Friday, May 14, 2021

Michigan Friday: Ambry's Eyes


The Big Lead

At first you might think, this is the look Ambry Thomas would have covering DJ Metcalf for the first time.   It's actually a response to a "cost of living" question in the Bay Area by a reporter in his introduction press conference.   Everything is expensive in San Francisco!   Maybe Jimmy still has a house out there you can live in?  

  • Buffalo's new head coach and former 5 minute Michigan DC Mo Linguist has hired Chris White off of Jimmy's non (on field)-coaching staff to run Special Teams.  
  • Chris Webber is now officially out at TNT.
  • 2022 3 star TX Joseph Adedire will take his official visit to A2 on 6/18

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Rudy said...

Thought you might throw in a comment about the Suckeye players and the masseuse. What a story! So some ho parading as a masseuse gets passed around the Cockeye program....and the investigation basically says the players were the victims. She exploited them. Gotta love it.