Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: Green Field

In business the term "green field" means a net new opportunity with few competitors.  For Michigan's defensive backs there are plenty of new opportunities with Ambry Thomas heading to the NFL.   Don Brown said last night, the leader in the clubhouse for the second CB starting position is Gemon Green next to Vincent Gray.   If we add one more last name color, the Michigan defensive backfield could be like a trip to Sherwin-Williams. 

If you have some extra time to worry about Michigan's Football team prior to Oct 24th, spend that time wringing your hands over the corner backs.  

  • The Texan's canned the person that kept cutting Higdon, Bill O'Brien who was the GM and Coach.  I think they even worked out Shea Patterson a week or so ago.  The NFL Texas teams are 1-7.  

  • Michigan Basketball will not be traveling to the Empire Classic in November, which means they don't open against teams like Villanova and Baylor.  Smart move! 

  • I have been very interested in following Tarik Black's production at Texas.   Through 3 games he has 6 catches, 91 yards, and 1 TD.   Week 1 he had 4 catches, 80 yards and a TD against UTEP.  Since then 1 catch for 12 yards.  Texas scored 63 points in week 2 and 31 points in a loss week 3. 

  • LSU is bring back alcohol sales and removing heath checks prior to entry for fans.  They call that stadium Death Valley. 

  • Taco had a big sack last night.  Maybe he has found a home in KC. 


Goblu said...

Nice to see Taco, Clark and Chase on the field last night.

Scott K said...

KC is typically synonymous with bbq, not tacos..... but hey, whatever works.
BBQ Tacos?