Team 135

Team 135

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wolverine Wednesday: Welcomes Washington

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- The University of Michigan and University of Washington will renew an old rivalry when the two football programs meet for a home-and-home series during the 2020 and 2021 seasons. This will be the 13th and 14th meetings between the two schools.
The Wolverines will travel to Seattle, Wash., for the matchup on Sept. 5, 2020, at Husky Stadium. The return trip by the Huskies will take place at Michigan Stadium on Sept. 18, 2021.

"We are excited to rekindle a rivalry that has showcased some great games and great teams for both programs," said Brady Hoke, U-M's J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Head Football Coach. "There have been some exciting, down-to-the-wire football games between Michigan and Washington and we anticipate the same type of contests when this series is played at the outset of the next decade."
This will be the fifth time that the two programs have played a home-and-home series.

This will be the fifth time that the two programs have played a home-and-home series.
Michigan and Washington have met on 12 previous occasions with the Wolverines holding a 7-5 edge. U-M has a 3-1 record at Michigan Stadium and is 2-2 at Husky Stadium. The two programs have played in the Rose Bowl on four instances, with each team claiming two championship trophies.

This was always a fun match-up between the two teams, of course we know how the Wolverines play when they head out to the West Coast or in this case the Pacific Northwest.   This should help recruiting out west and nice future series for both teams. 

BTW:  Michigan could have a hole in their 2016 schedule if Hawaii decides they can't afford to play football any longer.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Michigan Tuesday: Brings Plenty of News

First a team matter if finally resolved, Csont’e York has been dismissed from the Michigan football program.  This was the only decision that could have been made.

Hoke:  “Csont’e York has been dismissed from the Michigan football program. Representing the University of Michigan is a privilege and, while second chances are certainly deserved, sometimes it’s better for everyone if that happens somewhere else. Overall, I have been proud of how responsible our team has been this offseason and how hard they’ve worked to prepare for the season.”

A stupid one second decision changed his life.  I hope he gets his stuff together and learns from this.  He was not expected to impact the WR position this year. 

The second thing to drop last night was Braxton's Miller re-injuring his shoulder.   Reports today from 11 Warriors is that he has dislocated his shoulder: Update:  Miller is out for the year, per ESPN.

In a stunning and gutting turn of events, Miller re-injured his throwing shoulder on a routine passing play during the team’s afternoon practice, sources told Eleven Warriors Monday night. He dislocated it (right elbow to left hip, like a pitcher on the mound) and collapsed onto the field for at least five minutes while trainers and medical staff rushed to his side.

Miller was carted off Ackerman Field – the team’s temporary, off-site campground – and back to the Woody Hayes Athletic Center where his members of his family later joined him there. He left the building in a sling. He’s set for an MRI Tuesday morning, though it remains unclear if or how much time he’ll miss.

You never want to see a player get hurt and I hope it's not too serious going forward.  This does make the Big Ten season a bit unclear.  Whether you consider MSU over rated or not, they are now the favorite to return to the Rose Bowl or even in the playoff.  BTW, there had been plenty of rumors out of OSU's camp this fall that maybe Braxton's shoulder had not been healing and he was not really testing it too much.   Redshirt freshman J.T. Barrett is expected to be named the starter if Miller is not able to go in two weeks.

  • Remember when George Campbell de-committed and many of us were disappointed that a 5 star player was looking elsewhere?  Well, he recently has dropped to #78 on Rival's top 100 due to concerns about his hands.   Michigan commit Brian Cole is now ranked #89.   Sometimes things just work out for the best!

  • If your not going to attend the App. State game - here is a worthy cause you can donate your tickets to:  "Muskegon Mona Shores HS, who qualified for the MHSAA Playoffs for the first time in school history last season and is a preseason Detroit News "Top 20" team, plays at Saline HS (another Detroit News preseason "Top 20" team) on Friday, August 29. As many a part of Shores football have never been to Ann Arbor (let alone a game in The Big House), the team plans to tour Schembechler Hall among other places on campus, stay overnight in town, and tailgate with parents before the App St game. Currently, the program has received enough game tickets to get roughly half of the program into the game. However, there is still a long way to go as there are 95 players in the upstart program (9th-12th grade) who are making the trip and competing against Saline the previous day.
    If there are App St v U-M ticket-holders who would like to give away their tickets as an "in-kind donation" to these youngsters and get a face-value tax write-off, please email Shores' Director of Athletics ( to start the process. Furthermore, for anyone that does donate their tickets, Liberty Tax of Canton and Belleville (contact will perform free personal tax returns!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Michigan Monday: If We Didn't See It, Did It Happen?

