Thursday, May 21, 2015

Michigan Thursday: Quick Bullet Points

  • Michigan Football did well with APR under Brady Hoke.  A BCS win and great APR are two positive things he can put on his resume.

  • Georgia signed up for Nike again at $2.8M in gear and $1M a year in cash.  Those numbers are not even in the ball park for Michigan.  Don't be surprised if Michigan stays with Adidas.

  • Mike Zordich is in Cleveland today to visit 2016 3 star cornerback Tony Butler and 2017 4 star wide receiver Jaylen Harris.

  • D.J. Durkin will be in Kansas on Thursday to visit LB target Xavier Kelly

  • #1 player in the country Rashan Gary will re-schedule his May visit to Ann Arbor.  Jimmy has also recently spoken to his mother.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wolverine Wednesday: Gardner Gets Picked Up

After his very short stay with the Patriots the Pittsburg Steelers have picked up Devin Gardner.   Both organizations have a nice history of developing former college QB's and turning them into NFL wide receivers.  I wish nothing but success for Devin!

  • Nike spokesman Greg Rossiter responded via an email about the Michigan decision to bid: "we did host the University of Michigan on campus last week, as we do many athletes, teams and leagues on a regular basis." A university spokesman said, "we are doing our due diligence by holding conversations with several potential partners. We have no timetable for our decision."

  • I hadn't seen this photo from the Adidas visit yet.
Allan Brettman photo

  • Former Michigan CB Blake Countess will visit Arizona and Rich Rodriguez in an attempt to find a school to play his 5th and final graduate year.   RR recruited Blake to Michigan and it seems Arizona has a big need for some cornerbacks with game experience.   Blake excelled at Michigan in more of a zone coverage model, he struggled last year when Michigan moved to more bump and run.    RR's 3-3-5 defense might be a perfect fit for Blake. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Pats Tough On Former Wolverines and A Possible Transfer?

The New England Patriots have plenty to discuss in the boardroom these days and protecting the Golden Boy from an equipment violation seems to be a pretty hot topic.    But the news of former Wolverines and the Patriots didn't stop there.    The Pats cut Cam Gordon and Devin Gardner yesterday.   Cam spent the entire year on injured reserve (but did earn a ring!) and Devin just signed a couple of weeks ago.  It's a bit unique to cut Devin right now, I'm guessing he didn't impress during the rookie camp.

  • Former Auburn Safety Derrick Moncrief seems to be interested in transferring to Michigan.  Derrick was the #1 JUCO Safety a year ago and only played at Auburn for one year.   Derrick's connection to Michigan comes from his high school which is Prattville High School in Alabama.   Jimmy has recruited two kids out of Prattville and will be hosting a satellite camp there next month.   Auburn at first didn't release Derrick to Michigan but re-considered later in the day on Monday.  My guess is that his time at JUCO might make it difficult for him to transfer to A2.  Derrick will have to sit out a year if he transfers to a D1 school.

  • has a nice article up on how Jimmy hired a team mom in Mama G. “With her credentials in the educational system, I thought she’d be a tremendous liaison to academics and also a voice for the moms,” Harbaugh said. “In the recruiting process, the mothers get very little airtime—even throughout the entire college experience.”

  • Could the 49'ers be having a worse off season?  Justin Smith has decided to retire as well.

  • 2016 NC OT Landon Dickerson likes the cold.  "Geographically Michigan is probably a great place for me," he said with a laugh. "I'm a cold-weather kind of guy. I'm the guy that when it's 25° outside I don't have a shirt on and I'm in flip-flops. I don't think it could be any better geographically.  (HT to Mgoblog)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Michigan Monday: Wolverine Shoe Wars Update

The topic of Michigan's official gear is getting pretty hot.   Michigan has now visited all 3 vendors (UA, Nike and Adidas) and will accept bids from each vendor.   Adidas is feeling pretty confident they will stay with them after a recent visit to their US HQ in Portland:

"It was a good meeting, very positive," Chris McGuire, Adidas director of sports marketing, told The Detroit News. "They're doing their due diligence, as we would expect. It went well, and we really like the direction Jim has Michigan going. We have a sense of Jim's vision, which is exciting."
McGuire said Adidas is confident in its relationship with Michigan since the two became partners in 2007 after Michigan moved from Nike.

