Saturday, March 21, 2015

Big House Bob is on Vacation!!!

Memo to Big House Blog Inmates

Topic:  Bob is on vacation

Time Frame:  The Week of 3/23

Expected BHB Content:  None

Topics to ponder while Bob is out:  
  • Should Morris redshirt if Rudock transfers to Michigan?
  • When was the last time you were this excited for a Michigan Spring Game?
  • Is Michigan looking for a new AD or are we good?
  • If you ran into Jimmy at Cracker Barrel what would you order?
  • Is Michigan really taking a graduate transfer punter?
  • How improved will Michigan's special teams be this season with real coaching?
  • What is the end game on NBC's The Blacklist?
  • Will UK go un-defeated in the tournament?
  • Did I remember to file my taxes?
  • How many former Tiger pitchers are in the Nationals rotation?

Your moment of zen:

Friday, March 20, 2015

Michigan Friday: Updates Visitors and 2015 Defense

The one thing I never really understood was why was the type of defense Michigan ran such a big deal?  Don't you have to run different defensive looks for different offensive situations? 

Sam Webb: Michigan is telling kids that they are going to be basically 50/50 as far as 3-4, 4-3.  As best you can without having a visual aid or a grease board, explain to people, how that will come to pass and why Michigan is saying that, why that makes sense.

I'm going to look for guys like Mario Ojemudia and Lawrence Marshall to rush the passer from the DE spot and RJS to pressure the QB from his LB position next season.

If we can get The Count to play like he did earlier in his career, the Michigan secondary could be scary good with Peppers being Peppers and Jourdan Lewis looking more and more like a NFL corner.

Something I didn't know was that GMat and DJ Durkin are close friends"Well, Coach Durkin and I are very, very close friends. We coached together a long time ago at Notre Dame. I traveled down there two years ago back to Florida to talk to him about what they were doing and he's done a great job wherever he's been. I've known DJ for a long time and I've always felt that he's a tremendous football coach. Some of the things that he's done at a young age at Florida is remarkable and I knew that, and that's why it's exciting to work with him. It's fun because were not just coaches together, we're friends and that's – I've always liked to be a part of something like that."


  • Plymouth OT Michael Jordan (not that MJ!) stopped by practice on Tuesday.  He is getting more comfortable with the new staff.   I wonder why type of sneakers he wears? Maybe the ones with his name on them?

  • Detroit King WR Donnie Corley was also there for practice on Tuesday and got to talk to Soup Campbell who is now back at Michigan in a non-coaching staff role.   Sounds like Soup being back in Ann Arbor will help this recruitment.

  • Cass Tech OG/DT Michael Onwenu and Canton OLB Jalen Cochran will both visit on Saturday for practice.  Jalen doesn't have a Michigan offer yet.  Michael could be on commit watch very soon, as he is spending a ton of time in A2 lately.

  • Egg Harbor City (N.J.) athlete Ahmir Mitchell will visit A2 on Sunday with Camden (N.J.) High teammates receiver Brad Hawkins and defensive end Ron Johnson.

  • Iowa Transfer QB Jake Rudock is on campus.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Michigan Thursday: Practice Notes and How That Relates To Rudock

Jimmy has been letting many former Wolverines watch and attend practice.   Marcus Ray went on the radio to discuss some of things he has seen.   I will also relate some of that information to why they might be looking to sign Iowa Transfer QB Jake Ruduck who is expected on campus today and Friday.

Practice Notes:


  • Morris is still trying to rely on his arm strength but does seem to run the offense well.  Having issues with accuracy.
  • Speight has good touch and throws a nice deep ball.  Struggles with middle throws.
  • Malzone is holding the ball too long but is a good athlete, struggling from the pocket.

  • Brian Cole has been called out a few times and should see the field this season.  Has nice top end speed.
  • We have also heard good things from Darboh,Ways and Drake Harris.
  • Jake Butt continues to impress this spring.
  • Poggi taking some snaps at TE
  • Sounds like Kugler and Bars are taking snaps at center. 
  • The line is really developing well under good coaching.   Guys that are stepping up this year include the likes of Kalis, LTT,  Bushell-Beatty, Dawson, and Magnusson.
  • Cole and Braden seem to be the top tackles.
  • Less Zone Blocking this year, so the RB's know where the holes are going to be
  • Depth should not be an issue on the line this year even with the loss of both centers. 
  • Ty Isaac is a bit banged up this spring
  • Green has looked better and really hitting the holes
  • Is really starting to gel and could be very good by seasons end
  • Willie Henry and Chris Wormley are really excelling under the new staff.
  • Is very good and will be the strength of the defense
  • Peppers is as advertised now he is healthy
  • Dymonte Thomas was having a good spring but is now injured.  Hill is taking his reps.
  • What I expected to be a strength of the team is struggling right now.   Bolden and Morgan are struggling with reads and coverage.  
  • Ross and RJS are doing well off the edge with their athleticism
  • Ross has played in the middle some

