Monday, April 19, 2021

Michigan Monday: Congratulations to Women's Gymnastics - National Champions!

We don't get to say National Champions around here much and a great reason to celebrate the Michigan Women's Gymnastics team, who won a National Championship on Saturday!   Congrats to the team and everyone involved.   Thank you for bringing hardware back to Ann Arbor!!! 

  • Kofi Cockburn - the Illinois center who is built like the Incredible Hulk, is moving on to the NBA or a movie studio! 
  • The Boston Celtics in a head scratcher cut Mo Wagner so they can sign washed up Jabari Parker. 
  • Michigan welcomed some PWO's over the weekend Alexander Lidback and Noah Howes
  • Speaking of Michigan walk-on's Hunter Reynolds will finish his football career at Utah State.  Congrats to Hunter for finding a spot. 
  • Ohio State doesn't know who is gong to start at QB.  That might be the first time in 15 years that has happened.  Jack MillerC.J. Stroud and Kyle McCord are all in the hunt for the #1 job after the Spring Game this past weekend. 

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Scott K said...

when you have two starting qb's, you don't have one.....

does that mean when you have three starting qb's you have -1?