Team 135

Team 135

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Michigan Tuesday: Wonders How Healthy Peppers Really Is?

Let's take a look at facts and coaches speak to determine if he is really going to play this weekend. 


  • Started at Nickel
  • Made a couple tackles
  • Got undercut and limped off with an apparent ankle injury - didn't seem to turn it - might have gotten kicked?
  • Went back into the game
  • Returned a punt
  • Didn't play after that
Coach Speak
Hoke on Saturday:  "He'll be alright. I'll be honest with you, at halftime just decided not to bring him out the second half. It's not a life-[threatening] injury or anything. He'll be ready next week."

Hoke on Monday: 

With Jabrill [Peppers], it didn’t look like he came out in the second half. What was the reason for that and this week are you going to limit him at all?

“He’s been in there all morning getting treatment. We haven’t started school yet. We decided- I made a decision at half time because they could start treating it right then not to come out in the second half. You know, [instead of being] in a boot on the sideline start the process of healing. So we’re excited and we’ll evaluate every day but he’s working hard to get better.”

So with Jabrill would you say he’s a question mark for Saturday?

“I don’t think it’ll be a question mark. I think he’ll be ready to play.”

I think he is probably 60/40 not playing on Saturday.   I don't like the term "boot" and they kept him in the locker room the entire second half of his first college football game.   Neither sign is positive in him playing this weekend.

Wolverines Who Didn't Make an NFL Team this Weekend
  • Jeremy Gallon didn't make the Patriots mostly due to injuries
  • Ryan Mallet got traded for a 7th round draft pick, which seemed like a steal.  I can only assume the Patriots were going to cut him.
  • Mario Mannigham is done for the year with another leg injury.
  • Big Will got cut by the Jets
  • Fitz got cut by the Ravens
  • Kovacs by the Dolphins
A couple of these guys could make a practice squad. 

Rumor Mill:  There is an internet rumor that there is a Michigan LB with an injury that will keep him out of the lineup for 6 weeks.   We don't have a name yet.

Michigan is getting 4.5 points on Saturday
MSU is getting almost two touchdowns at 13.5 points.   That seems like a ton of points.  

Monday, September 1, 2014

Michigan Monday: ND Week

That might be the last time I write that headline for a long time.  Michigan taught ND the sport of football in 1887, yes 1887 and have decided to end the relationship with Michigan so they can play Duke or another ACC team.  I used to get into discussions with ND fans on which program has more tradition, Michigan or ND?  Teaching them the sport in 1887 is the tie breaker in my mind. 

Both teams are coming off easy home wins in week 1.    In ND's case, Everett Golson came back to the program after his "poor academic judgment" suspension the year before.   The "poor judgment" seems to be contagious on the team as 5 players on the Irish have that issue.  Golson didn't seem to be rusty as he threw for nearly 300 yards and 2 TD and ran for 3 more.

This should be one of the big games in the Big Ten and in the nation this week.   MSU travels to Oregon and Ohio State hosts Virginia Tech as well.   Michigan - ND might come down to which QB plays the best.   The Wolverines have struggled on the road but have won the last 6 out of 8 games against ND.  Maybe it's because Notre Dame Stadium was modeled after the Big House.   (Tie breaker #2 - Michigan has more tradition!).   

Greg Mattison might have a few sleepless nights this week thinking about Golson and his duel-threat ability.  Michigan's defense started great against App. State but this Saturday will be a whole new challenge.   Michigan will look to it's leader Jake Ryan to have a big game and might need to take him out of the middle of the defense to run down or pressure Golson. 

ND on the other hand might have some issues in their defensive backfield with the suspensions and injuries.  I don't believe Brian Kelly was too happy with his safety play against Rice.   If Michigan's offensive line can hold up, that could equal a big day for the Devin to Devin connection. 

Michigan's only question mark going into Saturday is the status of mega recruit Jabrill Peppers who injured his ankle in the first half against App. State.  Hopefully, we will have an updated status today during Coach Hoke's press conference.   Coach Hoke said he was held out as a "precaution" but we will see what his status is as the week continues. 

This game has always been a great early season rivalry and it's too bad this might be the last time for along time.   Maybe we will see them in a bowl game or a playoff game down the road.   I'm betting that game might get some attention. 


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Post Game: That is More Like It

It seems like years since Michigan has run a lesser opponent out of the building.  They did just that is afternoon with 560 total yards and 350 yards rushing.   I predicted Michigan would have a runner over 100 yards, in fact they had two with both Green and Smith breaking a few big runs. 