Now to the Jake Rudock update:
  • Is expected to be on campus today or Friday for a visit to A2.
  • He has not been offered but Boise State is also interested
  • The Big Ten would have to approve a in-conference graduate transfer and a decision is expected soon.
  • Iowa has granted his release and Michigan is a team he can sign with
From the practice reports, you can see why Michigan might be interested in Jake.  He has two years playing experience in the Big 10, 60% completions and good TD to Int .ratio.     Having Jake start could give the other guys another year under the Harbaugh system and could give Morris the red shirt year he truly needs (depending on who the #2 QB is).    Hearing all the guys are struggling with accuracy and being in the pocket seems to be a Rudock strength.   I like the idea of a "game manager" that completes his passes, doesn't turn the ball over and allows our RB's to gain some yards. 

We have a NFL TE and sounds like our WR's are ready to make an impact.  I want a guy that can get them the ball!

  • There also seems to be some momentum in another graduate transfer as well.   Weber State and Australian-born punter Blake O'Neill is expected to sign with Michigan as another graduate transfer.   He averaged 44 yards per kick last year and that average would have ranked #2 in the Big Ten.  He has one year to play and could be eligible right away.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wolverine Wednesday: Has More Walk-On News

I know all of you Big House Blog Inmates love some good walk-on news.    The latest is Saline LB  Chris Terech has accepted a preferred walk-on spot with the Wolverines.  Chris has some Ivy League offers and one from Davidson but was offered walk-on spots from Northwestern and Michigan.    Chris has only been playing LB since his junior year but lead the State of Michigan in tackles last year.  “It’s really a dream come true,” Terech said. “I had all these amazing opportunities, but when it came down to it -- I have a world-class Division 1 program 15 minutes away from my house with one of the greatest football coaches in the world. How could I pass that up?”  The rumor that Jimmy wants him to play QB is clearly not true.  

  • 5 star LB Caleb Kelly enjoyed his visit to Ann Arbor last weekend:  “I think it was a little bit better than I thought it would be.  I didn’t think that all of the coaches would be laid back.  I thought they’d be kind of stuck up… that Coach Harbaugh would be pretty stuck up and not trying to hang out with his players.  They were real cool guys that you could just hang out with.  Just normal people.”  Caleb has offers from everyone and will make a signing day decision, so getting him back on campus for an official will be important. 

  • Don't forget Iowa transfer QB Jake Rudock is expected on campus this week.  

  • Elvis Grbac and Lloyd Carr spoke to the team after practice yesterday.

  • So UCLA killed it on signing day and grabbed a few Michigan prospects and now they are being investigated for recruiting violations.   Interesting.......................

  • John Baxter spoke to the media yesterday and I found a couple interesting things.  He opened the press conference with this "There's a lot of good news. We get paid to coach a kids' game. We wear the clothes to work that you'd wear to cut the lawn, and we get paid really good to have a lot of fun so good every day."   ----  Jimmy didn't have John recruit after he was hired, instead he stayed home and implemented his academic system called The Champions Program ----- John is working with kickers on their fundamentals and not even allowing them to kick fields goals, he is having them kick in the nets.    My take:  It sure is refreshing to have someone actually teach special teams and not consider it an after thought.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Graham Glasgow Suspended

After good news this weekend from the Glasgow family that Jordan would be joining his two other brothers in the Michigan program, come some bad news:  According to the 15th District Court online records, Glasgow violated probation for a "failure to abstain from alcohol." The test was administered Sunday, and at "9:59 a.m. Mr. Glasgow admitted he consumed alcohol," the records state. His attorney John Shea did not return a request for comment.  Glasgow is now suspended from the team. 

Since he was tested Sunday morning, you can only assume he did a lot of drinking the night before.  Graham was getting starter snaps at center after Jack Miller decided to focus on school and post graduation opportunities.   This is not only bad news for the Graham but the Michigan offensive line as well.   Just last week the center position had nice depth with the likes of Miller, Glasgow and  Kugler, now it's just Kugler left active in the program.   It will be interesting to see who takes snaps at the center position during the spring game. 

  • Scout's #1 2015 Basketball Player Jaylen Brown is planning to visit A2 Thursday and Friday of this week.  He had to re-schedule an earlier trip due to other basketball commitments.   I hope Coach B can sell him on the opportunity for playing time in Ann Arbor.

