Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wolverine Wednesday: Harbaugh Meets The Pope Today


Jim Harbaugh met the Pope today and gave him a Michigan helmet and a pair of Jordan's.    Another proof point (if you needed one) that our head coach is a rock star.  

They took a tour of Rome including the Coliseum and played paint ball yesterday.   What a great trip for the entire team.

  • The rumor mill on twitter is saying that Michigan is trying to get out of the agreement to do a home and home with the University of Washington in 2020 and 2021.

  • Grant Newsome tells Angelique that he was minutes away from losing his leg.   I have seen serious football injuries before but I don't recall ever seeing one so serious that a player might lose his leg.   Thank goodness that didn't happen.

  • Current Michigan fan and former NY Yankee Derrick Jeter  is part of the ownership group that is trying to purchase the Miami Marlins.   How many of us would have signed up for Jeter's life? 

  • It's being reported that ESPN will layoff 100 employees today.  50% of the cut is expected to be on air talent. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Darn It Jabrill

I hated to hear the news yesterday that Jabrill tested positive for a diluted sample at the NFL Combine.   As you know, the NFL considers a diluted sample a positive test.   Peppers camp is saying that Jabrill was under the weather that week and cramping and killed at ton of waters and Gatorade.   Either way, this doesn't help his draft stock.   I hope he decides not to attend the Draft.

  • Jimmy gets in trouble for playing catch in a Shopping Mall in Rome. 

  • Jake Long after years of injuries and being the #1 pick in 2008, officially retires from the NFL.

  • Michigan Basketball is going to take a Grad Transfer from a Point Guard from Ohio named Jaaron Simmons.  He seems like he has been a volume shooter on a team that didn't have a ton of scorers.   He averaged 16 points and 6 assists per game.  Read more about him at UMhoops.

  • Since DTR is headed to UCLA, Michigan is down to Florida's Joe Milton and Arizona's Tyler Shough.  The Crystal Balls have been favoring Michigan for Joe and Tyler just got a visit from Pep before the Rome trip.   There is some buzz that Michigan might take both, which seems a bit strange with limited spots in this class.

  • With Will Mallory headed to Miami, Michigan's TE sights are set on Mustapha Muhammad (who could be a silent) and Jeremy Ruckert who could be down to Michigan and OSU.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Michigan Monday: Not A Good Weekend For Recruiting

The Wolverines loaded up a plane this weekend and headed to Rome.   They are having a once in a lifetime opportunity and I hope they take advantage of everything this trip has to offer.    It seems ESPN and others are coving the trip, so it should be fun to watch the updates this week. (here is a link to an interview with Wilton and Mary Smith of ESPN)  The weekend was a positive for the guys on the roster, but a negative for the potential 2018 class.  

The first loss was a pretty big surprise as legacy recruit Will Mallory a 6'5 TE from Jacksonville picked Miami.  He had been trending that way for a few weeks and pulled the trigger on a commitment on Friday night.   Miami has the top ranked recruiting class currently on Scouts.  I wonder if Mallory will make it to A2 for visit before NSD?

Next loss was not a surprise as Dorian Thompson-Robinson (DTR) picked UCLA over Michigan on Sunday night.   DTR's mother is a Michigan grad and they were just up to A2 for a visit for the Spring Game.   UCLA has been rumored to be DTR's leader for a few months and he made his verbal to the Bruins on Sunday night.   The turning point was when Jedd left Michigan to become the OC at UCLA.   On a side note, DTR hasn't started in high school yet and this will be his first year as a starter.   DTR sat behind Tate Martell (OSU) last year. 

  • It's looking like Mel Pearson is going to replace Red as Michigan's new hockey coach.  I don't know anything about hockey but Mel was a former Michigan assistant under Red.   Mel left for Michigan Tech and turned them into a strong program.  Sounds like a strong hire.

  • MSU Football is having a troubling off season.   The latest is former 4 star DE Auston Robertson who was charged with a serious sexual assault late last week.   He was thrown off the team on Friday and was apprehended on Sunday night after the Police were searching for him for most of the weekend.   He played in 6 games as a true freshman last season and competed in the MSU Spring game on 4/1. 

