Monday, November 19, 2012

Michigan Monday: The Real Big Ten Title Game and ND #1

Here is my case that the Big Ten Title game is really being played at Noon in Columbus between Michigan and Ohio State. 

  • Ohio State has beaten both Nebraska and Wisconsin
  • Nebraska and Wisconsin already played this year and Nebraska won 30-27
  • There are 4 Big Ten losses between Nebraska and Wisconsin
  • There is 1 Big Ten loss between OSU and Michigan
  • Nebraska did beat the Wolverines minus Denard or Devin under center
  • More people will watch Saturday's game then probably the Big Ten Championship game
  • As it looks right now, Michigan even with a win against OSU will not play in Indy.
Nebraska has earned the right to play in Indy with a win over Michigan and OSU has earned the right to not play in Indy because their former coach lied to the NCAA.   Fun Times!

So what happened to College Football after the Michigan game on Saturday at about 3:30?

Maryland and Rutgers rumored to be coming to the Big Ten?  To open two new TV markets out East?  I really don't like that move at all.   Neither team is a headliner and it just seems like a BTN money grab to me.   That news was very strange and rumors are we could hear something as early as today.

Then at around midnight EST all hell breaks loose with the BCS when both Oregon and Kansas State go down.  Now, Notre Dame is the #1 team in the country and they head West to play USC this weekend.   Matt Barkley will not play after being injured against UCLA.    If ND beats USC that would set up a game between Alabama (Bama has to beat Auburn & Georgia) and ND in the BCS National Championship.

Michigan lost to Alabama 41-14 on a neutral field.   Michigan lost to ND 13-6 in South Bend. 

Advantage Tide.

If OSU was eligible they could have been playing ND in the BCS National Championship.  That is when all Michigan fans would start believing the Mayan Calendar is really correct! 

Big Ten Power Rankings:
  1. OSU
  2. Nebraska
  3. Michigan
  4. Northwestern
  5. Penn State

Recruiting News:

Michigan offered 2013 LB Jon Reschke who is committed to MSU for the class of 2013 and a legacy player.  Jon is a 4 star prospect but with only two offers (before Michigan's) with MSU and Toledo.

Tennessee has fired Derek Dooley, which should help Michigan's recruitment of Derrick Green.   Auburn's coach could be next after the Iron Bowl. 

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