will have to shoot well to win this game and Hunter has to dominate in the low post.  FSU won't have seen a center with his skill and scoring at any point this year.  I do have a concern with Mike Smith and hope he looks for his outside shot rather then trying to make flying layups.   Will need another big game from Brown in this one as well. 

Michigan's difference will be on defense.   If the Wolverines can keep them shooting long 2's, that should be a positive.   I wonder if Michigan has been working on a special zone for FSU all week in Indy.  I expect FSU guards will continue to drive on Mike and Eli like other teams have since the Illinois game.  

.I like Michigan chances in this one if they play smart basketball and hit timely 3's.  Keep Hunter on the floor and out of foul trouble and keep up the balanced scoring!  

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