Over the weekend the Michigan Football Team and Basketball team held events that weren't televised.   The Michigan Football team had a scrimmage at the Big House and the Basketball team played an exhibition game in Italy.

Since we didn't see either, here are some second hand reports.  Since we are two weeks from football season lets start there:

  • The defense seems to be way ahead of the offense.
  • The defensive line was dominate
  • The offensive line was very poor (which leads to the question if the Dline  is that good or are they just going against a poor Oline?)
  • Peppers is the real deal and will probably be the starting CB
  • The LB's played well
  • The RB's struggled to find holes and collectively gained something like 33 yards the entire night
  • Moe Ways had some nice catches about could make a difference at WR this year.

The overall consensus from the folks that attended was the offensive line looked terrible and the defensive looked really good.   I think we need to remove the thought that the offensive line was going to take a major step forward this year.  

We probably should all adjust our season expectations down a couple notches.   Unless the defensive is completely dominate.  12 days until kick off and Michigan still has serious issues on the offensive line.  Not good.

The Michigan Basketball team blew out their opponent 99-60.  Zak Irvin went for 27 points and Austin Hatch got in for a few minutes! Freshmen Ricky Doyle and Kameron Chatman had 12 points.  Caris LeVert added 11 points and Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman had 10 points. 

One report is encouraging and one is concerning. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Michigan Friday: Who Is Going To Step Up? Offense Line Edition

How do you improve a poor offensive line when two tackles leave for the NFL?

That answer might be the best success indicator the Wolverines have this year.    Of course players get better as they get more experience and work on technique, etc.   We are also hoping a better offensive system will help the line with reads and responsibilities but the we need to see a huge improvement with this group.

Michigan had a scrimmage on Wednesday and another public one coming this Saturday night.   The goal is to have the starting offensive line in place.   It seems Hoke feels comfortable with these guys right now:  Mason Cole, Erik Magnuson, Jack Miller, Graham Glasgow and Ben Braden.

Mason is a true freshman and reports out of camp are that he is "special" and ready to play.  Jack Miller taking the center position allows Glasgow to move to guard, but he is suspended for the first game due to his DUI.   It seems Kyle Bosch or David Dawson would be Graham's replacement for App. State. 

The first thing that comes to my mind is:  Where is 5 star Kyle Kalis?

angelique @chengelis       

Hoke said Kalis has been held out w back (doesn't sound major), would be a starter. Miller has edge at center over Glasgow (out 1st game).
That clears it up.  I know "the back", doesn't seem serious but there has been very little coming out of camp about Kalis, which leads me to believe it maybe more serious then we think. 
Bottom line is this group needs to improve by leaps and bounds this year.   The talent is there and this group will need to show they are ready to compete in two weeks.   If the offense is going to run the ball and keep Devin clean, this group will need to be greatly improved.   My biggest complaint last year was this group seemed to get worse week to week, when they should have been improving.  I hope they have a base of 7 or so guys that can gel and improve as a group during the year.
BHB Prediction:
Best O-lineman:  Erik Magnuson
Best new comer:  Mason Cole
Late season starter:  Kyle Bosch
Needs for major OLine improvement:  a healthy and improved Kyle Kalis.
  • These guys didn't participate on Wednesday:  Devin Funchess, Drake Harris, and Delano Hill.  We know that Drake has a "Hamy", Delano with a broken jaw and not sure about Devin.    We will need Funch in two weeks, so lets hope it's something minor.
  • Denard and the Jags were on ESPN last night and I really liked how he ran the ball out of the backfield.  It seems they will use him as the speed back this year.   Sounds like he is settling into the RB position. Funny thing:  Denard will be the last athlete ever on the cover of EA's NCAA College Football game.

  • Michigan vs. App. State Tickets are on Living Social today.  $65 gets you a ticket, hot dog, T shirt, program, and a drink.  PT Brandon is at it again!   Great decision to schedule App. State PT!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Michigan Thursday: Has Good News on Austin Hatch

Coach B has said that Austin is developing well and could even see a few minutes on Michigan's Basketball's summer trip.   That is great news for this young man.  

You want to know if Coach B is a Michigan Man or not?  Consider this excerpt from a MLive article:

In a coma, Hatch wasn't cognizant for Beilein's first visit. But Beilein's second trip is one he says Hatch will never forget.

"He came to visit me in (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago), before I really knew how to walk -- before I re-learned how to walk," Hatch recalled Wednesday inside the William Davidson Player Development Center. "You talk about a man of loyalty, coach Beilein is the most loyal man I know."

