Friday, February 5, 2016

Michigan Friday: Wolverines In The Super Bowl

How is Devin Funchess feeling right about now?  He is coming off a dumpster fire of a season at Michigan, runs a poor 40 at the combine and now finds himself in the Super Bowl as a rookie.   I would say that is huge turnaround. 

Michael Schofield only has two years of pro experience but is a starting tackle in the Super Bowl. 

Congratulations to both players and hopefully we will have a great game. 

Carolina 24 Denver 21

  • Jimmy hires another HS coach to his (non-coaching) staff in Coach Antonio “Bam” Richards as an offensive analyst.  Bam was a coach at Prattville in Alabama.

  • Jimmy is at the Super Bowl today and doing radio interviews on Mike and Mike and Dan Patrick. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Michigan Thursday: NSD Hangover

We covered a ton of ground yesterday as Jimmy stole the show nationally with the Signing of the Stars event and reeling in the #1 recruit.   Today lets take a look at some of the new players that joined the Wolverines yesterday. 

Rashan Gary:  The undisputed #1 player in the country to all the services and 5 star DT.  He is 6'5 nearly 300 pounds and a game changer on the defensive line.   He had 13.5 sacks this year and 55 total tackles.  I'm sure he came to Michigan for the education and to be coached by Greg Mattison.

Gary had offers from everyone, so listing all the schools doesn't make a ton of sense.  His final decision came down to Michigan and Clemson.  He said he didn't make a final decision until he was walking to the ESPN set to make the announcement.  That is a little too close for comfort for Wolverine fans but it worked out in our favor.  BTW, I didn't watch the announcement because I watched the DeShawn Hand announcement and thought I would jinx this one!  :)

Rashan will be in the regular rotation on the already talented defensive line.  Don't forget that Glasgow and Mone will be back from injury as well.   With the defensive line constantly rotating, playing time won't be an issue for the talented freshman.    I could also see him playing some DE as well. 

Let's hope Rashan gets to school this summer and gets in the S&C program as early as possible.   Probably the best recruit Michigan has had in 20 years.  His body is already college ready.

LaVert Hill:  A local 4 star CB.   Even though his brother is already a Wolverine, LaVert committed early to Penn State.  He is 5'10 and 175 pounds and is considered a really good cover corner.  He was an Army All American and a top 100 player to Rivals and 24/7.   He played for Cass Tech before transferring to King. 

His offer list, included the likes of OSU, MSU, PSU, Clemson, USC, UCLA, Wisconsin, Texas, Miami, Georgia, and many more. 

I like Hill and Long's chances of seeing the field early as they will need to be ready to go in 2017.    I doubt either will redshirt.   Hill will need to add a few pounds while working on his run and zone coverages as a Wolverine.

Devin Asiasi:  I was disappointed that Michigan didn't land Nata at the Under Armour game.  I thought any TE that didn't want to play for Jimmy's offense was making a mistake.   Well, the Michigan staff sure did make up for that has the Wolverines brought in two highly ranked TE's in the final weeks of recruiting in Eubanks and Asiasi. 

Devin is another Army All American/ 4 star TE.  He is 6'5 and 255 pounds and Rivals #2 TE and 46th ranked player in the nation.  His offer list included pretty much everyone as well:  USC, Oregon, Washington, UCLA, ND, CAL, Alabama, Arizona, Auburn, Miami, Nebraska and many more. 

Devin played both TE and on the Defensive line in high school but prefers the TE position in college.   He is a big body that can block and also catch the ball, it's exactly what Jimmy loves in a TE prospect.   This is a big time prospect and getting him to come to Michigan from California is great work by both Coach Harbaugh's. 

Devin has the ability to redshirt if the Wolverines need to but my guess is his talent will get him on the field on as a freshman.  Getting to learn from Jake Butt will be great experience for Devin. 

Quinn Nordin is the #1 ranked kicker in the country.  Michigan will now have 3 scholarship kickers on the roster which is a lot.   Quinn will most likely red-shirt as Kenny and Andrew David are ahead of him on the roster.   If there is an injury to Kenny, Quinn will get a shot at the starting role as I have heard a few whispers that the coaches are not real thrilled with Andrew's kicking in practice.   With that said, Quinn might get a chance to start at punter as Michigan has a open spot if the Michigan staff doesn't want Kenny to do both.

