Saturday, October 27, 2012

No Chance

Denard is done and so are the Wolverines.   Every team that has faced the Nebraska have shred the Cornhuskers D.  Not Big Al or the Wolverines. 

It's the 3rd quarter and the Wolverines have no chance.   It's criminal what Big Al has done to this offense this year.   Our RB's can't find any holes and the WR's can't catch.   Even our best option at backup QB can't catch the ball.   If Denard has had this nerve issue in his arm, why the hell wasn't Gardner prepared to play QB? 

Nebraska is not a good football team and Michigan's defense is doing a hell of a job.  

The Michigan offense is a joke and the only time it's effective is when they play a Purdue type of football team.  With or without Denard this offense can't score touchdowns.  It's ugly and not effective at all.  

FIRE AL Borges.  He has wasted Denard's senior year and I have zero confidence that he will be able to develop Shane Morris. 

With Denard running the ball so much, they had to have known a situation like tonight would arise and still they play Devin at WR.  Play one of the freshman WR's at least they are used to running routes and I assume can catch the football.  I have no problem trying to get Devin on the field, since he is a good athlete.  I do have a huge problem watching our Big Ten Title chance fade away because they put the offense in the hands of a redshirt freshman QB. 

This does not look good for Brady Hoke's leadership or future offensive success.   This defense has improved every week the offense has either gone backwards or stayed stagnate.  

Michigan had no chance after Denard went down and Michigan's offense can't have a single point of failure, it just can't.  Big AL has failed us this year. 

BTW: The officiating was terrible tonight through 3 qtrs.  How in the hell the booth over turned that Roundtree long pass, I will never know.   How could they not review the Vincent Smith interception?  The late hit on Black?  Terrible Big Ten just Terrible. 


Lionman said...

Amen...I've said this all along, so sad. Denard should learn to slide, way too many hits in his career. Just can't handle it the play calling anymore, get Devin in now!!!!

Squashman said...

This offense is as bad as our defense use to be.

JQP said...

I'm disappointed that Gardner wasn't put in at QB. I can only guess that it's because Gardner is a legacy QB from the RR era that they're fast-tracking out of there -- we now have a loss to show for it. The arrogance that you wouldn't put in your best QB for political reasons is sickening. But then again, this is Michigan. I'm curious to hear what lame excuses they'll toss out. I'm pretty sure Gardner has earned some time taking snaps -- come on, he even switched positions to help the team.

DR is wasted by Borges and Hoke. And Garner might as well go to another school for his final year 'cause he obviously isn't wanted at QB here.

(Meanwhile, look at the numbers RR's QB got today. beating the #5 team in the country. Just sayin')

DoubtyMustafa said...

All I could think about was how unfair this was to the defense. To force those guys to stay on the field after eating up 30 seconds of clock with repeated 3-and-outs is absolutely unacceptable and unfair to the defense. What's the alternative? Hmmm, let's see...put in your 2nd string quarterback, Devin Gardner, who has performed well at various times in his few appearances. I can't think of any logical reason Gardner would be left out except that maybe he has solely been practicing at receiver and does not remember enough of the offense to play QB. Even then, at least he can use his legs to give us a better chance than Bellomy. Watching Bellomy play reminded me of how Gibbons would miss easy field goals. I know he can do it and he clearly proved himself to earn a spot on the team, but when his nerves get in the way, he has no business being on the field because he is doing a disservice to his teammates. I'm not trying to be hard on Russ, I know he's just a kid, but he's not ready to play QB and he clearly needs more time to develop. Devin on the other hand, has scored touchdowns as a backup. He is comfortable enough in the spotlight to perform adequately. This was extremely disheartening. It was gut-wrenching to watch our offense be so ineffective and watch our defense pay the price for it. You can blame Borges all you want, but Hoke is just as responsible for the personnel on the field and at some point, you have to put on the damn headset and take control of your damn team.

d_ronii said...

