Monday, October 19, 2020

Michigan Monday: A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action Please

I'm betting many of you that read this blog would agree with the title of this post.   We have been talking about Michigan Football for over 10 months without seeing them play on the field.   Even though Michigan competed with a very good Alabama team on January 1st, it seems like years since we have seen them take the field.   No Spring Practice, No Spring Game, and almost a 2 month delay in starting the season.   It is my pleasure to welcome you to......


Many of us thought we might not get here for another 12 months.   We are here and its now time to see what this team has.   Anything can happen between now and 7:30 on Saturday, so lets hope both teams continue to test negative and we have a ball game on Saturday night.  

  • NFL Wolverines had a bad Sunday for injuries, as it is expected that both Devin Bush and Taylor Lewan have torn their ACL's.   I don't follow MSU social media but it seems Sparty is enjoying the injury to Devin Bush.   Stay Classy East Lansing. 
  • There was a very large change in the Michigan - Minn betting line this weekend.   Michigan went from a underdog getting 2.5 to a favorite at 3.5.   Usually there are 2 reasons for a jump like that, news about one team or all the money was coming in on the Wolverines.
  • I'm sure you didn't miss it but Michigan got its highest ranked defensive commitment on Friday when Branden Jennings committed.   Michigan has a very strong LB class and could use one more DB and 2 more DT's.   Michigan is also after another FSU commit in Duke Cooper who is a 4 star CB.
  • Michigan has offered 2024 Brandon Davis-Swain who called U of M, Michigan University.  He has time to learn how it works.  
  • Fun Fact: Tom Brady played with Jon Runyan at Michigan.  Last night he played against Jon Runyan Jr. in Tampa vs. Green Bay.  

Friday, October 16, 2020

Michigan Friday: Surprise - it's Big Willie Allen!

Normally, I don't wake up expecting Michigan to land a grad transfer OT from Louisiana Tech University.   Today, it not like any other and Michigan has picked up just that person. 

Michigan landed "Big" Willie Allen a former 4 star OT prospect that transferred from LSU to LA Tech.  Willie is 6'6 343 pounds and is considered an NFL prospect.   He had some COVID issues missed the first 2 games of the season and decided to transfer to a place that could help him get to the League.  

He will enroll in the Spring and be part of the 2021 class and eligible for 1 year.   So he won't be suiting up in a week and could be a great replacement for Mayfield after he turns pro after the season.  

Welcome Big Man! 

  • The Good News continues?  Michigan is expected to land 2021 4 star #81 ranked player in the country Branden Jennings an ILB from Jacksonville today.  100% CB's to Michigan.  He is a UA All American and playing in that all star game. 

  • Michigan is a road dog next weekend and getting +2.5 points against the Golden Gophers.  Thank you Big Ten for the road trip/night game.  

  • I'm also getting concerned if we are slowly watching COVID take over football.   NFL Colts today reported multiple positives,  Florida has over 20 positives this week, Saban is trying to find a way to coach against Georgia after testing positive, Baylor is having a breakout, other games cancelled or postponed.   If/when this happens in the Big Ten,  the players that test positive is basically going to miss 3 games.   It its a team outbreak that is 3 games cancelled.   Fun Times!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Michigan Thursday: Well, This Is Interesting

News on the recruiting trail has been a little light for awhile.   Then comes this:  #81 player in the nation in the 2021 class and former FSU commit, LB Brendan Jennings is committing on Friday.  His top schools he will be considering is Clemson, Miami, and Michigan.   Jennings is 6'3 225 and rated the 6th ILB in the country and clearly a 4 star recruit.  

His lead recruiters from Ann Arbor are Don Brown and Brian Jean-Mary.  The good news is that the 24/7 CB's are trending hard to the Wolverines.   If he does commit, he will join the likes of Jaydon Hood, Tyler McLaurin, and Junior Colston. (Yes, please)  Jennings in from Jacksonville and could be Michigan's next commit from Florida, where clearly Brian Jean-Mary is doing a great job.  

  • Interesting how Saban and Alabama's AD have tested positive but we haven't heard any players being positive

  • Florida - LSU has been re-scheduled 

  • Atlanta Falcons have shut down their building today as well

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Sammy to the Corner

We are a week an half away from football and we are clinging to any news coming out of Schembechler Hall.  Jimmy mentioned and Sam Webb confirmed that Sammy Faustin (Sam reports on Sammy!) has completely moved from Safety to Corner.   The news that Dax Hill had moved to corner has either changed or was false originally.   Dax will see coverage in the Nickel but the plan right now is for him to stay at Safety.   CB is the most concerning position group on the team.   Michigan also starts the year against the best WR in the Big Ten.   Someone wake up Don Brown and let him know to roll some coverage towards Bateman.  Anyone remember how he schemed up having our slowest LB cover Saquon Barkley in pass coverage?

  • 4 Star DT Rayshaun Benny has an announcement date October 25th.

  • Michigan Basketball practice starts today.  If they can get all their transfers on the floor, this could be a pretty good team.  

  • Michigan is targeting two FSU commits in LB Branden Jennings (who recently de-committed) and CB Omarion Cooper.

  • Dan Mullen, head coach of Florida after his loss at Texas A&M said he wanted 90,000 fans for his home game against LSU this weekend.  Since then he has had 19 positive tests in his program and had to shut down practice yesterday.