"Michigan will continue to be the flagship," McGuire said. "We have great partners in the college sector, like Miami and UCLA, but we look to Michigan to drive our brand. Michigan is still the crown jewel.

"There is a play globally for Michigan. We like what they have to offer and the strength of the Block M resonates. We have a global reach and can help enable the school to grow globally."

Under Armour is obviously new to this process and it will be interesting to see if they will "over pay" to try to get the Michigan brand.   They just did that with Notre Dame.   Nike feels they are the preferred vendor and might "under pay" to use the leverage they have in the market and with the student athletes.   Adidas seems ready to continue to pay big dollars to get Michigan as one of their partners.    Michigan's contract won't go down, so I expect this is probably a UA vs. Adidas battle.   The big question remains will Nike pay up to become Michigan's partner again?  

I expect a decision in July.  It could be drawn out until the end of the year, but I believe there will be a decision by the end of the summer.

  • Maize it!  Another note from the above story is that Michigan is moving away from the highlighter yellow and back to the deeper Maize.  "The sentiment was to go back to the mustard -- for lack of a better term – away from the sun (color)," he said. "It takes a way to get that evolution, but that's a positive for us. We're pretty much full-go right now."

  • The rumor mill is spinning again that Michigan might be looking at another graduate DB transfer to replace The Count.  Transfers are now a big part of college football.

  • Ann Arbor Skyline LB Daelin Hayes got an invite to Nike's Opening.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Michigan Friday: Fleet's Apology

Per Dennis Norfleet's Apologize on Instagram:

I've been crying so much I have no more tears to give I just want to give an apology to all the Michigan fans and the Michigan alumni last but not least my team. We been through it all we all have the same goals that we want to reach but I've been talking to God everything is going to be alright for those who don't know what's going on... Trust me I will be okay things happen for reason #MajQr

I hope he makes it back but it doesn't sound too promising.  

  • Homecoming will be a 3:30 game against Northwestern on 10/10

  • 2016 U of D Jesuit point guard Cassius Winston one of the top 40 players or so in that class took an un-official to Ann Arbor yesterday.

  • 2016 Cass Tech S Demetric Vance and 2016 Traverse City OL Thiyo Lukusa, both committed to Michigan State.  Jimmy was interested in Vance but Demetric always seemed like a Sparty lean, Lukusa was recruited to Michigan before Jimmy arrived by not after.

  • Michigan associate athletic director for football Jim Minick was arrested by Pittsfield Township Police early Saturday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, the department confirmed Wednesday.  Minick was involved in a single-vehicle crash in Pittsfield Township early Saturday morning and refused an on-site breathalyzer test. He was not charged with a DUI, and the investigation is ongoing as the department awaits the results of a blood test.  Jim has been suspended indefinitely.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Michigan Thursday: Jimmy Loves QB's!

Jimmy is taking the off season to another level.  You already knew about the country wide rock tour, now he is doing Band Camp for QB's in Ann Arbor. 

Did you see some of the names on that list?  I expect this to be very well attended and a great recruiting camp for the Wolverines. 

Jimmy is a freaking wizard.  I hope all this stuff equates wins on the field!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Hits Keep Coming: Blake Countness To Transfer


Blake has graduated and decided not to spend his 5th year as a Wolverine.   Wayne Lyons is now on campus and Blake struggled last year as Michigan moved to a more of a man press coverage model.    That is a hit to a secondary that was set up to be special with Lyons, The Count, J. Lewis and of course Peppers.  

I guess Blake saw himself as the odd man out and will look to play his 5th year somewhere else. I'm sort of sad after hearing this news, I was always high on The Count and wanted to see him play in what could be a "special defense" next year.   He deserves to win.   Good Luck Blake!