Monday, July 22, 2019

Michigan Monday: Jimmy Talks and People Over React

Jimmy took the mike at the Big Ten Meetings on Friday and over reaction occurred.   Slow news days and a thirst for football news will make headlines.

  • He didn't back down on his Urban comments and said there wasn't anything new.  

  • He said every student athlete should have one automatic transfer waiver without having to sit out a year.  If that player transfers twice, then they would have to sit a year.  He also said that proving a player is depressed would be difficult to be prove and could be abused as a reason to transfer.    
The transfer idea was first grabbed on to and then the narrative started that Jimmy wasn't serious about mental health with his players.   Himself, former players, and current coaches all took to social media to back Jimmy and his mental health approach.   So another nothing to see here. 

Jimmy also said they would be playing on foreign soil in the future.   I don't love this idea when you have one of the best homefield advantages in all of sports.  I don't like what it does to the season ticket holders and I believe it takes away many advantages Michigan has to gain a win.   If another school wants to spend a home game doing it, I'm all for it.    I think it would be fine to play Rutgers in Toronto or Illinois in the Bahamas.   I don't think its a big deal about basketball as there are so many games in a season.   Michigan announced they would play Rutgers at MSG which would of been a Michigan home game. 

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