Friday, November 23, 2012

No Big Ten Title Game

Kirk Ferentz should be fired.  Big Al has a game tomorrow at noon to somewhat make up for his huge coaching mistake.  If not, he should join him.   It looks like ex-Michigan QB coach Scot Loeffler will be available.

Iowa had a chance to beat Nebraska and some stupid offensive calls cost them the game.   One decision was  punting from the 36 yard line in the first half or running 3 straight times with about 4 minutes left around mid field down 6.  Iowa looked like they were trying to lose the game. 

Iowa is terrible and Nebraska is 6 points better then terrible.  

What an awful Big Ten Championship game.   It's a match-up with the #2 conference team vs. the #6th team.   That should attract a ton of TV viewers.

Well the pressure for Michigan and playing for a championship is off on Saturday.  Pressure in now squarely in Ohio's corner and being 12-0.

Michigan Motivation Below?

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maize n blue blood said...

I tell you this much blame hoke(in lower case cause he doesn't deserve caps) and ab(in lower case cause he doesn't deserve caps), because they went away from were we dominated in the 1st half.

hoke doesn't like to pull the trigger , f%$k playing it close. he made a bunch of dumb calls. the 2 dumba$$e$ should have ran what we ran in the 1st half.

bullsh*t lackeyes was not better than us. tell hoke and ab to go to ohio and coach, cause that sh*t they pulled today was piss poor.

GREG MATTISON(in caps for a great job and much respect) i'm sorry you had to coach against hoke and ab more than urban and his staff.

PISS POOR bye hoke and ab, thanks for letting us down.

I'm starting to regret bringing hoke in. i don't see the grind in him or ab like i see in MATTISON.

He was happy :( to hug saban in that loss, he didn't step in the ND game on the play calling as well as putting DEVIN Gardner in the nebraska game. And here he did it again by letting this game go to a bs team.

i would give that team credit if they were better than us, but they wasn't and hoke let them have it.