Thursday, August 22, 2019

Michigan Thursday: Bullet vs. Viper

Greg Mattison decided to chase a few bucks and became a Buckeye.  He wanted to be Coordinator and a raise and Ryan Day hired him.  Personally, I wouldn't have hired anyone from the squad that my team just put 63 on, but that's just me.

Greg will be brining a bunch of Don Brown's defense to Columbus and he started with Michigan's Viper role that he is now calling the "Bullet".   It seems that OSU's defense now calls itself the "Silver Bullets" (Coors Lights for everyone!).  There will be a few differences and maybe even some growing pains as they implement a new system.   OSU really doesn't have a ton of personnel for The Bullet position yet.  For example, true freshman Kort Williams is the first player that was recruited for the Bullet position.  So who is going to play there this year?

Mattison is going with Brandon White a former Safety at the position.  “Brendon has the athleticism and the experience at two different positions to be able to fit in, and that’s what it’s allowed us to do,” Mattison said. “He can fit in as a safety in one package and fit in as a bullet in another package, so there’s a lot of different places.

With little to no depth at the position, the OSU defense is not expected to have the Bullet position on the field full time this season as they search for their version of Peppers and Hudson.   Good luck with that.

  • Reports are Ambry Thomas is back at practice, I still don't expect to see him a week from Saturday. 

  • The Big Ten season starts a week from today as South Dakota State visits Minnesota.   MSU also hosts Tulsa and Wisconsin travels to Tampa to play USF on Friday the 30th. 

  • Miles Simms and family is also upset at Michigan because their NCAA immediate eligibility waiver was denied.  Georgia Tech has had 3 waivers denied this month by the NCAA and all 3 are Harbaugh's fault!   GA Tech opens at Clemson a week from tonight.   

  • Brian Jones, a CBS Sports college football analyst has predicted that Michigan State will make the College Football Playoffs this season.  I would like to ask Brian how the Spartans plan on scoring points?


Scott K said...

I would like to ask Brian, "what the hell are you smoking?".

BaptistButch said...

There were Silver Bullets in C-bus long before there were Vipers in Ann Arbor. Study history, proby.