Thursday, May 20, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Maybe "Soup" Wouldn't Have Come To Ann Arbor

After last years disaster of a season, I would estimate that half of the fan base wanted Jimmy out and the other wanted him to stay.   Those that wanted him out, wanted Michigan to hire ISU's Matt Campbell as the next Wolverine head coach.    I think its fair to say, if Michigan couldn't get Matt Campbell, many would have been ok with Jimmy staying.   As there really isn't a ton of elite college coaches roaming around and available.

Now, word leaks out that Matt turned down the Lions job for 8.5M a year for 8 years.   That is some good money, considering Matt makes around 2.65M a year at ISU. 

I give Warde a hard time as the ND game negotiation was a disaster and he almost hired his buddy instead of the perfect candidate for the basketball job.   Now, I'm wondering if Warde did make a run at Matt and he decided to stay at ISU.  For example, you can gage a coaches interest through his agent.   Warde could have called his agent and asked if he wanted to come to Ann Arbor and what would his price be?  Maybe the answer was, No, Thank you!  If Warde did do that, he is doing his job at a high level.  

Now you can't compare the Detroit Lions, one of the worst run franchises in the NFL to Michigan Football but the numbers would have been similar.  

I guess the Lions then hired their 2nd choice Campbell.  Who wants a live Lion at practice.  

Fun Times! 

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Rudy said...

Not sure if that says more about Campbell's loyalty, or how crappy the Lions org is really thought of. I still think if his IPhone says incoming call from Ward, he answers and says yes before the question is even asked!