Friday, October 31, 2014

Breaking News: Brandon to Resign at 1:30 Today

New job?
Well folks, there could be some news on the horizon.   The rumor mill and now the media is starting to confirm there is an expected 1:30 press conference regarding Michigan's Athletic Director.

Angelique is saying it's at 1:30.  Message boards are buzzing, I will update when I get more.

The latest is David Brandon is expected to resign in a matter of hours.   That he wasn't making it past the bye week anyway.  The nasty response via email was the final straw. 

ESPN is reporting he is resigning this afternoon. has not announced a Press Conference or link yet.  Will share when I find it. 

Fox 2 Detroit is covering it:

New Update:  James Hackett, who played for Bo and was CEO at Steelcase, will be the interim AD. 

Everything reported is correct!  Brandon is out on Halloween.  He spoke President Mark Schlissel about it on Wednesday.  The search for the new AD will start immediately.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

If You Need Faith In Michigan's Program - Turn to a Michigan Man

Denard Robinson.  For your viewing pleasure...................................

Michigan Thursday: Brandon Losing Support From Everyone

The lack of support is now astonishing for David Brandon.  We know about the students and big donors demanding change.   Now DB has lost the alumni association:

"The athletic department procedures have emptied the cupboard of alumni support over the last several years and it will take a significant change within the department to bolster the level of support and fervor that existed then."

We have known for awhile that the former players were not happy on how they have been treated at games, etc.  Here is another example from Homecoming this weekend from Steve Strinko, the starting LB on the 1974 team that is being honored this weekend:

Our 1974 Football team is being honored at Homecoming and we did get 1 complimentary ticket, however, I am bringing the allotted three guests at a cost of $75 per ticket. Seem crazy to pay $225 for my family to join me at this event. Oh well, the state of Michigan Athletics, or at least football.

  • Brandon's email responses have made ESPN and now the Detroit News.
  • 2000 Fire David Brandon T-Shirts will be worn by students on Saturday.
If there is anyone still in Brandon's corner, please stand up.  David sit down. 

He is not reading blogs but getting major awards.  He also better starting listening to advice, because if he doesn't resign soon, it will not end well for him.  

The WOTS is this is going to happen and it's only a matter of time.  Tell that to recruits. 

The last time I wished the season would just end was Year 1 of RR.  This is much worse. 

On a side note:  Tom Brady is still an elite QB in the NFL!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wolverine Wednesday: More like Canham Less Like Jerry Jones

I think everyone agrees that David Brandon is going to get his walking papers.  The only person that probably doesn't understand that is David himself.   If he did, he would man up and resign.   The rumor is, he thinks this is just a political thing that will die down after the elections.   If this is truly the case, then he is one confused AD.  Per Sam Webb:

“(Schlissel) has been told that not another penny will be given until this is resolved,” a source told GoBlueWolverine on the condition of anonymity.

Exactly how many donors have delivered that message is unclear, but any impact outside of athletics will clearly be magnified.  Especially since Michigan is in the midst of its “Victors for Michigan campaign” to raise 4 billion dollars to finance "student support, engaged learning, and bold ideas.”

You add the recent WSJ article that Ross will stand down on Brandon's firing, means there is only one decision to be made.   Most are expecting something in November.

Michigan needs a AD more like Don Canham and less like Jerry Jones. 

More of this:

Don had some swag back in the day!  My grandfather always said he was a good man and even owned his own island.  Wikipedia could not confirm the island part.   But did have this interesting fact:

One of Canham's first priorities upon being named athletic director was to address the dwindling attendance at Michigan home football games, which by 1967 had declined to an average of 67,000 fans per game. Canham's good friend, Notre Dame athletic director Moose Krause, knew a sure-fire way to fill Michigan Stadium — by playing Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish and the Wolverines had not met on the gridiron since 1943 when Fritz Crisler, Michigan's then football coach and athletic director until 1968 when Canham succeeded him, became so incensed at the intensity of Notre Dame's Frank Leahy that he never scheduled Notre Dame again. Canham and Krause worked out an agreement to renew the series, which resumed in 1978 and ended in 2014.

Interesting to see how history has repeated itself.  Don also had a PR theory of never making a one day story a two day story.  Michigan has broken this rule like 5 times this year alone.  Canham was also known as an aggressive marketer but had Bo and a winning football program.  

Many think BC's Brad Bates will be offered the job, when Brandon is removed.   I am a fan of all the candidates that were mentioned.  They all understand how to run an athletic department and not a real estate firm or pizza delivery franchise.    Jeff Long was on TV last night as the playoff committed announced it's first standings. 

Last point:  DB was called out by Mgoblog on his treatment of fans over email, here is his response:

"I don't read blogs so I think it's nonsense," Brandon told MLive, while exiting the Ann Arbor Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Recognition Dinner at Zingerman's Cornman Farms on Tuesday night.
"I'm here to get an award tonight, so I appreciate you showing up, but that's not why I'm here," added Brandon, who alongside a handful of staff members represented the U-M athletic department as recipients of an award recognizing the department for its key roles in tourism and its impact on Ann Arbor's economy.

