Friday, June 18, 2021

Michigan Friday: Michigan Gets a PG Commitment From Dug McDaniel

When I was a kid, I used to play a game (which is terrible by today's standards) called Dig Dug.  It was game where you basically dug into the earth and some foreign object would come after you.   Then you would make him exploded by pumping air into it.   Let's not confuse that game with today's commit, a 2022 PG from Virginia named Dug McDaniel.  

Dug committed to the Wolverines last night over schools like UConn, Florida, LSU, Georgia, and Wake.  His measurables are on the smaller side, as he is only 5'9 and 145 but he is one of those quick guards that are hard to cover and likes to pass first.   Here is what SI had to say about "Dig" Dug:

At 5-9, 145 pounds, McDaniel is obviously undersized, but from a make up standpoint, he's the exact kind of small point guard you want — he's feisty, tough, confident and fearless. He's also pretty damn good from a skill standpoint. He's extremely quick and fast, he shoots it well from the outside, he's crafty and finishes well at the rim despite his size and he's very bouncy (he can dunk with ease at 5-9). He's really good in all of those areas, but his best skill is passing the ball. He always has his eyes up, he sees plays before they happen and he has a knack for putting the ball exactly where it needs to be, and he's going to do it with some flair.

Dug is a 4 star PG to all the services and clearly a pass first guy that can shoot as well.   Michigan has done well with smaller PG's in the past and Dug falls into that category, he is also is a guy that probably will be in the program for all his eligibility as the NBA isn't clamoring for guards his size.  

Welcome Dug and I hope you Dig out a few championships while you're in Ann Arbor! 

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Shea to the CFL

Shea Patterson's final year at Michigan, pretty much killed his NFL dreams.  There was many reason including the season's first play injury.   Shea ended up not being drafted, signing a free agent contract, but getting cut before camp even opened.   He has played in the Spring League and I figured he might look to the XFL or Baseball next season.   

Instead, Shea has signed a training camp contract with the BC Lions of the CFL.  Good luck to him and I hope he makes the team and plays well.  

  • Since Atlanta traded Julio Jones they now have signed their rookies, including Jalen Mayfield.  
  • Herm Edwards ASU program is being investigated by the NCAA for hosting recruits during the COVID dead period.   "You play to win the game, Hello!"
  •  Allen Trieu has put in a CB prediction for 3 star DT Deone Walker
  • For the golf fans out there, the US Open starts today at one of the best public courses in the world, Torrey Pines in San Diego.   I think residents can play that great track $30. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: Mid-Week News and Notes

  • 4 star NC DE Beau Atkinson visited Ann Arbor this past weekend and will announce his decision today at 4:00.   Predictions are coming in that he will be staying home and pick NC.  
  • Gaige Garcia who was a wrestler and maybe a football player is transferring to Lehigh. 
  • This will be one of the biggest visit weekend with the headliner 5-star defensive tackle Walter Nolen.
  • Seems Livers is the only Wolverine that got invited to the NBA Combine.  Wagner most likely declined the invite and the other draft eligible Wolverines got invited to G-League Elite.  Hopefully, this will point a return to A2 for Hunter.  It's still unclear if Livers his healthy enough to play at the Combine. 
  • The Michigan coaches will be at 3 satellite camps today
  • How's it going NBA? 
-Chris Paul just tested for COVID 
-Kyrie has a sprained ankle 
-Kawhi is out with a knee injury 
-Embidd has a knee injury he is playing through 
-Trae Young is playing through a shoulder 
-Harden played on one hamstring last night and scored 5 points 
-KD played one of his best games of his career 
-The back to back MVP is struggling with his shot and free throws 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Its a New Daylen on Offense

I think ESPN and other networks missed a great opportunity in covering more Spring FCS football action.  I actually think the FCS should stay in the Spring as they don't have to compete with other the big boy programs.  Yes, they will miss out on those big pay days when Alabama schedules them but will have the entire countries eyes in the Spring, if they can work out a TV contract.  

Yes, if there is an FCS draft eligible player, he probably won't suit up for his final year, but there is probably only a handful of guys that would fit that profile most years.   With the new transfer rules the Spring season can also be a great showcase for players to transfer to big time programs.  

Case in point, WR Daylen Baldwin was arguably was the best player in the Spring just turned down an offer from Ohio State to play for his hometown Wolverines.  Daylen was a under recruited  (no stars to 24/7) WR prospect out of Farmington who ended up at Morgan State.   He then transferred to Jackson State to play for Deion Sanders.  In the Spring, he had 25 catches, 540 yards receiving, and 7 TD's.  He is 6'3 and 200 pounds.

In the games that ESPN did cover, Primetime's team got a ton of coverage which helped Daylen get offers from big time programs like Michigan and Ohio State.  Daylen worked out for both programs and both came with offers very quickly.  

Michigan can use another playmaker on offense from the WR position. With the loss of Nico last year, it was clear the Wolverines WR's missed his big plays.  Lets hope Daylen can fill that role and get Michigan some more wins this Fall. He is known to have good hands and the speed to get deep.  

The poor guy will have played 2 seasons Spring and Fall in 2021.   Love the story of a local kid who played for 2 different programs and finally gets the offers he had hoped he would have gotten back in the 2017 recruiting class.   Daylen is expected to be a graduate transfer with two years to play.  (it seems its much easier to transfer to Michigan when your a grad transfer from an admissions stand point) 

  • Luke McCaffrey who transferred from Nebraska to Louisville, has now left there and will play at Rice.   The two QB's in that family have had a strange journey in college football.