This loss should be eye opening and embarrassing to Hoke and Borges. They are going to lie or downplay the loss and excuse it as just a bad situation for Bellomy. But I am curious as to what actions they take moving forward. They may start bringing Gardner back at QB in the passing game against Minnesota. Hoke and Borges are not that stupid to think everything is ok with their plan b offensive QB.

d_ronii said...

Kudos to the Big House Blog for being the first and only to give instant reactions in this loss.

dude1984 said...

They have gone 8 quarters without an offensive touchdown. 5 ½ of those quarters Denard was in the game. He should be forming a scheme around what he has and putting what he has in the best position to succeed. He hasn’t done either thing. He (and Denard) was saved last year because of Hemingway’s presence. This season, especially last night, show his failures to adapt and place players in a position to succeed. He should be on the hot seat.

This week against Minnesota, if Denard isn’t able to go, the only reason for Gardner not being the QB is if he really does have a separated shoulder. If Bellomy does get the call, they have to get him under center, run out of power formations to kill clock, beat up the Minny D, and rest their defense who will be vital in a field position battle.

I have known for a while that their pass blocking is pretty good, while their run blocking is sub-par. They have to rely on the running heavily because of the components for a legit passing offense isn’t there. Everybody knows this and opponents load the box to stop them. They need the right personnel in to effectively run. This is why I have wanted power personnel in the game. They need 2 backs and or 2 TEs in every play. In some cases it means 1 WR (22 personnel). If they really want a size advantage in those scenarios, put Funchess at WR. I don’t think Borges is dumb enough to not notice this…I think it is stubbornness bred from laziness to tweak some of the formations to accommodate more RBs and or TEs.

The skill positions are another area of concern. With the RBs, it is partly due to the offensive lines sub-par run blocking and the lack of adjustments to accommodate power personnel. It is also how they are being utilized, or the lack of being utilized in the case of Rawls and Hopkins. Fitz is a north-south runner. Smith is only good as a receiver.

With the factors I have mentioned, I am not surprised he has gone downhill this season. If they want to run the zone read, they need Norfleet or Gallon in the backfield. Thankfully, Borges has made a minor adjustment by sending Gallon on end arounds. As for the WRs, it is a lack of focus.

As for the Bellomy experience, that was bad, but I won’t pile on the kid. Borges is not only the OC, but the QB coach. As the QB coach, he should know the strengths and weaknesses of Bellomy’s game when play calling. What bothered me the most was leaving an empty backfield on an obviously blitzing down the first few series Bellomy was out there. Good job hanging a young, inexperienced guy in a very tough situation out there to dry.

Voice of Reason said...

Fact is you've got to take the blame if you're the Coordinator and your side of the ball is consistently not performing. You've got to take the blame if your players are not developing. There is no excuse for them not to have a QB who could step in and perform adequately when your running QB gets hurt. You've got to take the blame if you are the head coach for your staff's decisions.

maize n blue blood said...

Key word for AB is "EXPOSED". He has rode the wave of DR for a while now and when DR went down our offense looked terrible. AB job is to make sure his backups can step in when necessary, but that didn't happen. If Bellomy cannot pass then we should just ground and pound the ball with an occasional pass, hell we couldn't do that. I said when AB got here that he should not coach the QB's and Hoke should have brought Scott Loeffler in as the QB coach. SL has a better report card with qb's than AB does. AB is not the OC we should have.

Your turn Hoke. You are stubborn. You let AB leave RB in the game when you saw he was not capable of being in there and you Devin could have stepped in and done way better, but your pride got in the way and you let the team go down without a fight. You said, that you want the BIG 10 title, but you didn't show it. You are the HC and you have to make those calls. You been bonified this long, don't change now.

This to the wide receivers. In order to build a qb's confidence, you have to make the ball hits you in the hands.

Defense, great job. You did what you could with the 3 and outs the AB offense put y'all through.

Bottom line we have a long way to go on offense. Post Denard will really be the tale of the tape