Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wolverine Practice Notes

  • Taylor Lewan "tweaked" an ankle in practice on Tuesday but should be ready to go this weekend.  Most likely will rotate with Huyge during the game.

  • Fitz Toussaint keeps improving and RR wants to see him, Mike Cox, and Stephen Hopkins on Saturday.

  • RR on Brandon Herron:  "Brandon Herron will be able to do a bit more. He practiced a little yesterday, should be able to do more today," Rodriguez said. "We're optimistic he'll be able to contribute some Saturday.

  • RR on Carvin Johnson: "It does not look like Carvin is going to be able to play in the game, but he's doing a lot more this week. We're hopeful we'll be able to get Carvin back next week."

  • No news on anyone stepping up in the kicking game, they are trying to do some competitive things in practice

  • RR on Defense:  "Yesterday was really good for our defense. All of our guys are very, very conscientious in all three phases, so when we don't have our best performance and things don't go well, we talk to them about it and coach them up, but they understand very well," Rodriguez said.

    "They knew after the last game we didn't play well and could play a lot better- they have played better. They have a lot pride in themselves, so I would be surprised if they didn't come out this weekend, particularly on defense, and have a better performance and show they can play a little bit."

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