Friday, April 24, 2015

Michigan Friday: No Home Night Games

Michigan will be playing a few night games next season but they will all be on the road.  They open at Utah on a Thursday night and play Minnesota on October 31st in primetime.  I wouldn't be surprised if the BTN found a way to get another primetime game in there as well.  My guess would be Penn State.  Either way, Michigan announced no primetime games in the Big House next season.  I never thought I would see a time where Michigan plays more night games then 12:00 kickoffs.  Bring back 12:00 Kicks!!!!

  • The Michigan Football assistant coaches are teasing a big announcement on social media.  My guess it's a future game at a neutral site against a big named opponent.

  • Rashan Gary will be bringing his mom to A2 next month.  His mothers support will be a big  factor where the #1 player in the US goes to school.  Sounds like its down to OSU, Michigan and Rutgers.

  • Jimmy better get value out of these satellite camps because they might not last as the SEC coaches are complaining and will take it up the NCAA Rules Committee.

  • One recruitment to keep an eye on is Daelin Hayes who is a 5 star in our own backyard.  He has been committed to USC for nearly a year but there continues to be whispers he could be liking the Wolverines more and more.

  • Jaylen Brown confirmed he is not down to Michigan and Cal like ESPN reported.  Either way Michigan is a real player in his recruitment.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Michigan Thursday Has PC Issues

My PC is in the shop today, hope to be back up on Friday! Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wolverine Wednesday: Has Bullet Points!!

  • I didn't see Jimmy on Real Sports yet but here is an article on the show if you don't have HBO.  Here is a link to the conversation with Winston a few weeks ago.

  • ESPN is hearing the Jaylen Brown is down to a Michigan/CAL decision.  

  • With the return of LeVert back for his senior year, Michigan forward Max Bielfeldt was granted his release to look for a program to play at for his 5th year.   There is a chance Max comes back if Brown and Williams choose other programs.  BTW, I don't believe this opens a spot from Brown or Williams.   Coach B knows something we don't.

  • Michigan will play Minnesota at night on October 31 in Minneapolis.   Pack your snowmobile suit.

  • Caris was thinking about coming back, right after he got hurt:  “The day or maybe it was the day after I got hurt, Coach Vall texted me and he was like, ‘so what are you thinking, between me and you, about after the year?’” LeVert said.“And I told him I was like, ‘I’m coming back, I feel like I have to come back.’ And he told me, ‘your decision might change in the next couple months so we’ll just keep talking about it.’”  GR3 slipping into the second round also had an impact on his decision to stay.

  • Four-star MD OG Terrance Davis earned an invite to the opening last weekend at a Nike event in Washington DC.  During the event, Terrance participated in Michigan shorts and his mom was wearing a Michigan visor.   From the sounds of it, Michigan is in great shape for this highly touted lineman.   Terrance is planning on taking all of his officials and from the sounds of it, Mom is in the Wolverines camp.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: LeVert Decision is In!

Update 11:00AM:  Caris LeVert is back! 

The Michigan Daily put out this very short announcement:

Caris LeVert will announce his NBA Draft decision Tuesday, according to a representative of the Order of Angell, a campus honor society from which LeVert has accepted a membership invitation for the 2015-16 academic year.

I don't have any insider information on this one, but it seems the highlighted area would suggest he plans on returning to school next year. He is now projected as a late first round/second round pick and if he isn't ready to do workouts due to his foot injury, it would seem he is making a decision to stay in school. Nik was a lottery pick and only got a couple of minutes a game this year.   GR3 was drafted in the second round and sat the bench for two teams. 

I think he stays.   Not sure what the cause and effect is for Michigan's final two recruits for the 2015 class.   Kenny Williams met with Coach B late last week and there is talk of a visit.  Kenny has already set up visits to UNC and Virginia.

  • Michigan offered Lakewood St. Ed DB Tony Butler yesterday.   His former coach is now on staff at Michigan.   Tony is committed to Pitt and plans to stay with that commitment right now.  Tony visited A2 before the Spring Game.   "It was a big offer to me, because Michigan is a great school, but I'm still committed to Pittsburgh," he continued. "I need to talk to my mom and my mentor about this, because I know this is a great opportunity and probably tough to turn down, but I love Pitt." Coach Durkin will be at his school on Friday to try to change his mind.

  • If you get HBO, Real Sports will have a piece on Jimmy, which premiers tonight at 10:00 PM EST. 

  • I know you have been waiting for this announcement:  Full House is coming back!  (this could also be a documentary on the QB's on Michigan's roster or the basketball roster if Caris stays!)

  • Michigan's new punter is also a model.  Enjoy this link ladies!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Michigan Monday: Alex Boone Changes his Mind

Once a buckeye always a buckeye.   Hard to believe Alex Boone and his support/non-support for his former head coach at SF.  

When Jimmy was his head coach he said this: (October)

“I’m really kind of sick of everybody talking about my coach, especially because he’s like a brother to me,” Boone told reporters after a game in October 2014.  “So if I were everybody I’d just keep their mouth shut because they don’t want me coming after them. Especially Jay Glazer, Deion, all these guys. I’m kind of sick of it. Leave my coach alone.”

Asked why reporters were questioning Harbaugh’s future at the time, Boone said, “Because they’re losers.”