Quinn had 15 scholarship offers and was a former PSU commit.

Side note:  Michigan took a PWO punter yesterday as well from Cleveland named Will Hart.  Here is his bio from Kohl's Kicking Camp. 

  • Erik "Soup" Campbell is leaving Michigan's staff to take the UConn WR coaching job.  Props to Jimmy giving him a job while he looked for an on the field coaching gig.

I think the only real loss to the class was Devery Hamilton, other then that this class finished as good as expected.    Can't wait for Spring Ball to see the EE and Fall Camp for the rest of the class!

Jimmy watching the Gary announcement during the Stars event!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

NSD Instant Re-cap

The day started off well with the re-commitment of Nate Johnson and the new commitment of LaVert Hill.   Both of those were regularly expected to happen. 

The first interesting development happened when new recruit OT Alaric Jackson picked Iowa. I guess golfer Zach Johnson is happy now. 

The next commitment to drop was local kicker and sleepover buddy Quinn Nordin who picked the Wolverines.

Then the Signing of the Stars event happened.   It was more entertaining then I expected.   Lou Holtz who I'm not a huge fan of was funny and Nature Boy Rick Flair was classic Rick Flair.   Michigan held all the announcements of the LOI's until the event. 

The event continued past 1:00 and as Jimmy was paying tribute to Chad Carr - Rashan Gary committed to the Wolverines on ESPN. 

The day is a huge success at this point, no matter what happens in the afternoon. 

Around 3:30 Devin Asiasi adds some icing on the cake as he becomes a Wolverine on ESPN as well.  His best friend Boss Tagaloa stays home and picks UCLA. 

The biggest surprise of the day is when Victor Viramontes picks CAL.   It seems VV didn't have an LOI from Michigan to sign today.  This recruitment has been a strange one. 

The only other significant news is that Dytarious Johnson has a transcript problem but still expects to sign with Michigan but not today.   Hawkins who was also rumored to have some issues, signed as expected.

It seems there wasn't room for Alaric Jackson and VV as they wanted to save a spot for Johnson.

29 players signed all EE's were backdated

#4 class on Rivals
#6 on Scouts
# 5 on 24/7

  • Tom Strobel has transferred to the Ohio Bobcats.

It's been a very fun day!  Thank you for riding it out on the BHB!

Welcome To The Madness!

First Surprise of the day:  ATH Victor Viramontes has committed to Cal

Devin Asiasi is Blue!
Rashan Gary is BLUE and Signed!
Kicker Quinn Nordin is Blue!
LaVert Hill is Blue!

Dytarious Johnson has a transcript problem but still expects to sign with Michigan but not today.

Connor Murphy and Pie Young to USC
Rashad Weaver to Pitt

Jimmy Notes:  no Gray Shirts and all early enrollees are back dated to 2015 class.

Funny note, If you signed up for Michigan text's for LOI's today.  It says you will get 30 texts. 

Alaric Jackson picked Iowa,  Jon Jones going to ND, Enis to IU, Harding to Illinois.

Michigan must have told a number of recruits to not announce they signed their LOI until the Signing Day event.  As most of the LOI's should have been in by now.  Michigan is just slowly announcing their early commits.

LOI's in include:

  • Khaleke Hudson
  • Mike Dwumfour
  • Josh Uche
  • Nate Johnson
  • Elysee Mbem-Bosse
  • David Long
  • Quinn Nordin
  • Ron Johnson
  • Dylan Crawford
  • Chris Evans
  • Brad Hawkins
  • Ben Bredeson
  • Nick Eubanks
  • Stephen Spanellis
  • Devin Gill
  • Josh Metellus
  • LaVert Hill
  • Mike Onwenu
  • Eddie McDoom

-Nate Johnson reconfirmed he is still Blue!

Michigan is just announcing the early enrollees right now. 

I will be here all day updating on LOI's turned in and announcements!

