Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Michigan Tuesday: Lots of News For a Holiday Monday

I thought it was going to be a quiet Monday, it wasn't.

  • Michigan's 2nd highest rated commit in the 2020 class Braiden McGregor has torn his MCL, PCL, and Meniscus.  He will have surgery and still plans to enroll early.   Glad he will get to rehab with the Michigan S&C Staff starting in a couple of months.  

  • Michigan redshirt freshman Mustapha Muhammad has decided to enter the transfer portal.  MM has had issues seeing the field and has seen freshman like Erik All and Luke Schoonmaker jump ahead of him on the TE depth chart.   Luke scored a TD against Illinois.  

  • It's going to be a White Out at Penn State on Saturday and one team will be dressed in all white.  That team will be Michigan. 

  • Illinois and Nebraska will open the 2021 season in Dublin.  I feel bad for the people in Ireland having to watch that game. 

  • Like I predicted, Michigan will play back to back night games on ABC as Michigan - ND will be at 7:30 kick.   

  • Highly ranked 2020 TE from Windsor Theo Johnson visited Iowa over the weekend.  Theo has Iowa very high on his list and some consider the Hawkeyes his leader.  Jimmy is very high on this recruit and would like to keep him close to home.  

  • I thought the Big Ten Refs where bad, but NFL Refs are starting to catch them in their inability to call a fair game.   Two terrible calls cost the Lions the game last night.   That Umpire might be looking for a new job today. 

  • Pep Hamilton picks up Cardale Jones to lead his new XFL team in DC this morning. 

  • Jimmy on Michigan's starters that are injured:  "Tend not to comment on those," Harbaugh told the media on Monday. "If I were to comment on it, it would be a positive comment."


Dvzk said...

So Cardale didn't go to osu to play school and didn't go the NFL to play football either hahahahahaha

MichiganMan said...

Dvzk...what the hell are you talking about man....never write here again..you are like Michigan just GARBAGE!!

Tim said...

Michigan Man...what are you talking about?? Dvzk mentioned Jones didn't go to Ohio State to get an education (which is true) and he got cut from the NFL.

Are you saying he went to Ohio State to get a solid education? Maybe you don't know this but Jones is out of the NFL, which means he doesn't play in the NFL.

I am confused why it confuses you?

Scott K said...

That's funny....
Cardale's tweet was classic and Dvzk nailed it.

Crazy how 'Michigan fans' shit on their own team all day long on blogs, but someone cracks a joke about a former buckeye and someone loses their mind.

How many ohio state qb's have gone on to success AT QB in the NFL?

MichiganMan said...

What are you guys all talking about.... bunch of people graduated from Ohio State and they are doing really well in life so is cardale Jones he has a degree that's what matters....lets GO Tarik black

Cormac said...

He's just upset! LOL!!!

Dvzk said...

@Michiganman is probably confused as to what set of parts to use below. Calling himself a Michigan man hahahaha. tell me where and when to post what a joke you are. Buttguy defender with the name you have

MichiganMan said...

Divan...... I told you not to write here again

Dvzk said...

LoL @michiganman internet gangster