Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: Ken says #3 and AP #4

Michigan Basketball had a very nice season and finished #3 in KenPom and #4 in the AP.  I hope this is just the ground work for more championships to come. !

Below is the section where I ask myself questions because its Wednesday:

What worries you about Michigan Offense (football) next year?  Its the QB position for sure.  Michigan has been struggling at this position for what seems 2 decades? Is it the Tom Brady curse?  The buzz out of Spring practice is that JJ has shown flashes but still a freshman and learning.  That Cade is the clear starter sitting here in April.  

What makes you the most excited about the offense?  Mike Hart and his running backs.  He clearly has a young talented room with a ton of speed.   If he can them to cut like Mike did, Michigan's offense could be more run than pass next season.  

Which unit has the most upside?  Its a tie for me on the offensive line and WR's.  Both groups have talent and are pretty deep.   Both groups need big years. 

Who should use the COVID year and return to Michigan Basketball? Chaundee and Eli only.  They both give the young guards some room to grow and fit into the system.  Franz is gone (IMO) and if the NBA is not scared by Livers foot injury, then he will be gone as well.   I loved Mike this year but I think Michigan needs to move to the younger point guards.  

I wish Warde would throw his weight around and get better things for Michigan. There was zero reason for Michigan to play at 10:00 on Tuesday.  He should of questioned that with the NCAA and CBS/TNT.  ND said they wouldn't play in the Rose Bowl and that quickly changed.  


szanreno said...

I wouldn't listen to the rumors coming out of camp, we did last year and you know how that turned out.

EzmoB said...

JJ needs to start. Brought JJ here for present and future, build the offense around him and let’s get down to business. Coach H best years were when they grounded and pounded the rock. Coach Heart is a ground it and pound it type of guy. We get our OL to pave the way we can really get this offense moving. We did way to many 4 and outs and the defense got worn down. We need time of position on offense. JJ needs to be the starter. Cade is awesome but he is not the future.