Thursday, October 2, 2014

Michigan Thursday: Let's Discuss Everything

BHB readers have had a lot of good comments this week, lets address some of them here today.  I will forgo the Big Ten preview as Michigan's fire storm still seems to be burning on SportsCenter.

Concussion-gate:   Brady Hoke looks like a fan walking the sideline.   He claps some, he calls for the punt team and he talks to an official every now and then.   He may talk to a player but he never seems to do a ton of "coaching" on the sideline.   Here is the issue as I see it.  Shane should have been removed from the game after his end zone fumble and ankle turn.   After the first series, it was very apparent that Michigan wasn't going to win with Shane under center.   I know Devin has not played well this year, but what was the purpose to throw the game away?  To send a message to him?  I know Shane is tough, but he is not ready to play yet. 

How long was he going to keep Shane in?  Until he got a concussion?  I guess not.   How is a guy with little to no experience and now on a bad ankle going to play?   Not Well.  What a terrible decision.   What does a guy have to do to get fired around here?

Moving Games to Dallas:  I don't have a problem doing a neural field site every once in awhile.  In fact, Brandon should have never yet Michigan travel to MSU two years in a row and should of have forced the Big Ten to have the game played at Ford Field.  The issue with the Dallas games is every time he does that he is taking a home game away from season ticket holders.   If Michigan is going to charge thousands of dollars just to have the right to buy season tickets, I sure as hell want to see Michigan play Florida in the Big House and not in Dallas. 

Stephen Ross:  I think every major program has a Stephen Ross around.  If you donate millions you get to be heard.  Oregon has Phil Knight, Maryland has Kevin Plank (the Under Armour founder), OK State has T. Boone Pickens, and so on.  Stephen was willing to hire Harbaugh to the Dolphins, when Michigan was trying to hire him, so I'm not sure he is in the best position to make too many demands on the Michigan program.  His Miami Dolphins haven't been the shining example of how to run a program either.   A little known fact is William Davidson the former Pistons Owner was paying part of Tommy Amaker's salary while he was the Michigan Basketball Coach.

Gibbons:  Yes, Michigan did the right thing in the end.  The thing that makes Brandon and Hoke look so bad is the cover up and the lies on why he wasn't active for OSU and the Bowl Game.  The guy that gave Hoke his most successful moment as the Michigan head coach, was thrown out of school for sexual assault.   Ironic or karma?

What's next?
It's hard to say, everything that I hear is that Hoke will be around until to the end of the season.  Let's face it folks, Michigan has a real chance to lose every game remaining on their schedule.    He is a dead man walking and he knows it.   There is now a real good chance this team mentality is already in operation shutdown.  If the offense can't score, your not going to win too many games. 

I don't know about Brandon, I guess at some point he might resign if the pressure gets too hot.  He can go work for Ross in Miami.    With every bad loss, the heat and the ESPN coverage will continue on both of these guys.    It seems to me, you have to fire the AD so the new guy can hire a coach. 

Michigan has a small class this year, which is somewhat lucky in a coaching change.  If Michigan learned anything from the Hoke hire, they can't hire a guy in January and try to fill a class in a couple of weeks.   This class will take some major hits but could finish well if they get a coach with a brand name gets hire.

Who is the next head coach?
Is this the perfect storm for Jim Harbaugh?  No idea, I think he really wants to be in the NFL and we know there will be a number of teams wanting to hire him (see above).   The issue is his coaching style, he is more Bo then Pete Carroll.  His coaching style is a much better fit in college then in the NFL.  If he realizes that, I think Michigan has a real shot.   The key is Michigan can't f-up the window like they did last time.  Other NFL teams can't speak to him right now.   Hire an AD and get him to work on Michigan's home run coach right now.   Even if its a hand shake agreement for the end of the year.

Unless John Harbaugh is burned out in the NFL, he is not coming here.  He won a Super Bowl for goodness sakes. 

I'm fairly confident that Les Miles would take this job in second. He still has a ton of A2 baggage and he isn't getting any younger.   The fact is Michigan needs a big name to turn this ship, even if it's for the next 5 years.  He might be guy you sign for one contract and you say turn this place around.  He has a name that would make an impact on the recruiting trail.  He will wear his hat too high, clap with his fingers open, eat the field turf and win 10+ games a year. 

I like the idea of Mike Gundy or Kevin Sumlin but neither is coming here.

I don't even want to hear Gruden's name mentioned.  

I have a thought for you that hasn't been mentioned:  Josh McDaniels the OC from the New England Patriots.   I know, I don't know if he would be a good fit either, but hear me out for a second. 

  • He has been a head coach
  • He is a young guy
  • He could come with the support of Tom Brady
  • Bill O'Brien had the same job and was successful in the Big Ten
Josh is a reach I know, but I think anyone outside of Jim or Les is a reach as well.

