Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wolverines Wednesday: Coach B Leaves and Mel Should Run from EL

Coach Beilein finally agrees with Cavs management to step away.  It's still unknown what the financial agreement was, but Coach will say good-bye to the players today and start his next chapter.  He will have options next season in college basketball but I hope he ends up in Michigan's athletics department, as he is great ambassador for Michigan Basketball and all of athletics.

Good luck coach and please don't end up in the Big Ten! :)

Mel, congratulations on the new big contract at Michigan State.  Are you starting to see what has been going around here for the last few years?

If your wondering that is Curtis Blackwell on the far left.  With Daelin Hayes a 5 star recruit from Ann Arbor ironically.  The photo is from Hayes mother La Keshia Neal during a recruiting visit and breakfast.   Hayes is now at Notre Dame, if you remember U of M didn't recruit Hayes very hard and it seemed the sentiment was mutual.  Hayes had transferred high schools and ended up in Ann Arbor during his senior season at Skyline.  Mike Tressel is also in the photo, as he was just retained by Mel at MSU.

The issue with that photo is that Mark Dantonio said this during a deposition: (DetNews)

The photo and affidavit call into question the credibility of Dantonio, who in a January deposition denied under oath that Blackwell ever recruited off campus, as well as that of athletic director Bill Beekman, who called the assertion "patently false" in comments to the press this month. More significantly, the allegations could prompt an investigation and sanctions from the NCAA days after MSU's hiring of a new football coach.  

During his deposition, Dantonio was asked if Blackwell ever went with him to visit recruits in their homes. Dantonio responded, "No."Dantonio also was asked if that would've been a violation of NCAA rules, and Dantonio responded, "Yes."

Dantonio acknowledged in his deposition that Blackwell may have accompanied him or driven him to recruiting visits, but waited in the car.

So did Mark commit perjury?  Did he commit NCAA violations and then lie about it? 

This clearly was the reason Mark stepped down so quickly a few weeks ago.   Another case where the cover up is greater then the crime.  Having a recruiting coordinator attend a recruiting visit, is probably a slap on the wrist from the NCAA, its when you lie about it, more trouble seems to find you. 

That is just from the NCAA, what about the legal aspects of lieing under oath? This can't be good for Dantonio in this case as he has alreadyproven to not be truthful.    If he and his lawyers had just settled the case with Blackwell:

  • Mark is still the head coach at MSU
  • There wouldn't have been the dumpster fire coaching search 
  • MSU wouldn't be looking at NCAA Probation
Blackwell's lawyers are also asserting that Dantonio also got jobs for recruits family with a prominent booster.  

How MSU let Dantonio do that deposition is beyond me.  Its just another example of the lack of leadership at that institution.

Run Mel! Run Fast! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: Football News and Notes

Here is the Spring Game and Practice Schedule:

Another late day Spring Game, I also think its interesting that the team has one more practice after the game.  It's to early to give Spring Practice thoughts and goals like: a starting QB, welcoming Chris Evans back, who starts on the OL? and DL depth.   Way too early to even mention.

  • Seems Michigan and ASU are in talks to do a home and home and the ASU President is talking a bit of trash how ASU beat Harbaugh in the Rose Bowl, that he can't beat Ohio State, and he can't wait to beat Harbaugh as a coach.   I wonder sometimes how smart successful people can be so dumb.   Herm better have that jackass, watch the "don't press send" video.  

  • Reports are that Jimmy has hired Chris Dudzinski Albany's DC to his staff.  Chris was the DC at Maryland and worked with Don Brown at UMass.   I don't know Chris but I wish Michigan would hire guys that could bring new ideas to the table on defense, rather that a Don Brown coaching tree product. 

  • MSU has hired Colorado OC Jay Johnson.  Colorado is also considering Brett Beilema as its next head coach.  Brenden Rice seems to be staying with Colorado at this point.  

  • Michigan is ranked #1 in Baseball

Monday, February 17, 2020

Michigan Monday: Crazy Like A Fox

All of us were shocked when John Beilein gave up his job at Michigan to take a job at one of the worst teams in the NBA.  In fact, most free agents look to avoid Cleveland rather then trying to build a winner by the lake.  Yes, I know they recently won the NBA Championship but even the guy that delivered that Championship headed out of town quickly after.

So if your Coach B:
  • You have a good job at Michigan 
  • FBI is busting cheaters and nobody cares
  • Recruiting is not your favorite thing 
  • You have always wondered if your offense would be successful in the NBA
  • Your thinking about a retirement path 
  • Your coming off a recent heart procedure 
  • You have an offer that will Rocket your bank account balance
Not for one minute, I'm I going to assume that John didn't think this move to the NBA through.  In fact, I believe he considered it a win-win.   There were reports John wanted to bring Juwan to Michigan to be coach-in-waiting (prior to leaving), he was looking for a retirement path, thought he could leave a nice coaching legacy if his offense could be successful in the NBA and if it didn't he had a huge 5 year contract as a back-up plan.  

I'm pretty sure Coach B understood that his approach with NBA Millionaires had a higher fail percentage then a successful one.  It was a risk he was willing to take as he winded down his coaching career.  

Coach B and the Cavs leadership are discussing a parting ways during the All Star Break.  An announcement either way could come as early as today or during the break.    Coach B and the Cavs haven't gotten along and the road forward is muddy at best.  You know the old saying; if your thinking about leaving, you already have.   It was never a good fit and I'm pretty sure everyone knew it outside the Rocket Man.  

Now my theory could be out the window if Coach B leaves the Cavs and takes a job a high level D1 program next season.   I would love if Michigan gave him a job in the AD office.  How about Basketball Director?

  • Speaking of Michigan Basketball they played one of their best games in the new year with a blowout win against IU on Sunday.  Michigan had balanced scoring with Wagner 16, Johns 14, Brooks 13, and Livers 12.  The only issue is that Livers turned an ankle and even though he went back in the game, he didn't stay in for long.   Michigan has two difficult road games this week against Rutgers and Purdue.  Splitting the pair would be a successful week. 

  • Did you know Michigan is a Baseball school? To start the new season in Arizona, Michigan beat National Champions Vanderbilt on Friday, Cal Poly and ASU on Saturday! 

Friday, February 14, 2020

Michigan Friday: Damn Duncan

Raise your hand if you thought Duncan Robinson was going to be solid NBA player/starter?  My hand isn't raised and I would have been surprised anyone outside of Duncan's family would have their arm in the air.  

Now he has set an NBA record.  He is the quickest player in NBA history to hit 200 three pointers.  He has done it in 69 games, Luka and Donovan Mitchell were the fastest with 84 games.   Duncan will also be participating in this weekend All Star Game 3 point contest.

Well done Duncan!

  • Tom Mars the lawyer from Patterson's eligibility case, has quickly removed himself from the Curtis Blackwell legal team. 

  • Michigan Basketball takes on IU on Sunday. 

  • If you're a fan of TomVH who used to be a Michigan recuiting insider, he is now doing some golf articles for ESPN and they are pretty good. Here is one about Tiger Woods and his new Bridgestone golf balls. 

Happy Valentines Day to all the Big House Blog Inmates!  🌹