Friday, August 14, 2020

Michigan Friday: A Day In Michigan

Ryan Day, who is clearly is a distant relative of Eddie Munster, this week scolded a reporter for using the word "Michigan" and not calling it "The School Up North".    This is not new for the Columbus Crew and I thought I would share a few more words that are included in OSU's special dictionary.  

If OSU has to play a MAC school from the State of Michigan: 

Central, Western, or Eastern The School Up North .   To bad Northern Michigan is a D2 school, because they would be playing Northern The School Up North.   MSU is of course The School Up North State.

What if someone from Columbus wants to travel to Chicago for shopping?

They go to The School Up North Ave

Enjoy a Race?

The School Up North International Speedway

Go Fishing?

Lake The School Up North 

Buy Tires?

The School Up North elin 

Have a nice light beer?

The School Up North elob Ultra 

Address the former First Lady or award winning actress: 

The School Up North elle Obama or Pfeiffer

Enjoy an old Bateman movie with actor

The School Up North ael Keaton 

The best basketball player of all time....

The School Up North ael Jordan 

Need a trainer?

Jillian The School Up North aels 

  • Sam Webb put in a CB Prediction for Donovan Edwards to Michigan.  I'm still leery on this recruitment but this is a positive sign.   This is a must win for the Wolverines along with Kendall and Benny.  

  • Former Wolverines Eddie McDoom and Devin Gill who transferred to South Florida have both decided to opt out of this season. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Michigan Thursday: Random Thoughts

We haven't taken a long dark journey into my head in awhile, so here we go.   Bring a flashlight as there is a lot of empty space in there and please keep 6 feet apart!  :-)

  • As I have been watching the NBA Bubble, I had a question.   Who was Steve Fishers best NBA player?  Webber was a 5 time all star, Howard made 1 all star game & won 2 NBA Championships at the end of the bench for the Heat, Rose played 13 years in the league.   The answer is:  Kawhi Leonard who is a two time champion, defensive player of the year, Finals MVP,  and one of the best players currently in the NBA.  

  • Funny fact, saw Duncan Robinson playing golf at Disney on Tuesday.  He passed us in a golf cart.   Also saw JR Smith.  (no bubble was broken) We played the Palms course.  

  • Pretty cool seeing Jimmy Butler stand up for Duncan last night against Chris Paul.  

  • I know it wasn't the most unique idea in the world but James Franklin totally stole my Big Ten 3 Dome idea in the Winter/Spring.

  • Ryan Day wants the Big Ten to play in January so Justin Fields would stay.  It's ridiculous to even consider a top 10 NFL Draft prospect to even consider playing months before the draft.   I have zero expectations for Nico or Kwity to play in the Winter/Spring.   Also is it possible that OSU's QB pot of gold run out?  Wouldn't that be nice.  

  • The Nebraska situation is funny to me.   They are like a bad employee that is threating to quit if they don't get a raise and your response is "good luck at your next job".    Funny we don't hear anything from Rutgers and Maryland.   OSU quickly backed off playing in the Fall.  

  • Giannis got ejected and suspended for head butting Mo Wagner.  Love it! 

  • It will be very interesting if the ACC, SEC, and Big 12 do football this fall.   The state of Texas is allowing 50% capacity for fans in the stadiums.   I'm a bit torn, I want football in the fall but is the risk worth the reward?

  • Deion Sanders left the NFL Network for Barstool sports as he wouldn't take a pay cut.   His goal is to become a college head football coach. 

  • There are no coincidences!  The day after WWF star James "Kamala -The Ugandan Giant" Harris dies,  Joe Biden announces his VP running mate as Kamala Harris.  RIP Big Man.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Well That's Done

The Big Ten and PAC 12 pulled the plug yesterday and while the Big Ten was shutting it down, the Wolverines were practicing and plans to continue to do so for 20 hours a week through Fall Camp. 

I have more questions then answers, like how the hell is Spring Football going to work and if we have seen the last of guys like Kwity, Nico, and Ambry?  The NFL doesn't seem very flexible in moving the draft, so there is going to be little benefit from playing in the Spring if you're a high profile draft prospect.  

I also think the SEC, Big 12, and ACC are going to try to make a go of a Fall Season.   There has been a rumor floating around for many years that Nebraska has been looking a way out of the Big Ten as they have struggled for nearly 10 years.   The issue is the Big Ten pays them $50M a year from the Big Ten TV contract and they like money.   Nebraska might have found a natural breaking point as they want to play football in the Fall and the Big Ten commissioner has made it very clear, "not as a member of the Big Ten".    Is it possible that Rutgers and Maryland also want to play football in the Fall?

Bob, if you were going to do Spring Ball how would you do it?

I would start in the winter, the earlier the better, maybe the first weekend of February or even January.   Do a camp in December when kids aren't on campus anyway.   Use the inside stadiums in Detroit, Minnesota, and Indy for games.  Play 10 straight weeks and get the season in.  

Is there any upside to this cancelation?  

  • Michigan will get more work in and be more prepared then they ever had for any season.  
  • We have probably seen the last of Justin Fields! 
  • Michigan will get more work for their new QB's 
  • 2021 Early Enrollees will at least get 10 weeks of practice they wouldn't have.  Don't know if they will be eligible to play. 

This really sucks!

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: BIG Power Struggle

There has always been a question on "who's in charge" when it comes to Michigan's Football  or any major college football program.   The President has the responsibility for the entire University, the AD is the person that overseas all the sports programs, and the head coach is the highest paid employee and probably the highest paid person in the State Government. 

We saw an example of that yesterday, the news about the Big Ten Presidents shutting down football leaked out (or was leaked on purpose) and the Head Coaches felt much differently.   The Big Ten Big Three Head Coaches all had statements on why they should play.   Even high profile players and parents spoke out on wanting to play.   Scott Frost even spoke about playing a ton of non-conference games because the season is too important to University of Nebraska and the economy of Lincoln.  

So that leaves us here today.   Today the Big Ten Presidents are supposedly going to make the final decision on the season.   Who is going to win the power battle?  

  • Normally Michigan fans don't get too excited about kicker/punter recruiting, but we might have to change that mind set as Tommy Doman just got the first ever 6 star punting rating from Chris Sailer Kicking.  

  • 4 star MA OG Drew Kendall is expected to make a decision this month and its looking very positive for the Wolverines.  Drew was clearly waiting to see what Rocco did.  Let's hope Drew is Blue!!  Michigan got a new CB prediction on 24/7 with a high probability yesterday as well.