Firing Brandon and Hoke is step 1 and step 2, but really getting the right guy here is much harder then we all think or expect.    It's really the most important step after two hiring mistakes.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wolverine Wednesday: The 10 Ten Reasons Both Should Go

Non-Michigan fans are saying Fire Brady Hoke because of "concussion-gate".   What they don't realize is there is plenty of reasons to fire him and concussion-gate is just another example.  

Top 10 reasons to fire Brady Hoke

10. Looks like he doesn't do anything on the sideline during a game
9. Darryl Funk
8. Concussion gate
7. Al Borges
6. He lies, examples include Gardner's turf toe and Gibbons "family matter"
5. Prior head coaching experience only at Ball State and SDSU
4. Failure to develop a  talented roster full of 4 & 5 star players
3. His football philosophy is 1970 not 2014
2. Handling of Brandon Gibbons situation
1. Outside of year 1 his Michigan teams have been terrible

Top 10 reasons to fire David Brandon

10.Selling home games to Dallas
9. App State reschedule
8. Only considering "Michigan Men" when hiring Brady Hoke (he coached the defensive line here)
7. Selling coaches titles to donors
6. Waiting until January to fire RR - which lost out on Harbaugh
5. Alienating former players and alumni
4. Alienating season ticket holders
3. Alienating Students
2. Brandon Gibbons situation
1. He thinks he is bigger then the program

When I thought about writing this post, I thought it would be difficult finding 10 reasons for each individual to be fired.   I actually had to cut some.  

Michigan needs to find a way to get out of the headlines.  It just keeps getting worse and worse.  With every loss this story will continue to live.  Remember Texas last year?, it never stopped until they fired Mac Brown.   The media really isn't that interested in a coaching search but they will continue to beat a dead horse until that person is fired. 

I keep waiting for a shoe to drop and there probably isn't anything that will happen until late November.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Michigan Tuesday: Michigan Can't Stop Making News

Brandon finally released a statement at 1:00 AM Tuesday morning.   It's long but here is the most important paragraph:

In my judgment, there was a serious lack of communication that led to confusion on the sideline. Unfortunately, this confusion created a circumstance that was not in the best interest of one of our student-athletes. I sincerely apologize for the mistakes that were made. We have to learn from this situation, and moving forward, we will make important changes so we can fully live up to our shared goal of putting student-athlete safety first.

Brady Hoke also was not informed of the concussion before his press conference on Monday.    Nice work guys.   Are you both trying to get fired?  Why release this at 1:00AM?

All that's left here is if David Brandon fires Brady Hoke now or at the end of the season.  If he waits, he might not get to fire Brady because he will probably be on the street as well.

When Michigan continues to show up on ABC News for bad things, somebody has to pay with their job.

Buckle up, because recruiting is going to get bad as the season moves forward.  Michigan will probably lose about 50% of it's recruiting class. 

  • Four-star NC DE Darian Roseboro is already gone.  He just committed a couple weeks ago.
  • TE Chris Clark and CB Garrett Taylor have one foot out the door.  You might remember that Taylor just tore his ACL a few weeks ago.
The upside is this is a small class and the new coach if hired quickly (after the season), will be able to rebuild it.   It's not like there is going to be all bowl game practices. 

Also this hit the internet yesterday as well:

A source has informed that Michigan has gauged the interest of UConn director of athletics Warde Manuel and Boston College athletic director Brad Bates about their interest in the same position at Michigan.   - Pete Roussel, Senior Coaching Insider

These are expected to be the two top candidates to replace David Brandon.  John U Bacon responded quickly that his sources say this isn't true.   Here is my take.  I think there might be some truth to this report.   Pete is well known and would not report a lie or make up a report.  Michigan has a new president in Mark S. Schlissel and I'm pretty sure that most people don't know what he thinks of this situation.  I would also argue that John U's sources might not be that tied into Mark's team.

If your wondering what Hoke's buyout is:  $2M after the season.  He is making 2.3M in salary this season.   I would assume if they pulled the trigger right away it would cost the $2M and the rest of this 2014 salary, which should equal about $3M.   Hoke's contract runs through the end of 2016.

As a point of reference, Charlie Weiss will be owed $7M from Kansas and ND is still paying him which will equal $20M when it's said and done.  So Michigan should feel lucky with the 2 or 3M.

  • The famous Michigan "Brady" Tom Brady and his Patriots played poorly on MNF last night as they got blown out by KC.    Not a good week for Michigan Brady's. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Coach Speak Brady Hoke

Lowlights from his press conference

  • Would never put in a kid with a concussion
  • Shane has a high ankle sprain, does not have a concussion
  • He would never overrule a trainer or doctor if a kid can't play
  • Has not met with David Brandon in the last two days
  • David has not been involved in the PR related to the Shane Morris situation
  • The UM of Medical Staff will release a statement on the situation
  • He got into coaching to work with kids
  • He is preparing to play Rutgers
Irony at work: the banner behind the press conference is the Michigan Health System.