Update from last night:
  • Big Mike is still Blue!
  • Devin Asiasi's father had a Go Blue Banner on his twitter that he has taken down
Let the fun begin!
  • 8:10 AM: TN WR Nate Johnson. Michigan
  • 9 AM: MI CB Lavert Hill. Michigan
  • 11 AM: MI K Quinn Nordin. Michigan
  • 11:30 AM: AZ DE Connor Murphy. USC
  • 1 PM: NJ DE Rashan Gary. Michigan
  • 1 PM: FL WR Pie Young. USC
  • 3PM: CA TE Devin Asiasi. Michigan, USC, UCLA, UW, Bama.
  • 3PM: CA DT Boss Tagaloa. UCLA
  • 4PM: CA QB Vic Viramontes.  Cal

  • Tuesday, February 2, 2016

    Michigan Tuesday: NSD Eve - Fear, Excitement and Anticipation

    This is setting up to be one of the those exciting or frightening National Signing Day in recent memory.    The other time I can remember this type of NSD was the Demar Dorsey/RR February.   That didn't work out for either coach or recruit. 

    The recent news

    • Jordan Fuller - committed to OSU.  It seems their recruiting lead was just too much.  It's going to be interesting to see how all these NJ guys play against each other in years to come. 

    • USC took a kicker not named Quinn Nordin

    • A new offensive lineman popped up on the radar - Alaric Jackson a 6-7 285 pound OT from Detroit Renaissance.  He is a 3 star prospect that is very raw and has only been playing football for a couple of years.  A good athlete and former basketball player with a high ceiling.  He has offers from the likes of Iowa, Iowa State, MSU, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, Rutgers, Syracuse and others. 

    • Big Mike Onwenu hasn't de-committed from Michigan but will make his decision tonight with some friends.   He has removed the title of Michigan commit from his twitter account. 

    • ESPN is reporting that Gary is torn between two schools (Michigan and Clemson) and hasn't made a decision yet.

    When will we know?

  • 9 AM, NSD: MI CB Lavert Hill. Michigan, MSU.
  • 11 AM, NSD: MI K Quinn Nordin. Michigan, USC.
  • 1 PM, NSD: NJ DE Rashan Gary. Michigan, Ole Miss, USC, Clem
  • 1 PM, NSD: FL WR Pie Young. Michigan, Louisville, USC.
  • 2 PM, NSD: AZ DE Connor Murphy. Michigan, USC, Oregon, ASU.
  • 3PM, NSD: CA TE Devin Asiasi. Michigan, USC, UCLA, UW, Bama.
  • 3PM, NSD: CA DT Boss Tagaloa. Michigan, USC, UCLA, UW.
  • (HT to Mgoblog)
    How do you see the class finishing?

    Big Mike is in this class, he is just helping some friends get some exposure and the announcement some eyeballs.   If by chance he flips to MSU, that is a major disaster.  Insiders believe the is fully committed to the Maize and Blue. 

    1.  Rashan Gary - We have seen Michigan lose the #1 player in the country to things like a hurricane simulator and other reasons.   Nothing will be official until the ink is dry on the LOI, but I don't see how Clemson could be better for Gary then Michigan with great defensive coaches and a bunch of his good friends.   He also get to play for what is expected to be a top 10 defense next year.

    2.  Levert Hill - His brother is at Michigan and he has a good relationship with Greg Jackson.   He spent the weekend in Ann Arbor for another visit this past weekend.  I think he is Blue. 

    3. Devin Asiasi  - If your a TE you have to love Jimmy's offense.  With many programs going to the spread and removing the TE from the field, Michigan has to be an attractive option.    Yes, leaving home is still an obstacle but I think Devin thinks Michigan is the best place for his NFL development.

    4. Boss Tagaloa - Leaving home seems to be a bigger deal for the Boss and his family.  I think he loves Michigan and wants to play with Devin but his family might pressure him to stay home.  

    5. Vic Viramontes   - I think he is a silent commit and will be back in the class as an athlete or QB.

    6. Quinn Nordin - I think he is a Michigan lock now.  Penn State and USC have found other kickers.

    7. Alaric Jackson - A late fill in with a very high ceiling.   I like this late pick-up. 

    Probably Not Happening:
    • Connor Murphy seems to be trending to USC.  There are some rumors about grades, but that would seem to dis-qualify him from USC as well but who knows. 

    • Pie Young - I think Michigan is done at WR - I'm hearing the Michigan coaches like Nick Eubanks as a TE/WR hybrid and might have taken Stewarts spot in the class.  I also believe that Nate Johnson is now firmly in the class, even though he is announcing on NSD. 

    Buckle Up folks this is going to be a wild ride.  

