Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Wolverine Wednesday: A Unique Recruitment

Denver Post 
Andrew Gentry is a 6'8 310 pound tackle prospect that pretty much every college program wants.  He hails from Littleton, Colorado and is ranked as a 4 star prospect, #60 player nationally, and #6 OT to 24/7 recruiting service.   As you might expect, Andrew has 32 scholarship offers and can pretty much pick wherever he wants to play college football.

Andrew has visited Michigan a couple times, including this past weekends rainy win over ND.  Andrew enjoyed his visit and could see himself playing in the Maize and Blue.  The catch?

Andrew is a member of the Mormon Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Which means, directly after he graduates high school, Andrew will take a two year mission trip.  The church can basically send him anywhere in the world.    This is common practice for Mormon faith players attending BYU and probably the reason 24/7 crystals balls are 100% in the Cougars favor.  Has Michigan ever recruited a player in this situation?  I highly doubt it, but this is a great example of how Michigan and other programs are willing to wait for this talented OT.

Each one of these missions are different, but its not like redshirting a young man for two years in Michigan's nutrition and S&C program.  It's actually the opposite, many times proper nutrition is not available and working out would have to be done in more traditional ways when time permits.   Which means the 310 OT in two years could need to put on weight, strength, and learn what it takes to be college offensive lineman.   So the timeline for the young man to see the field is 3 to 4 or more years.

Andrew is a great talent and it's clear the Michigan coaches are willing to wait two years to get him on campus.   I wonder how the scholarship works?  I assume Michigan would have to bank a 2022 scholarship, which would open up another spot in the 2020 class.

  • Maryland might play a few QB's this weekend. Regular starter and local boy Josh Jackson practiced with the 1's on Tuesday but is coming off a high ankle injury and only got 3 plays last week against Minnesota.  Tyrrell Pigrome came in and played until he hurt his knee and Tyler DeSue finished the game.   I believe the expectation is that Jackson goes on Saturday but that was the same expectation going into the Minnesota game. 


Kid Adorable said...

I don't know if this is truly the same situation since he wasn't necessarily recruited by U-M out of high school, but I remember having Psych classes in the early-Noughts with Spencer Brinton who did two years at San Diego State before his two year Mission trip and then transferred to Michigan around the time Henson bolted and Navarre ascended to full-time starter. As for your wondering, yes such scholarships count for the year they enroll, so presumably 2022 for Gentry. Anyways, here's a Michigan Daily article I stumbled upon while trying to remember Spencer's full name:

Goblu said...

I def want us to win games. But I’d rather my kids see this as an example of being a Michigan Man than anything else.