The Devin's also had a great game, with Gardner connecting with Funchess for 3 touchdowns in the first half.  I love that Funchess is wearing #1 for the first time since 2004.   Funchess looked like a man playing against boys on Saturday. 

The Train Wreck is now over and "we" (fans) can move on and support Team 135.  

I know the offensive wasn't really tested against App State's defense but it was really good to see Michigan's RB's finding big holes for big yards.   I also really enjoyed the offensive play calling for the first time in Hoke era at Michigan.    The true test will come next week, but this was a great way to prepare for the trip to South Bend. 

The defense played great for the most of the game.  The second team did give up a couple scores and some yards, but again it was mostly back-ups or true freshman.   Not really too much to complain about on that side of the ball. 

Time to break on this years first Cheers and Jeers:


  • #1 Devin Funchess could have a very special year
  • Devin Gardner looked calm and was very accurate
  • The defense lived up to it's billing
  • Coach Nuss did very well in his first game at Michigan
  • Green/Smith both going over 100 yards
  • Hard to remember a time when Michigan played such a complete game
  • Peppers ankle - the prelim reports are he is fine and they just kept him out as a precaution.   Hoke said he will play next week.   I would be a little cautious of post game injury reports as they have a tendency not to be 100% accurate.   His presser on Monday should give us a better idea.  Knock on wood, he is ok as he was having a good game before he banged his ankle.   It didn't look like he twisted his ankle on that undercut, maybe it was kicked?
  • Jake Ryan's name wasn't called too often and App. State had a couple big runs up the middle.  It looked like he over pursued the play.   I'm sure that can be easily fixed.
  • Frank Clark could be great if he just made a tackle when he gets pressure on a RB or QB.   I thought that jumping penalty on the punt was a bad call.  He got undercut and wasn't trying to use the defender as a trampoline.

I love the noon kickoff and the effort today.  The Wolverines came to play and the game was over early.   That is how it's suppose to work.   Time to prepare for the last game with the Irish for awhile.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Darian Roseboro Is Blue!

Michigan added its 11th commitment to the 2015 class this afternoon when Lincolnton, NC defensive lineman Darian Roseboro committed to the Wolverines.   This had been expected since Darian's last visit to Ann Arbor, when insiders believe he silently committed to play for Brady Hoke and Greg Mattison. 

Darian is a 4 star recruit across the board and 42nd player in the nation to Rivals.  He is listed at 6'4 and nearly 300 pounds.  He is being recruited as a defensive end but might end up on the defensive line with his size. 

He had a very impressive offer list which included the likes of:  Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, OSU, ND, Both NC schools, LSU, UCLA, MSU and many more. 

This is a great pick up for the Wolverines for this class and first D-lineman.  Michigan might only have a couple more spots open for the class, which means they are pretty much done as they recruit a few high profile guys.    What a good way to start opening weekend.  

Go Blue!

App State Preview

Time: 12:00
Location:  Big House
Weather: H: 82 w/50% of rain
Line: Michigan +34

Their Back!  The team that might have given Michigan it's worst loss in the history of the program is back in the Big House.  I haven't been a big fan of re-scheduling this game because I thought it was a no win situation for the program.  If Michigan blows them out, it just getting revenge for the train wreck in 2007, if Michigan were to lose - then the program sinks even lower.   I will take the blow out victory at this point. 

The upside is only a few people are still in the program that coached that 2007.   The players weren't here and this is really more just the fans program then for the coaches or players.   The issue at play here is, nobody from the media is expecting anything from the Wolverines this year so we have been sparred replays of the train wreck over and over this week.   Thank you USC for grabbing headlines this week!

Tale of the Tape

Team 135 vs. The Memory of 2007 = Team 135

Michigan should handle this team pretty easy.  This isn't the same back to back D1A National Champions like they were in 2007.   In fact, App. State is now a FBS or D1 school and a new member to the Sun Belt Conference they were 4-8 last year.  

App. State does like to run the ball and has a good running back in Marcus Cox and some veteran offensive lineman.   I'm sure they will use the same formula they did in 2007, which equals a tempo offense, some big pass plays as well as quick hitter run game. 

Michigan's defense is now prepared for this tempo style of offense and has a ton of talent all over the field.   I expect Michigan defensive line to dominate which will allow Michigan's talented LB's get plenty of openings for tackles for short gains or even losses.
What to watch for

  • Offensive Line- Block Somebody!
  • Defense keep them out of the end zone
  • Michigan will have a 100 yard rusher
  • Devin to Devin for a touchdown
  • Do you want to be Pepper to?
  • A Michigan Pick 6 by the Count
I don't love this opponent but I love Michigan Football.   Saturday is the first step in the comeback of Michigan Football.   Exercise the ghosts from the Train Wreck in 2007 and let's go into South Bend 1-0!   I also love the Noon kickoff!

