Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Good Game Spoiled

Mark Twain was asked what he thought about the game of golf and replied, "Its a good walk spoiled".   If Mark was a Michigan man he would have probably said the same thing about todays game. 

Michigan showed up, ran good plays, played solid defense, and lost the game.   I'm not a big fan of calling out kids so I will call out the coaches.   The Michigan coaches had a nice game plan, the play calling was solid, and the talent was pretty even.   I'm just not sure how when it became the battle of the back-ups the Wolverines get beat at home.

Whose fault is it that Michigan doesn't have a player that can hit a wide open RB on a 5 yard route?   Is it Brady Hoke?  Is it Jim Harbaugh?  Who can I blame?  Because I'm not blaming the kid.   When JT went down in the game, the OSU back-up was better then JT.  He threw the ball and ran the offense better then JT.  When it was clear that JT probably could come back and play, Urban knew he had another game next week and told him to take a seat.  Why risk it?   The back-up was playing well. 

I get Michigan's best two QB's were in street clothes, I just don't understand how Michigan doesn't have a stable of back up QB's who can run the offense?  Who the hell takes the blame for that? The QB didn't have to be Andrew Luck today, they just needed to be able to hit wide open WR's in a 10-20 yard window.   A walk-on QB should have been able to do that.   That is on Michigan's offensive coaches, all of them for not having more guys that could play today in that role.   I won't blame the kid, he wanted this more then anyone.    

I also have to point at Don Brown and his defense.  They played well not great.   Was it a surprise that JT Barrett was going to run?  I just don't understand how Michigan doesn't have him shadowed every down.    I sure didn't see any complex defense formations out there today.  Also are you kidding me with OSU's back-up?  How in the world are you letting that guy beat your defense?  

Jimmy is supposed to be the QB whisperer, that didn't show at all today or even for most of the year.   Don Brown knew his defense needed to play great to win and he let JT be one demenintional and run all over his group and got beat by the back-up.     I won't blame the kids, I blame them. 

Another year and another disappointment.  

  • The officials weren't great today but I thought they did an ok job.  OSU offensive line was holding for most of the game.   That PI call on Michigan was a big one.   Michigan also had 2 holding calls one on the defense and one offensive that was pretty poor as well.

  • Josh you have to catch that pick, that could have been a game changer.

  • 8-4. it could be worse, ask Nebraska, Florida, FSU, UCLA, Tennessee, etc.


Goose said...

Ugh, nothing like getting dominated every year by your rivals. J.h. needs to stop whispering to his q.b. and start screaming his fool head off at them. I believe in j.h but I must confess I'm starting to question his ability to coach up q.b.'s

Cormac said...
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Voice of Reason said...

In all of these Michigan losses, there is enough blame to go around for everyone...including the kids. They have to grow up sometime, they might as well do it now. We let another game slip away from us. IMHO!!!

Chowman said...

The safety play has been below average all season. Josh Metellus had a bad game. Drop interception, gave up the big play to Hill Jr. and missed tackles in the running game. For as good as Don Brown's defense has been this year if the opposition the LBs its typically going to be a huge play for them!

ScottyDoggs said...

Why did not Malzone (spelling?) play?... why recruit these guys if they stink up the place so bad... Ohio State has consistently replaced a hurt quarterback with an able-bodied replacement, while ours are still bottle-fed.
I can not remember when we had a decent quarterback last... Mallet?... who was encouraged by Carr to jump ship?

This is no longer a rivalry, we are Ohio State's bitch!!!!! I am an Old POS, but I could of made those throws in first quarter,
Harbaugh needs to recruit players that have mental toughness, and not mental issues that cause them to "wet the bed", in big games.
Where's Nick Sheridan when you need him... O'Korn deserves the "Nick Sheridan award for his play ... outrageous!
We need a stable of quarterbacks that are elite, not a bunch of bed wetter's, lots of times O'Korn could have run, also did not see open receivers, missed open receivers... WTF?
Why don't we get better recruits.. we fight over average recruits, that have no business coming to Michigan.... I would recruit a guy that can throw, and run also... fuck this "in the pocket bullshit", from a guy that can't thro, can't read open receivers, and runs like a tired old man.

Chowman said...

Malzone was buried on the depth chart all year. I don't expect he'll be back next year. He'll be at the top of the list of guys that will seek a transfer. Put it this way if he wasn't a better option than O'Korn then he really must not be any good!

ScottyDoggs said...

I am trying to be civil... I heard O'Korn was crying after the game blaming himself for the loss.... My Dad participated in the Normandy invasion... and when you said something that was beyond all too obvious.. He would say: "NO SHIT SAILOR"

Goose said...

Wilton transferring

EzmoB said...

You could see Wilton leaving. He is graduating, and he knows next year he would not be able to beat Peter's. Dylan will be in the mix. The new kid Milton will be a early enrollee he will compete.

Good luck to Wilton. Good luck and best of health.

Go blue!!

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