Thursday, June 3, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Corn In The Portal

The transfer portal and the way Men's Basketball is heading, reportedly led to Coach K calling in a career.   Kids have more opportunities now to move schools and make different decisions.   The portal has not been great for Michigan Football lately as they have more players entering the portal then new ones coming to A2.  We know Michigan isn't easy to transfer to and this opportunity for players in some ways is a disadvantage for high academic schools like Michigan. 

The latest person in the portal is true sophomore LB Cornell Wheeler.  This decision makes some sense as Michigan has changed defensive scheme but its also a bit of a head scratcher, as his former high school head coach is now on staff and Michigan is not deep at LB at all.   I know every kid feels like they are going to the NFL but at some point, kids need to consider the value of a Michigan education.   Good luck to Corn!

  • Detroit Day seemed to have been a major hit.  Hopefully, we will see a few commits.   2023 5 star QB Dante Moore from MLK changed plans from attending an OSU camp to attend last minute.  He was at MSU the day before. 
  • Ferris State has a big time camp today.  Jimmy, USC, and other major programs will be in Big Rapids to participate. 
  • Steve Hutchinson is on the current College Hall of Fame Ballot.
  • 2024 QB CJ Carr was impressive at a camp at EMU this week.  Mike Hart and Matt Weiss were in attendance.  CJ of course is the grandson of the former Michigan head coach. 

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