Friday, September 18, 2020

Michigan Friday: Opt Back in or Stay Out, That Is the Question

OSU players have been flocking back in as they don't want to miss out at a run for a National Championship.  Michigan's NFL players are considering coming back, at least some are.  

Kwity Paye is expected back and has been practicing with the team.  He never made an announcement and seems he wanted to keep the door open.  Thank you Big Man!

Jalen Mayfield seems to be leaning out.  Insiders close to the situation believe Jalen wants to play but his dad is 100% about staying out.  Sam Webb says there is a chance so maybe 80% out 20% back in.  

Ambry Thomas who opted out what seems years ago (just months) is reportedly also considering the option to jump back in.  He is very important to Michigan's defense as his back ups are just different colors (Gray and Green) with little playing experience.  

Nico hasn't said, $h*t about anything yet.  Not signing with an agent, leaving, or staying.  Man, I really wanted to see him play in year 2 of Gattis's offense with Joe as QB1.

  • Maybe the Big Ten is crazy like a fox.  With the October start date they can watch the other leagues try to figure this damn virus out.   Coach O said that most of his team had it and North Carolina just lost its game this weekend due to breakout at Charlotte.   The more we think its safe to play, is it really?

  • Duncan Robinson had 18 last night in another Heat victory!  Loving his success.

  • I learned yesterday that the Big Ten Championship week cross over games was Jimmy's idea.  If its successful lets hope the Big Ten keeps it. 

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Michigan Thursday: Big Ten Back - Nico and Dylan Not

 I have no idea why this happens, its almost like people in the media are just waiting to pail on after Michigan gets good news, it has to be follow up with bad news.  

On Thursday, we get the great news that Big Ten football is back and will start up in October.   Within that same hour it was announced we hear that Nico Collins is opting out and signing with an agent and Dylan McCaffrey is transferring.  

I can't blame either players decision but it makes me sad on day that should have been a 100% celebration.  As Ohio State players opt back in and consider opting back in, Michigan loses its top offensive weapon.   I had hoped Nico would stay for his final season and increase his draft status, now it seems the risk doesn't meet the reward.  

Dylan on the other hand makes 100% sense as the rumors are swirling that he has fallen to #3 on the depth chart behind clear QB1 Joe Milton and also surprisingly behind Cade McNamara.  A strong depth chart at QB has now become a little questionable with the only QB behind Cade is the flyer they took last year after Michigan's recruited QB had to retire due to medical reasons.    I like Dylan and had hoped he would stay and compete, but that is not the norm any longer.   Maybe he will transfer and play for his dad who is recently a new college head coach in Colorado.  

If your keeping score at home, the players that have opted out include Nico, Ambry, Dylan, Jalen, and maybe Kwity.   I don't have to tell you this, but Michigan is not going to beat OSU with its NFL caliber players not participating.  

So now we wait for the schedule and hope its a favorable one for the Wolverines.  

  • OSU's top OL Wyatt Davis is trying to opt back in for the season. 

  • Fans are not expected at Big Ten games and it will be interesting to see if they leverage any of the NFL domes for later in the season games. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Well.... We're Waiting Big Ten

If you're too young to know who Judge Smails is, find a copy of Caddy Shack on the Internet and watch it.  

Reports seem to be trending positive that the Big Ten is coming back and announcement can come at any moment.   Nebraska's President even thought it would be Tuesday night, while having a private conversation on a hot mike.  

ESPN thinks the decision will be announced today.   I just hope Michigan doesn't start with some crazy difficult game, like a trip to Wisconsin or something.  Did I just jinx this?

Update: Big Ten Football is Back 10/23-24.  No Schedule yet 

Update #2:  SI is reporting that Nico will opt out and McCaffrey is looking at transfer options.  Can't we have good news for at least a damn hour?   With Nico out this should do it for Michigan's NFL eligible players.  Your not going to beat OSU with your best players not participating. 

Update #3:  Big Ten will play 8 games +1 game during Championship week, for example if your not in the Championship game, #3 vs. #4, etc.   Schedule will be out later this week. 

  • Seems from all reports that Joe Milton is QB1.  

  • I wonder what will happen with the guys that have opted out for the season if Michigan starts playing in a month?   My guess is they are gone and there really isn't a path back.  

  • Coach Warinner Tweeted out that Vastardis and Hayes have been working with the 1st team offensive line. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: Please Stop Dan

Dan Patrick for some reason has become the voice of Big Ten's return.  He seems to have a mystery source that is feeding inside information.  The issues is, outside the original report in August that the Big Ten was shutting down, he hasn't been accurate at all.  

His latest report from yesterday, is that Michigan, MSU, and Maryland wouldn't play even if the rest of the Big Ten does.   I understand Mark Schlissel's background and the reasons he didn't support sports playing but if the rest of the Big Ten is playing, Michigan is playing.   There isn't one person with enough power and influence to do that, even Michigan's President.   I don't think Michigan's Governor could even do this without Lansing burning down.  

Reports to the opposite of Dan Patrick's report are available from Wisconsin's AD and NCAA reporter Brett McMurphy.   So let's hope Dan got some bad information.    We are still waiting for a vote and a plan to re-start football if the vote is passed.  

  • It was great to see Jake Butt on a football field last night.  Hat tip to the Bronco's for keeping him on the roster.  3 ACL's is just crazy. 

  • Seems Big Mike Onwenu played 22 snaps for the Patriots on Sunday.   They might like Mike at Tackle instead of Guard.  

  • The Dolphins cut Jake Rudock off the Practice Squad.  Thanks Josh Rosen!

  • The Ravens are working out Shea Patterson for a possible practice squad spot/emergency QB situation.   Harbaugh effect in play.