Now recently to Real Sports:

“He does a great job of giving you that spark, that initial boom,” Boone explains.  “But after a while, you just want to kick his ass. . . .  He just keeps pushing you, and you’re like, ‘Dude, we got over the mountain.  Stop.  Let go.’  He kind of wore out his welcome. . . .

“I think he just pushed guys too far.  He wanted too much, demanded too much, expected too much.  You know, ‘We gotta go out and do this.  We gotta go out and do this.  We gotta go out and do this.’  And you’d be like, ‘This guy might be clinically insane.  He’s crazy.’ . . .  I think that if you’re stuck in your ways enough, eventually people are just going to say, ‘Listen, we just can’t work with this.’”

So which is it Alex?  Funny how his tone changed as soon as Jimmy took a job with his college rival.   This also isn't breaking news, we knew Jimmy's coaching style is geared toward college then the NFL.   He is more Bo then Joe Gibbs.    I understand these guys are making big dollars and don't want to listen to a coach, but those comments sound lazy and from the type of guy that is there to pick up a pay check instead of championship rings.

  • Michigan picked up it's first 2017 commit when Carter Dunaway pulled the trigger for the Wolverines on Friday.  Carter is a 6'6 225 pound TE and played HS football with Grant Perry and Alex Malzone.   He is also a legacy recruit, as his did Craig played at Michigan and his brother Jack is about to walk-on.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Michigan Friday: Confusing Basketball Recruiting and A Couple 5 Star FB Updates

We have already updated 2015 basketball recruiting.   Which pretty much goes like this:


LeVert goes to the NBA = Brown or Williams might have a spot or Beilfeldt gets a 5th year.

LeVert Stays = Is there a spot? (do you turn down the #1 player in the country?)

There are also rumors that if Spike elects to have his other hip worked on, he might just redshirt next year.   That wouldn't open up a scholarship but it could be a reason why Coach B is recruiting Williams. 

Now we move to 2016 recruiting, where Michigan has 6'10 center Jon Teske already committed.  He has been getting rave reviews and some reports now have him growing to a true 7'0 foot player.  

Then last night Michigan offered and took a commitment from 3 star Instate 2016 center Austin Davis.   Who also happens to be 6'10 and 250 pounds from Onstead, Michigan.   His other offers included the likes of Central Michigan, Buffalo, George Washington, Kent State and Toledo.   Austin was at an Adidas event in Dallas last weekend and was getting interest from the likes of Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Purdue and Michigan State.

I have faith in the Michigan staff but this seems like a strange commitment.   Michigan already has a similar player in the 2016 class and we still don't know who will be on the team next season.

Hopefully the 2015 roster will be ironed out in the next two weeks or so.

  • Two top 5 star prospects in the 2016 class that are on Michigan's radar are DT Rashan Gary and LB Caleb Kelly.  Gary is expected to be back in Ann Arbor next month (great news!) and Michigan has made Kelly's top 10 list.  

  • There are also some thoughts that if Matt Falcon has a good senior year, he could become a 5 star RB.  He was injured for some of his junior year.
The Tour Poster:

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Michigan Thursday: Walk-On News and A Wolverine Gets Loose in NJ Airport

Saline RB Kevin Gross will be joining the Wolverines as a walk-on next season.  Kevin who broke his leg during his junior year is 5-foot-11 and 195-pounds.  He rushed for 402 yards on 6.9 yards per carry, and had 249 receiving yards as a senior.   He was being recruited by a number of Ivy League schools that never materialized due to his junior year injury. 

Kevin attended one of Michigan's spring practices and Jimmy offered:  “I was caught off guard (by the interest),” Gross said. “I was initially hesitant of being a preferred walk-on, I never thought I would do that. My biggest concern was that it was too late to even get in school, and I didn’t know what my future (on the field) would be.”

“He was telling me there is really no difference at all between preferred walk-ons, and scholarship players on the team other than scholarship players go to school for free,” Gross said.

Kevin was accepted to school yesterday and announced he was joining the team as a preferred walk-on.  He will get a chance to play with teammate and friend teammate Chris Terech who will also walk-on at Michigan.

I did hear that Greg Mattison was in NJ yesterday doing some recruiting.  Then this happened: 

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A 40-pound wolverine had to be tranquilized at Newark Liberty Airport on Tuesday after it made a hole in its metal carrier in an attempt to escape, the Port Authority said.

The European wolverine was being transported from Norway to Alaska when it made a stop in New Jersey. At around 3:30 p.m., Port Authority police were alerted to the situation in a transport van at Terminal C.

A veterinarian from the Bronx Zoo also responded and tranquilized the animal, known for being ferocious, so that it could be safely moved to a new carrier, which was also provided by the Bronx Zoo.

Coincidence?  That GMat is recruiting in the state a Wolverine attacks his cage and looks to escape the airport?  I think not!  :)  On a side note, there weren't any reports that new Michigan Power forward from Germany, Mortiz Wagner was in the NJ airport at the time of the European Wolverine escape.  :)

  • There continues to be more and more evidence that Caris LeVert might be coming back to Michigan next year.   There are a number of similar players in the draft and he seems to be dropping down to the second round prospect due to his injury.   How this might effect Michigan recruiting Brown and Williams only Coach B knows.

  • 2016 K Quinn Nordin (Rockford, Mich.) visited Michigan yesterday.  I didn't know he had been offered for lacrosse & football.  Quinn is regarded as the best kicker in this class.  He also visited MSU this week.