Monday, August 12, 2019

Michigan Monday: Former Wolverines Stand Out in Week 1 of NFL's Pre-season

Devin Bush does what Devin Bush does.  In limited action during the Steelers first pre-season game, Devin had 10 tackles and a near interception.   Pencil Devin's name in for the Defensive Rookie of the Year Award!

In the same game, Gentry caught a TD Pass for Pittsburg.  Gentry also made some local news about how he didn't like the idea of changing to TE while at Michigan and strongly considered transferring.  Jimmy sat him down and said if he made this change and worked hard at being a TE he would end up in the NFL.  I would say that plan is working pretty well at this point.   This is also a great example of a player trusting his coach and not transferring.   There also wasn't any rumors about Gentry transferring, so he kept a lot of these feeling to himself or his friends and family kept it private.

Karen Higdon had 8 carries for 37 yards, with a long run of 9 yards.  I also learned Higdon had sports hernia surgery in the off season.   It's un-clear if he sustained that injury playing at Michigan or working out for the draft.  Higdon has a chance to make the Texans as an un-drafted free agent, but the Texas also just traded for RB Duke Johnson.

  • Maryland's new head coach Mike Lockley and Josh Gattis seem to be in a battle of words on who drew up the game plans for Alabama last year.   There seems to be a little bit of bad blood between the two as there was a handshake agreement for Josh to join Mike at Maryland before Jimmy called.   

  • We are going to get a lot of these type of articles the next two weeks.  Tru Wilson is in better shape and faster due to his off season diet and workout. 

  • Killer B's?  Reports are that Black and Bell are having a great fall camp at WR.

  • A name we might not be thinking about at DT is Donovan Jeter, reports are he is having a great fall camp as well. 

  • I still have nightmares of Brad Hawkins getting burned by ND's WR's last season.  Though reports are he is greatly improved as well.   We should also not forget he came to Michigan as a WR. 

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