On how he is developing on the court:  "I won't get there tomorrow, I'm not going to get there next week, probably. It'll be a while. But I had to re-learn how to walk and talk, and I was obviously impaired significantly. So getting back to the level where I'll be able to represent Michigan on the court is going to take time."

Good luck Austin everyone is rooting for you!

  • Northwestern lost two important players this week in Venric Mark to transfer and WR Christian Jones to a knee injury.

  • Michigan played a scrimmage at the Big House on Wednesday.

  • Hoke also expect Devin Gardner to start at QB in two weeks on 8/30.

  • I love this article from Mgoblog on which players might make an NFL Roster this year.   For example, Kenny Demens is doing well for the Cardinals and is expected to make the team for the second year in a row.  Brandon Graham might be on the cut line for the Eagles.  I expect he won't have any trouble finding a job in the NFL.  Maybe even for division rival Dallas Cowboys who need defensive help.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wolverine Wednesday: Who Is Going To Step Up? - RB Edition

Michigan now has a ton of depth at the RB position.  So much they moved Ross Douglass to Slot WR this week, so he has a better chance of seeing the field. 

Let's take a look at the running backs:

Derrick Green - The former #1 RB in the country came to Fall camp last year as a freshman over weight.   He had 83 carries for 270 yards and two TD's as a freshman.   He ran hard but I really don't remember any real memorable runs.   He has dropped a ton of weight this off season and added some muscle.   I expect a nice year from this young RB.  

De'Von Smith - De'Von looked to be heading for a redshirt last year when he all of sudden started to get playing time.   He had 26 carries for 117 yards in 4 games last year.   In most of his carries he looked to be a very good back and maybe should have been getting Green's snaps has he got in D1 shape.   It's a shame neither redshirted last year. 

Drake Johnson is a redshirt sophomore who we have seen very little from as an ACL injury ended his season in the first game last year.    Drake seems to be a coaches favorite and maybe the #1 RB going into fall camp.   Is he fully healed?  Does he trust his knee?  Those are all question marks going into the season.  I think we all saw Fitz struggle last year because he didn't trust his leg after his serious injury the year before. 

Justice Hayes is a RS Junior and I guy I want to see get some more snaps.   I like that Justice has speed to get to the corner and if he got a few more snaps could really hit a couple big plays.   He is my choice as the third down back.   He started the bowl game and caught 3 passes.   He wears #5 which could conflict with Peppers if he gets any offensive snaps.

Ty Isaac is a the question mark going into the season.  Will he have to sit out a year or will the NCAA grant him a waiver for his transfer from USC?  I think this guy has a ton of talent and could take snaps from Justice.    As you know, I wouldn't mind a redshirt year for Ty as he learns the offense but we also need "all hands on deck" as Michigan turns this aircraft carrier.   Ty could be a huge part of this offense if he gets his waiver but maybe not until the Big Ten season.  If Ty plays a lot, I see it later in the year. 

My eyes told me that Smith looked like the best RB on the team last year as my heart was with Green.   I think it will play out like this:  Smith starts against App. State and Johnson and Green get plenty of snaps as well.  We know Coach Nuss likes to play a number of RB's in a game as he wears down the defense.   I like Justice as a RB who catches the ball out of the backfield in screens and third downs.   The back that has the "hot hand" will get the most snaps in the second half of a close game.

I really liked Isaac coming out of HS and very happy he is finally in Ann Arbor.  Whether he plays or not this year, I am expecting a number of big plays from him in the future!

Big House Blog RB Depth Chart:

Starter = Smith
Back ups that will get a ton of snaps = Green and Johnson
Third Down Back and Speed Back = Hayes
TBD = Isaac

Improved offensive line play will help this group succeed, but the backs also need to get better at picking up blitzes and open rushers.    Michigan needs a thousand yard rusher and I know the Michigan coaches hope they have 2 next season.   I would love for Hayes to have 3-5 catches  for like 60 yards a game.    Bottom Line is we need one of this guys to step up and have a big year.  I believe it will be Smith. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

York Video

After watching this video, it's clear to me that Csont'e York days are numbered at the University of Michigan.   It blows my mind how a kid can lose an opportunity for a free education and chance to play for one of the most historic football programs in the country in a second.   What a terrible decision.

WR Da'Mario Jones is the other player with him.

Here is York's version:  “He pressed up on him face to face exchanging words for no reason,” York told police. “I got (nervous) and scared about the situation so I hit the guy. I punched him.”