  • Penn State lost a 5 star DE this weekend as Micah Parsons de-comittted.   Parsons had been committed to Penn State for over a year but de-committed this weekend, same weekend he visited Happy Valley for the Spring Game.   Ohio State is the team to beat now.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Michigan Friday: Goes Double Green on Thursday

Image result for gemon and german green
This one caught me a bit by surprise when Texas DB Twins Gemon and German Green both committed to the Wolverines on Thursday.   This is a unique situation where both brothers wanted to play together at the next level and one brother (German) is coming off an ACL injury where he missed his entire junior year. 

As we know, the junior year is the most important recruiting year there is.  Sometimes the senior year is just a throw in.  German missed his junior year and now is an under the radar recruit.   I wonder if there is a way to compare his skills and measurables? :-)

Gemon is a 4 star CB to Scouts and ESPN, Rivals and 24/7 rank him as a 3 star.   Both players are 6'2 and 170+ pounds.    German is a 3 star across the board (outside of ESPN who doesn't even rank him).  As you might expect, Gemon had more offers which included the likes of Oklahoma, OK State, Texas, Texas Tech, Oregon, Colorado, Wisconsin, and others.   German did have some offers which included Colorado, Houston, OK State, SMU and Tennessee. 

Both are long CB's which Jimmy and Don Brown love.  Both guys could play CB or Safety at the next level.   They both play at Texas powerhouse Desoto who won the State Championship last year.   I'm betting Jimmy is getting some major points for offering both brothers mostly with German coming off an ACL and not having any snaps on tape in over a year.

This class is now pretty filled at DB (with Sims, Reese and the Green brothers).  With the exception of this weeks visitor S Shayne Simon from NJ who is for sure a take for the Wolverines. 

I didn't want to kill the speed of the site with two videos, so I linked both here:

Gemon's 2016 highlights

German's 2015 highlights

I look forward to confusing both guys in secondary for the next 4-5 years.  German is still recovering from his ACL but is healthy enough to participate in Spring Ball and has been going to the camps in Texas.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Michigan Thursday: Both Injuries Minor

Jimmy said yesterday that both Spring Game injuries to McDoom and Runyan Jr. were ankles and neither are expected to be serious.   Good News!

  • It seems the insiders are now considering DTR a pretty strong UCLA lean, so we probably shouldn't hold our breathe for Sunday's announcement.  Of course, Jimmy could have worked some magic last weekend and convinced him A2 is the place to be.  

  • That would leave FL QB Joe Milton and AZ QB Tyler Shough left on the board.  Joe seemed to enjoy his visit last weekend and Tyler is expected North next month.

  • I failed to let you know about the Green twins visiting earlier this week as well.  Gemon and German both play CB and would like to be a package deal.   They are from Texas so it might be hard to get them away from home if they get some offers from in-state schools.   Maybe Texas and their $10K lockers will offer them. 

  • Michigan's top prospect this year is Traverse City OL Ryan Hayes who might speed up his timeline from late summer to this spring.   With Michigan's tight numbers, this might be a good idea if he wants to come to Ann Arbor.

  • TX TE Mustapha Muhammad would like to wait to announce his decision publically until NSD.  Many insiders believe MM gave Jimmy and the Michigan coaches a firm handshake this past weekend. 

  • Michigan's other instate OL prospect Jalen Mayfield is getting some love from ND. 

Please note, Michigan's Spring Practices are not over and the team will practice and even do a scrimmage in Rome. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wolverine Wednesday: McDoom Seen In a Walking Boot

Eddie McDoom was tackled after a catch late in the game on Saturday.   He stayed on the ground with a leg injury and limped off the field.    Watching the video many fans were concerned because they didn't see the ankle turn or the knee flex in the wrong  direction.   When you don't see a reason for the injury many get concerned it's serious like an ACL snapping or an Achilles tear.

Eddie was seen yesterday in a walking boot and insiders are saying that its just a sprained ankle, which is great news.   I was worried he wouldn't be able to take the trip to Rome next month if it was a serious injury. 