  • If you have followed this blog for a number of years, you  understand the interest I have in concussions in football.   One of the most interesting retirements happened yesterday, when 49'ers LB Chris Borland retired from football after playing one year in the NFL"I've thought about what I could accomplish in football, but for me, personally, when you read about Mike Webster and Dave Duerson and Ray Easterling, you read all these stories, and to be the type of player I want to be in football, I think I'd have to take on some risks that, as a person, I don't want to take on."  After the surprise retirement of Patrick Willis last week, many 49'er fans weren't too concerned due to the solid play of Borland last year.   Now Chris has stepped away after doing a ton of research this off season on the long term effects of playing football."I just thought to myself, 'What am I doing? Is this how I'm going to live my adult life, banging my head, especially with what I've learned and know about the dangers?'"   It takes a strong man to walk away from millions of dollars for his future health.   Congratulations to Chris on the best decision for Chris.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Michigan Monday: No NIT and DG's Draft Status

Michigan did not get a NIT bid, which is surprising to me.   Michigan would have had the worst record in the tournament but it seems strange that a team like Illinois made it after Michigan ran them off the court just last week.    Alabama made it and but fired it's head coach before the selection.   This now thankfully ends the season for the Michigan Basketball program.   It has been a tough year for both of our premier programs, thank goodness we won the coaching search.

Speaking of having a tough year, it seems Devin Gardner didn't have a great Pro Day and might go undrafted.  Here is a note from RotoWorld and Walter Football: 

TFY Draft Insider's Tony Pauline reports that Michigan senior QB/WR Devin Gardner "had a number of drops [at his pro day] and will probably fall out of the seven rounds."
Ouch. The 6-foot-3, 217-pound Gardner is attempting to make the shift from QB to WR. Because of his size and understanding of the game, some find him to be an intriguing prospect. He's no burner, though -- posting a 4.62 forty at the event -- and is as raw as an underground mixed tape recorded in one take. Whether he goes on Day 3 is a coin flip at this point.

Having a poor Pro Day is not a great sign for Devin getting drafted.  With that said, I'm extremely proud of him for staying 5 years, staying in school over the summer and leaving Michigan with his under grad and graduate degrees.   Whatever happens with the NFL, Devin is going to win life and that's what's important. 

  • Other practice news and notes include John Harbaugh addressing the team and reports that Jim got so mad at the effort during practice, that he cleared the practice field of all visitors that included the likes of former QB's Brian Griese and Rick Leach.   Other stories include that, Jim is very big on competition during practice, whether it's a position group or defense vs. offense.   The group that wins the competition runs after practice, "because the wining unit gets the opportunity to get better".    I love everything about this, it's like Bo came back to save this program!

  • All the Glasgow's belong to Michigan!  Over the weekend, Jordan Glasgow committed to Michigan as a preferred walk-on.   Jordan is not a big as his brothers and will probably play Slot WR or Safety at Michigan.  He is 6 feet and 205 pounds and played RB and Safety in high school. "My senior year was the first year I played safety," Glasgow said. "I never played it before and I think I did pretty well, so I think getting more experience will really help, and I think my inexperience at safety really gives me a lot of opportunity [to grow]."  As you already know, Jordan will join Graham - fifth-year senior offensive lineman and Ryan - senior defensive lineman, who both joined the Wolverines as walk-on's and are now on scholarship.  Below are some highlights, he looks like a solid athlete. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Michigan Friday: Jack Miller Plays School and Michigan BBall Wins Round 1

I really appreciated Jack Miller's decision yesterday.   I don't know him personally but it seems the wear and tear of football took a toll on him and he decided not to play his 5th and final year so he could focus on his studies and his life after football.   He basically has started at center the last two years and pretty much had the job if he wanted.    Congratulations Jack at keeping your life in perspective!  I wish you nothing but good luck in your life after football!

Michigan and Coach B blitzed Illinois yesterday early and never looked back for an easy win in the first round of the Big Ten tournament.  Today of course they have the honor of playing the #1 seed Wisconsin Badgers and are a 12 point dog.  With the win on Friday, Michigan will finish no worse then .500 for the year and that most likely will give them an NIT bid as they carry a brand name.   Wisconsin has the size Michigan doesn't, so lets hope Michigan can keep the ball moving and the 3 ball sinking.   Teams never like seeing Coach B's team in a tournament. 

  • Michigan had it's pro day yesterday and it seems Funchess ran better then he did in at the combine, getting timed around the 4.5 mark. 

  • Jake Ryan was quoted as saying that "it went well!"

  • Raymon Taylor ran around a 4.4 in the 40.

  • Delonte Hollowell ran a 4.34, which is very fast

  • Devin Gardner also said he was happy with his performance. 

  • There seemed to be scouts from Detroit, New England, Cleveland, Green Bay, Minnesota and Washington at Schembechler Hall on Thursday.