Michigan 44 App. State 9

Go Blue!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Woodson Commericals

Nissan sent me these new commercials of Charles Woodson/Heisman House.   Both are pretty funny.   Enjoy!

It's Back! The Big Ten Weekend Preview

You know the football season is here, when I break out my really bad Big Ten Weekend Preview post.    So don't throw your tablet or computer out the window and just enjoy my awful predictions for another year.  At least it's a sign that football is back!   It's back folks, it's really back!!


Eastern Ill at Minnesota:  This game will kick off the Big Ten football games this season and could be interesting.   We know that Jerry Kill coached one of the 100 Illinois football teams so he should be familiar with Eastern's program.   Eastern had a nice year last year but Jimmy Garoppolo isn't walking through that door for this game.    This game isn't carrying a line.  Minnesota 28 Eastern Ill. 10

Rutgers at Washington State:  Hey Bob, why do you have a Big East vs. Pac 12 in your preview?   I know it's weird.  But Rutgers makes it in and they might have the first Big Ten loss of the year.   Rutgers is getting 8 points at Washington State.   Mike Leach has another year to put into his system and I think this one isn't going to be close.   WSU 41 Rutgers 21

Big Ten Game of the Week

#14 Wisconsin vs. #13 LSU in Houston.   What a great match up for week 1 on Saturday Night!  Wisconsin loves the power run game, while LSU loves the same they usually beat teams with superior talent.   This is like a good Capital One Bowl match-up in August.  It's hard to know what either team has this early in the season and Vegas has LSU favored by 4.5 points.    I'm always impressed and a little shocked how Wisconsin plays against good SEC teams.  I expect this to be low scoring and a good tough football game.   LSU 17 Wisconsin 14 


Jacksonville State at Michigan State:  This is a getting paid game and I'm not talking about the wise guys in Vegas.   This is another no-line game.   MSU won the Big Ten and a Rose Bowl last year and sent 1 player to the NFL.  MSU 31 JSU 3

Penn State vs. Central Florida at 8:30AM:  Say what?  These two teams are playing in Ireland.  Could there be any less media attention on this game?  It's James Franklin's first game as Penn State head coach and he will be coaching in Dublin, Ireland.   There are also rumors that the NCAA might lift their final bowl ban this year.   For Central Florida, Blake Bortles is still in Florida just with Denard in Jacksonville.   Don't sleep on Central Florida in this one as Penn State has been recruiting great but that won't equal wins for a few years.    Penn State 27 UCF 24

OSU at Navy:  With the loss of Braxton Miller and Navy's triple option, I expect this game to be pretty close for a half, maybe 3 quarters before Ohio State pulls away.   It's hard to believe that Urban Meyer is on a two game losing streak at OSU and only a 14.5 favorite in this one.   The game is being played on a neutral field.  I like OSU in a close one here.   OSU 24 Navy 17

Western Michigan at Purdue:  I like the program they are building over there in Kalamazoo.   On the other hand, I'm not sure what they are doing in West Lafayette these days.   Purdue is a 10 point favorite and I'm ready to call my first upset of the year.   WMU 20 Purdue 14

Indiana State at IU:  Who cares? Larry Bird isn't walking through that door.  No line.  IU 52 ISU 14

Northern Iowa at Iowa:  Another who cares.  No line.  Iowa is pretty good now.  Iowa 41 N Iowa 12

California at Northwestern: This is really the 4th nice match-up on opening weekend for the Big Ten.   Northwestern players tried to unionize in the off season and the California players are probably mad they beat them to the punch.   The Wildcats are a 11 point favorite and I like them at home after a PAC 12 team has to come East.   NW 31 CAL 20

James Madison at Maryland:  Sorry, but I put in an NCAA Tournament first round basketball match-up in my preview.   No line.   Maryland out shoots them in the second half with the 3 ball.   Maryland 31 James Madison 17.

FAU at Nebraska:  It's hard to go into Lincoln and win a football game if your not from a major conference.   Nebraska is over a 3 touchdown favorite in this game.   Nebraska 34 FAU 13

We have Big Ten Football starting at 7:00 and 10:00 tonight.  Another game on Friday.  

Saturday kick's off with a 8:30 AM game and ends with a 9:00 PM kickoff.  That's 14 Big Ten games for your viewing pleasure.  

Of course the Michigan - App. State game will be previewed here on Friday morning.