Thursday, October 29, 2020

Michigan Thursday: This Is Weird

Wisconsin rolled over Illinois (who upset them last year) like they weren't even there on Friday night.  On Saturday, they get knocked out by an invisible virus.   Which has already cost them one game and another is probable as they will be shut down for 7 days.  

Talking heads on ESPN will talk about how "stupid" the Big Ten was in shutting down in August and now they don't have any runway to reschedule games for a College Football Playoff spot.  Let's be clear, the Big Ten is all in on OSU and they could care less who they play in a Big Ten Championship game.   If you replace Wisconsin with OSU in a COVID outbreak and then the Big Ten Brass as some problems.   The schedule the Big Ten gave OSU is criminal in so many ways, with this weekends game really their only difficult road match-up.   Even that worked into the Big Ten's favor when PSU got upset by IU last weekend.   After this weekend, look at this murders row of opponents:

home Rutgers 

@ Maryland 

home IU

@ Illinois 

@ MSU 

home Michigan 

The Buckeyes basically have a bye until they meet the Wolverines in mid-December.   It's also fair to say Michigan also has Rutgers, MSU, IU, and Maryland.  They just got the toughest West opponents possible. 

Is this rivalry week? Doesn't feel like it as its week 2 in late October in this COVID season and Sparty tried to set a new turnover record in their loss to Rutgers last weekend.  My biggest fear this weekend, is that Michigan has been known to play down to their opponent and this will be MSU's biggest game of the year.   

  • I knew Nebraska would try to find an opponent this weekend, just didn't know if the Big Ten would let them.   Nebraska is trying to schedule Chattanooga for Saturday to replace the Wisconsin game. Update:  Big Ten Shot this down, no game. 



Cmfgoblue said...

Big Ten said no to Nebraska... Nothing should scare us for this weekend.... it would take a complete meltdown from many players... no reason to suggest that will happen.... Michigan 38 MSU 14

Chowman said...

OSU won't have 1 case of Covid. You watch. Now a few players might have a knee or hamstring or shoulder, but NOBODY on the OSU squad will have 1 case of covid. OSU has the SEC mindset. Football is #1

Unknown said...

Nebraska gets hosed by the B1G. Repeatedly.

Michigan just has to keep winning.

Dan Capron and the B1G love OSU; that's just a reality we have to live with.

Goose said...

Allow me to fill all the big faithful on the schemes of sec country. Currently the sec faithful are hoping and praying that osu has an outbreak even a small one would lock osu players down for 21 days. Is that that's dumb? If that should happen and osu misses a game or 2 the sec has already started campaigning on local radio to have the eventual sec champion ( alabama) along with texas a&m assuming they win out. Leaving osu & the big 10 out completely. We all know the sec gets what the sec wants. So I'm making a prediction in week 2. Our 4 playoff teams will be.
4.Oklahoma state
If I'm ohio state I'm putting my best 6 players in a bubble not allowing them to compete until the week prior to Michigan. They wont be needed to beat those other teams.just my thoughts.

MichiganMan said...

Guys please, let us not worry about what other schools are doing...lets us do us and worry about us...How many of you think we are winning the championship this year?....or who are we going to loose to?

Fire Don Brown....please...

Blue for life!!

MichiganMan said...

See that is our problem...we worry about other schools and not worry about what is going big wins, no big 10 championship, no national championship, no number 1 recruiting class....etc....

please, fire don brown....

Blue for life!!

Goose said...

News flash Michigan man. I'm a fat white guy living in Alabama. Whatever I decide to worry about makes ZERO difference to a college football program in ann arbor Michigan, but thanks for thinking I've got that kind of influence.

MichiganMan said...

Goose, I am like you buddy, fat and bald...but I do worry about our program stuck in the mud for the past 25 years...its to time dig our self out...or find help....hope you understand my fat friend.

Please, fire Don Brown

Blue for life!!

Goose said...

I'm afraid the current format that college football has will not allow more than 1 powerhouse team per conference. Each conference must do everything in its power to ensure a playoff spot. The financial benefits for the playoffs are simply to prolific to risk parody. The big 10 the sec the pac 12 every conference wants its golden calf showcased in the playoffs. In the south its bama , east Clemson, out west was Oklahoma and up north its osu unfortunately there is no room for a competitor it's not good for business.
Dont worry theres always baseball⚾️

Cmfgoblue said...

Since we are describing ourselves so thoroughly I thought I should add that I am also a white... not fat... (yet, I’m working on that) I have long hair and a beard as long as Gandalf’s... also... both of you are hilarious and have a major influence on this blog, my wife and I always have our “what did the guys say today talk”... keep it going... Cheers to overweight guys... also... I agree with Szanreno... this is “The Game” now...

szanreno said...

Michigan State has always been "The Game" for me cmf, followed by Notre Dame. Dantanio only made it worse. I'd like to beat bucknutsboy's osu team simply because we not been successful with them as of late, not because they are osu. I don't care about osu anymore than I care about bucknutsboy.

Rudy said...

As much trash talk as Harbaugh has had to take, sometimes deservedly, this week is a reminder of how great it is it have a man of integrity. Sparty sold out when they hired Dantonio, a good Xs and Os guy but a miserable human being. His teams won on the field but lost off the field over and over. How many issues did his players and coaches have during his tenure? Numerable. Just a true life POS and if you disagree, just look at how he left his beloved university. He gave them both middle fingers, took the kwan, screwed the recruits, their families and his players, and walked. Jimmy H has struggled in some big games, but he's a man of integrity and a leader. Sure glad we have him over the Dantonio's and many like him. Just gotta beat the Devil's crotch....Suckeye U! Go Blue!

Unknown said...

You guys are too hard on Harbaugh and Don Brown. Look at the numbers, they're extra-ordinarily successful. This team look very good and they have a QB who may be the man.

Michigan's defense dominated against a great offense with a great RB, QB, and WRs. Minnesota went 11-2 and beat Auburn in the bowl. We destroyed them.

MichiganMan is anything but. He's a troll. Goose made an interesting observation. The conferences DO chose favorites. The SEC backs Alabama, the ACC Clemson, and the Big Ten Ohio State. The Conference develops schedules to their advantage and the refs give them the benefit of the doubt. There is too much money at stake. Dan Capron is a perfect example. Thankfully, the likes of Capron are gone.

So, Michigan has to do it themselves against those odds. This is the year to break the glass ceiling - it's tougher now for the conferences to control outcomes this year.

Go Blue. Once the ceiling is broken, things change....and Michigan may become the preferred teams. Until that happens, we will be screwed.