He probably should read blogs, since he writes a blog on

It's time for history to repeat itself and the first step is removing the pizza guy.

  • Side note:  Tennessee's boards blew up yesterday as a rumor that Michigan contacted Butch Jones.  My thought, ok but after the brothers and Les have turned down the job.  Butch being from the RR coaching tree probably won't help even though he was born in Michigan.

Butch Jones via @GoVols247: "I may have been born in Michigan, but I am from Tennessee. When you're a Vol you're a Vol For Life"

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Michigan Tuesday: The Road To Getting Brandon Removed Seems To Be Clear

As I wrote a couple weeks ago, Stephen Ross seemed to be David Brandon's most important supporter.  Ross is Michigan's top donor with hundred of millions donated to the University and Athletic Department.   Ross has gone on record as saying: "He's probably the most qualified athletic director in the country,” Ross told Crain’s Detroit Business.  “I think he's terrific.”  just a few weeks ago.

Now Ross has spoken to Michigan's President and The Wall Street Journal and will stand down:

On Monday, Ross said that he still thinks Brandon can do the job. But he also has promised school president Mark Schlissel that he won’t interfere or oppose a decision to fire Brandon.

“I don’t think alumni should control universities,” Ross said. “We have a great president and he is running the university and not me.”

Ross said Schlissel has “been talking to a lot of people” about Brandon and “has not come to a hasty conclusion.” If he has made a decision, Ross said, “he has not told anyone.”

Here is what I take from that discussion.

1) Schlissel doesn't have to convince Ross to keep Brandon.
2) Schlissel is making sure he does he due diligence before he lets Brandon go.

These are good things as long as he fires Brandon in the next 6 weeks or so. 

  • Garrett Taylor de-committed yesterday, that wasn't a surprise.
  • Wojo is now fed up with Brady Hoke, welcome aboard! 
  • Alabama boosters pay off Saban's home.  It really is hard to get financing now, as Nick pulls in about $7M a year.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hoke Speak

As a lame duck coach, he addressed the media today and made very little sense (as usual):

  • Brady knew "late" the spike would be taken out on the field
  • He and Mark respect each other and he called him directly to apologize
  • The release was for Mark and his team
  • Peppers won't travel this week, but the game is at home, so OK.
  • Devin will start against IU
  • They had 7 drops against MSU
  • Desmond Morgan will redshirt and will get to play next year as a 5th year senior (but who will he play for?)
If you called Mark directly, why was there a need for the release?  That question was not asked.

Coach what makes you think Mark respects you, as he doesn't seem to respect anything Maize and Blue? That wasn't asked. 

Michigan Monday: Brady Hoke A Pro At Getting Fired

Is Brady Hoke trying to get fired?  Because it sure does seem like it. 

October 26, 2014
Below is a statement from University of Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke:
“I want to publicly apologize to Coach Dantonio as well as the players and supporters of Michigan State for our act of poor sportsmanship displayed pre-game yesterday. I spoke with Mark earlier today and expressed to him that we meant no disrespect to his team. During our regular Friday night team meeting, one of the topics presented to motivate our team was a history lesson addressing commitment and teamwork in a tough environment. A tent stake was presented to the team as a symbol of this concept. The stake was brought into our locker room as a visual reminder, and one of our team leaders chose to take it out on the field. As the leader of our football program, I take full responsibility for the actions of our team. We believe in displaying a high level of respect at the University of Michigan and unfortunately that was not reflected by this action prior to kickoff.”

Someone clear this up for me: is he apologizing for the stake or apologizing for having a terrible team that just got blown out?

So our genius head coach used this example of a tent spike that was of course meant to be used and then gets embarrassed on the field, he then apologizes like a big (insert your own word here).   

We pay this joker millions of dollars to coach this team?   The joke is on David Brandon, because Brady Hoke is getting over on him and The University of Michigan.  He is at best a position coach at a major football program and DB hired him to lead this team to the bottom of the Big Ten.  I can't believe I am saying this, but we would be in better shape if RR hadn't gotten fired and was still coach.  This is the worst possible scenario and both Brandon and Hoke should be shown the door this week.

BTW: Great job at keeping this in the media today guys.  If he had just shut up, this would be a non issue today.   Michigan is doing a great job of keeping it's poor play and it's lame duck coach in SportsCenter loop.

Someone needs to end this nightmare.  

  • Tom Brady threw for 5 touchdowns yesterday and had almost a perfect game for a QB
  • Denard Robinson ran for 100 yards for the second straight week
  • Jake Long might of torn his ACL on Sunday
  • Les Miles upset #3 Ole Miss
  • Jake Ryan named Butkus Award Semifinalist
  • Northwestern game is a 3:30 kick
  • Update: Desmond Morgan will redshirt this year

Hoke press conference today will probably a laugh fest on how this team can still win a championship and nobody is injured.   Peppers?  Never heard of him.