    Monday, February 1, 2016

    Michigan Monday: NSD Is On The Clock

    We're two days away folks!   For those of you new to the BHB, I will be live blogging all morning and afternoon as news breaks and recruits send in their LOI's.   It's the heaviest traffic day of the year for this site, so get in early and enjoy the ride with your fellow Big House Blog Inmates!   We won't have Tom Brady, Ric Flair or Jeter but we will have a lot of fun!

    Weekend Update:

    1:00 Update:  I was wrong on the visits for the California Duo this past weekend.  Boss visited CAL and Devin visited Bama.  Is this a sign they might go to separate schools?  It seems Fuller is trending towards OSU on tonight's announcement.  Let's hope Jimmy works some phone magic between now and then.  Also there is some buzz that Connor Murphy might not have the "transcript" for Michigan admissions (just a rumor).

    Michigan's recruiting this season has gone pretty well and pretty much as Jimmy wanted.   Yes, some players went to other schools, but the finish to date has been very strong and just what Michigan needed or wanted.   Then Saturday happened and Devery Hamilton de-committed and committed to Stanford.   That is a big loss to this class and one that probably can't be back filled.   Michigan will have to look to preferred Walk-on's and 2017 class for more offensive lineman.   If PWO's concern you, don't let it.  Michigan has been reeling in some nice PWO's and a good example is the Glasgow's who both look to be headed to the NFL.  

    • Jordan Fuller, the NJ Gatorade player of the year (over Gary) is announcing tonight.   This is a tight race and could come down to Michigan or OSU.   On the positive side, he has been following a lot of Michigan players and recruits lately.    This is one of my favorite players in the class and it would be great if he comes to A2.

    • Donald Stewart also committed to Stanford this weekend.  The rumor is that Michigan is full at WR now that Nate Johnson seems to be re-committed to the class (he will announce his final decision on Wed).   This is a minor loss as Stewart is more of outside WR then a slot. 

    • Another combo that is going to come down to NSD are the California boys Tagaloa and Asiasi.  They visited UCLA this weekend, so there seems to be a little momentum for the Bruins right now.  I think leaving home is going to be a large decision factor for both of these guys.   Right now, I think both stay in California.

    • No word yet on how Gary's visit to Clemson went.  Let's hope that is a good sign. 

    • LaVert Hill continues to be a fluid situation, I think it comes down to Michigan and MSU.   Michigan might have a slight lead but not a huge one.  He was in A2 for another visit this weekend. 

    Michigan is also picking up solid PWO's at a pretty fast rate.   Here is a list of the guys   (LINK Fixed) that has accepted that type of offer.   The latest guy is a WR from IMG Kerrick Hahn.

    My guess at Michigan's Board with two days left:
    1. Gary - NSD can't get here soon enough. 
    2. Fuller - Will know tonight.  Could be OSU or Michigan
    3. Hill - NSD announcement - Michigan or MSU
    4. Asiasi and Tagaloa - UCLA or Michigan - if they split Asiasi is the best guess for A2
    5. Murphy - Could be Michigan, ASU or USC
    6. Nordin - USC or Michigan
    7. Viramontes - I believe is coming back to the class as an athlete
    I also like S Isaiah Simmons if Fuller, Hill or Viramontes don't go Blue.  Right now, Clemson is the most likely spot for the talented DB. 

    25 guys in the class right now, I still expect one gray shirt and one academic causality.  With a total class of 30. 

    • Ross-Douglas will transfer to Rutgers.  Swenson committed to Oklahoma and Sir Patrick Scott to Marshall.

    Saturday, January 30, 2016

    Wolverine Weekend Update: Well That Wasn't Expected

    Devery Hamilton a 4 Star Offensive Lineman out of Gilman in Baltimore has de-committed from Michigan and flipped his commitment to Stanford. 

    Biff Poggi who just retired from Gilman is reportedly considering a offer from Jimmy to join his staff.   I wonder if that offer is still on the table :)

    This is why recruiting is so crazy and works both ways.   With the loss of Swenson and now Hamilton this leaves a big hole in Michigan's class.   With the dead period starting soon, I don't see how Michigan can backfill this position in this class.   Unless they can flip someone like Will Fries who has visited Ann Arbor but is committed elsewhere (PSU). 

    Michigan most likely will fill this hole in 2017 or through a transfer.

    Some good news:

    There is a rumor floating around that Michigan might get Victor Viramontes back in this class.  He is expected to make a NSD decision. 

    Recruiting news never stops!