Monday, November 5, 2012

Michigan Monday: Hates Too Many P.I. Calls

What's the deal with the pass interference calls this weekend?  How many were there in the Michigan - Minnesota game?  5 or 6?  They all seemed to be from the same ref. 

How about that call in the MSU-Nebraska game?  That call could have cost Michigan a chance to play in Indy.  

I didn't watch the Indiana - Iowa game but I guess there was a controversial PI call in that game as well.  

Even though it wasn't in the Big Ten the ND-Pitt game had a game changing PI call.

Did the Big Ten officials have a conference call on Pass Interference this past week or what?  Let them play!  

Speaking of Indiana and the Big Ten.  The Nightmare of IU playing in the Indy for the Big Ten Championship game is now a reality.   IU has a losing record overall (4-5) and in the Big Ten (2-3) but they control their own density to the Big Ten title game.   Wisconsin comes to Bloomington this weekend for a big Legends Division game.  They finish at Penn State and at Purdue.   So the Big Ten office doesn't have to worry, IU won't be favored in their last 3 games. 

  • To answer some of the questions on the comments from Sunday, Bellomy was hurt and that is why Jack Kennedy played after Michigan got up big in the 4th quarter.

  • Kick off for Northwestern this week is Noon on ESPN.

  • The life of Rich Rod:  Last week Arizona beats USC at home for a big win.  This week Rich Rod leads his team to the Rose Bowl when his team visited UCLA.   They lost 66-14.  Arizona was down 42-3 at half time.  Not sure why his style of football just doesn't work on the road?

  •  Leon McQuay is planning an official to Michigan this weekend.   His visit comes on the hills of a de-commitment from USC recruit S Max Redfield.  USC was full before Max de-committed, which means they might now have a spot for Leon.  

  • There are some rumors floating around that 5 star OL Laremy Tunsil might be interested in visiting Ann Arbor soon.  Maybe for the Iowa game.   He is visiting Alabama this weekend.

BHB Big Ten Power Rankings:
  1. Ohio State
  2. Nebraska
  3. Michigan
  4. Penn State
  5. Wisconsin
Nebraska beats Michigan when Denard goes down with an elbow injury and then gets a terrible pass interference call against MSU's Darqueze Dennard that would have forced Nebraska to kick a potential field goal to tie the game.  

Nebraska plays Penn State this weekend.  Memo to Penn State:  If you have guy on your roster with the letters D-E-N-A-R-D in their first or last name, keep them in Happy Valley.