  • The curious case of Tyrone Sampson.   Ty is a 4 star offensive lineman (center) from Detroit,  who is 6'3 300 pounds.   He just visited for Michigan's spring game and then yesterday commits to Syracuse.   His offer list is a strange one, with the likes of MAC Schools, Kentucky, Louisville, Indiana, and Minnesota.   Maybe he needs to put some more snaps on tape and have a strong senior year for more instate offers.   Neither Michigan or MSU has offered.

  • 3 Star AZ QB Tyler Shough who is expected to visit next month, just picked up an Alabama offer.  

  • Like we didn't know this was coming:  Penn State will do it's annual white out for the Michigan game.   Will Michigan wear the all whites road jerseys that day?

  • 4 Star Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter’s Prep LB/S prospect Shayne Simon was on campus yesterday for his first visit to Ann Arbor.  Simon keeps his recruitment pretty quiet but it is known that he is very serious about his education and is also considering ND and Stanford.  Can Jimmy continue the NJ pipeline?

  • DTR's mom (a Michigan grad) on the visit last week“The Michigan visit had an impact. It went above and beyond what we expected. As far as its impact … it probably caused him to pause and think a minute. As far as if it’s going to make him commit, I can’t say. The visit just caught us by surprise — the fans knowing who he was and wanting to be around him, the alumni, the football players and we didn’t understand the Michigan roster until now.“We sat down with Pep Hamilton and Jim Harbaugh. They showed us how all of their plays are being run at Dorian’s high school right now, they’re just called different names.”

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Let's Talk About The Offensive Line and Young WR's

Michigan's biggest weakness maybe has the biggest guys.  The offense line is a unit that under achieved last year and probably cost Michigan a playoff spot.   So Saturday was the first real public outing on what the new line might look like next season. 

The starting offensive line on Saturday looked like this:  Cole/Bredeson/Kugler/Onwenu/Runyan Jr..
It seems that Cole move to Left Tackle (from Center) is now in cement and the coaches are more comfortable with Bredeson at Guard rather then Right Tackle.

JBB was banged up and is expected to be the starter at Right Tackle.   If Jon Jr. can be a backup or a quality co-starter, that is a huge bonus for offensive line that is very light on the depth chart.  Cesar Ruiz from all reports is football ready and will play a big role at the center position.  He also played a little Guard in the second half as well.  

Another guy that Mgoblog picked up on is the play of walk-on Andrew Vastardis.  He played well with the second team on Saturday.   Michigan also has 3 guys coming in this summer as true freshman: Andy Stueber, Joel Honigford and Chuck Filiaga.   Chuck is rumored to be the most "football ready" of the three.   Having Vastardis and Jon Jr. in the mix will help the depth chart and take some pressure off Chuck being game ready for Dallas.

Michigan's Wide Receivers:

Do you remember when Michigan had a hard time finding elite WR's because we ran the ball too much?   I still don't think we truly understand how great this WR class really is and some of the great players we have already.

Crawford - Didn't play much which seems to be a good sign that he is a starter and the coaches have seen enough. 

McDoom - Played and got hurt - hopefully it's not serious. 

DP-J - Has been getting a ton of buzz and we saw a couple of glimpses on Saturday.  Huge ceiling here.

Black - Played great and was a difference maker on the jump ball.  We will see him a lot this fall.

The Nates:  Johnson had a tough day with two fumbles (one being a dropped punt) but walk-on Schoenle came out of nowhere and had a huge day with a couple of big catches.  

Let's not us forget what we still having coming this summer:

Nico Collins is a big body and will play a role in this offense.  

Oliver Martin - maybe heading for a redshirt if the McDoom isn't hurt seriously and if Grant Perry gets his East Lansing situation resolved and comes off suspension.

Brad Hawkins is probably headed for the defensive backfield now.  

Are the old men out:  Drake Harris and Moe Ways?  I'm sure they will find a way to use Moe, I'm concerned about Drake's health. 

Either way Jimmy and Pep have a ton of weapons to use this year and Michigan might light of the scoreboard if we get some good QB play.