Brady looked like a guy that hasn't slept in days and he was clearly trying to protect his reputation today. 

Either Brandon is asleep at the wheel or is working on something.   Your guess is better then mine.  I don't think he needs to go far to find the $3M or so it would take to buy out his contract. 

Michigan Monday: I'm Lost In a Nightmare

This has to be a nightmare right?  I'm going to awaken in the morning and this will all be some bad dream.  This shit doesn't happen at Michigan right?   How in the world did Ronald McDonald get hired to run McDonalds Inc?

These guys can't even get fired properly.   Yes, Michigan is probably the worst team in the Big Ten but I thought Brady Hoke would at least get to coach the rest of the season.    After the teams performance on Saturday and Hoke clear lack of leadership in protecting Shane Morris, he should be fired today.   David Brandon should do Hoke's regular press conference and let them know that Greg Mattson is taking over.   That probably won't happen but it should.

Here is what I would like to see happen:

  • Hoke is fired today and replaced on an interim basis by Greg Mattison for the rest of the season.
  • Brandon is fired later in the week and replaced by Lloyd Carr as interim AD until roughly December 1st.  
  • At that time, a new Michigan AD is in place and that person can search for a new head coach.   Lloyd will not be part of the search committee.
I believe that one of the Harbaugh brothers is interested in this job.  I don't know which one, but either is a huge win.  I know what they both said in the media, but neither one is going to come out and say, "Yes, I want the Michigan Job when they already have a job". 

I hate that we got fooled when Hoke was hired.  He showed passion for the job and loved Michigan.   We ate it up because Lloyd was quiet and RR was always too sad and didn't seem to understand anything Maize and Blue.   We ate it up.  Brady Hoke is not qualified to be the President of Michigan Football.   Brady Hoke is a defensive line coach, bottom line.   Shane Morris should of been out of the game after he hurt his ankle in the end zone fumble play.   Hoke keep him in to continue to get hit after hit.   I guess to send a message to Devin Gardner.   That is the most stupid thing, I have ever seen.

He didn't see the "concussion" hit or Morris needing help from his offensive line to stay up.  He might have if he had a head set on, like all other coaches in college football.   He is not a head coach, he is a defensive line coach.   He can't protect his kids on the field, he must be fired.   Not at the end of the season, today.  He clearly doesn't do anything, so he probably won't even be missed.

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USA Today

I can't watch this shit anymore guys, I will DVR each game an if they somehow manage to win a game, I will watch it.   This is worse then rock bottom, this program has fallen off a cliff and the entire thing needs to be washed away. 

You obviously can make your own judgments on how you spend your money, or watch games on TV, but someway a message has to get to the leaders of this University.  Charlie Weis got fired this weekend and now Kansas is on the hook for $7 M for him not to coach at their University.   This is inline with the $20M ND is paying for him not to coach in South Bend.

Wake me up when this nightmare is over...........................

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dead Man Walking

To think that Shane Morris was a viable option after the say the third series is a clear sign the Michigan coaches are brain dead.

Its hard to find words anymore.   What a complete cluster this has become.  

I honestly don't know if I can watch another Michigan game coached by Brady Hoke.  

This season
Brady Hoke's coaching career
David Brandon's AD job
Bowl Games
Big House attendance
Michigan jersey sales

Someone wake me when this nightmare is over. 

When does basketball season start?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Michigan Friday: Are Former Players Targeting Brandon?

Greg Henson from WDFN is reporting that 450 former players are asking the regents to remove David Brandon as Michigan athletic director.   He said he has sources who are former Michigan Football Players that are leading this effort. 

They have a list of how Brandon has failed in his job.   Maybe the most damning thing is that both Jim Harbaugh and Les Miles wanted the Michigan job and Brandon didn't offer the job to either coach.  That he was worried about both being too high profile.  I can see why he didn't offer Les Miles (age and A2 baggage) and picked Brady Hoke over him.   Not sure I agree with it but I do understand. 

If Jim Harbaugh wanted to come to Michigan and he either low balled him or didn't offer him the job, he shouldn't be removed right now.  That is complete incompetence. 

I don't know if this report is true or not, but it's really time to clean house at Michigan.   David Brandon is a complete disaster and has alienated everyone (former players, alumni, and season ticket holders).   Many people are reporting that a top tier head coach will not come here unless David is removed as AD.  Other coaches can't believe he watches tape with the Michigan coaches.  

Here is John U. Bacon's take of Brandon marketing tactics, ticket give-a-ways and gouging of season ticket holders.

When will all this stuff start affecting recruiting?  Now, Darian Roseboro a Michigan commit is on an official visit to NC State.  Can't blame the kid.

Wojo copes with humor..............

I have no idea when this nightmare is going to end.