Monday, May 3, 2021

Michigan Monday: Wolverine Draft Spots and New PG

Sorry about Friday.  I had Pfizer #2 and it put me on my ass.    

Kwity Paye one of the best stories in the draft goes in the 1st round.   Lets take a look on where the other Wolverines went, including the free agents.  

Round 1 #21- Kwity Paye had a late medical heart scare that might of pushed him to Indy at 21.  The scare got clear up quickly and Paye should do great things with a good defense in Indy.  (ESPN took a shot a Kwity and his coaching at Michigan, that he doesn't have pass rush moves.  Those of course could be taught and I took it as a shot to Coaches Brown and Nua.  Does Michigan need a former DE to be coaching the pass rushers?)

Round 3 #68 - Jalen Mayfield goes to Atlanta much later then he expected.  Mayfield hoped he was a late 1st or early second.   I guess his pro day was average and Falcons got a pretty good player in the 3rd. 

Round 3 #89 - Nico Collins goes to a NFL club with a ton of dysfunction.  Yes, they need him but I hate that he goes to a program with more problems then answers.  If Watson clears up his legal situations and stays in Houston, I love this pick.  I just don't think either will happen and this could be a disaster location.  

Round 3 #102 - Ambry Thomas - This is where most expected Ambry to go.  I think he got a good situation in San Fran and could get on the field early.  Like the pick and the team. 

Round 5 #177 - Cam McGrone - We know the Patriot's like guys named Cam or Cam backwards (Mac).  This is the standard Michigan Patriot's pick that happens in every draft.   Cam will have a great chance to make this team, if he stays healthy.  If he doesn't he won't make the roster. 

Round 5 #184 - Ben Mason - It takes a Harbaugh to love Ben Mason.  The team that runs the most in the NFL took the only FB drafted.   Great fit. 

Round 6 #202 - Chris Evans - I couldn't understand why Chris wasn't getting 10 touches a game last season.  It seems the NFL agreed.  The Bengals don't win much but they do know how to use a talented RB that can catch the ball out of the backfield.  This is another good fit. 

Round 6 #225 - Cam Cheeseman - Glad to see a long snapper get drafted.  I have no idea if Washington has a opening or not, but getting drafted vs. a free agent deal must be a good sign.  

Free Agent Deals:

Nick Eubanks to Dallas 

Carlo Kemp to Green Bay 

Michigan got 8 players drafted, which is really good since OSU and Bama lead the draft with 10.    Everyone went where expected prior to the draft.  I think Cam probably could have used another year and Nico probably would have been a 2nd rounder if he had a good 2020 and hadn't opted out.  His senior bowl performance got him into the 3rd. 

  • The first time in 80 years MSU didn't have a player drafted.  Michigan and USC lead with 82 straight years of players being drafted. 
Michigan landed another transfer PG, this time its DeVante Jones who was the Sun Belt player of the year.  Some will love this and other want to see what some of the recruits can do.   What I saw when Livers was out last season, was a clear lack of scoring options.   A guy that can score 20 points a game in the NCAA don't grow on trees and Michigan just landed one.    I trust Juwan the Michigan's coaches to develop the young guys while winning basketball games.   Its the difference between rebuilding and reloading.  Love this! 

  • Duncan Robinson is the fastest player in NBA history to 500 3-pointers. 
  • Reports are that Michigan is in play for OSU WR transfer Jameson Williams (Bama).  I'll believe it when I see it.  Either way, Jimmy needs to work the portal to find some help for next year.   Call Juwan if you need some advice. 

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Rudy said...

Combining this year's 8 draftees with last year's 10; you have 18 NFL players on the roster the last two years. And that doesn't include the free agents. Only the Cockeyes and Bama have more in that span and they played for a NC while our team went 2-4. Hmmmm.