Saturday, November 7, 2020

Insanity Vacation

I thought Michigan over looked MSU last week.  I was wrong, Michigan is just a bad football team.   If they hadn't rolled the Golden Gophers I would crown them with the 2020 Rutgers award. 

This team doesn't deserve your attention, time, or Saturday commitment.  We all have better things to do.  The best thing that can happen is the COVID ravaged Badgers pull the plug on next Saturday's contest and Michigan spends the next two weeks hitting the reset button on this program.

Here is where you start:

-Get Paye, Mayfield, and Hutch out of there, Opt out right away 

-Don Brown is over his skies at Michigan.  He just is.  I know he tried to run a zone today but its just too late for him at Michigan.  Get rid of him now.  

-Harbaugh should consider resigning at the end of the year.  

-This is a free year of eligibility, play all the freshman and sophomores.  Tank for the 1st pick in next years high school draft. 

-Recruit or promote some TE's that can actually catch a football 

-There really isn't a need to try to win another football game this season.   Play the underclassman and get them needed experience.  Try out a new corner or two.  



  • Punting game is back! 
  • Basketball season starts soon! 

I was happier when there wasn't a season.   


Voice of Reason said...

My point was that I sobered up quick, fast and in a hurry when I looked at the Michigan roster and saw that there was very little actual playing experience "starting" this season. Why do I harp so much on this? It's because you know that the starters get the bulk of the reps in practice and games. They're on the field most of the time. Even rotation players generally don't get the bulk of the playing time...and now they are STARTING, not just a player here and there but the bulk of the team. They're good kids but they don't have the veterans (so to speak) to lean on in key positions. They are it!

So what should we expect when your team is field with neophytes going against more experienced teams? Just what we got now. However, they can play smarter (from their coaches) and they can play more assertive with spirit. They are walking around with their heads down. They don't look like they're having much fun out there. Maybe I'm wrong. IMHO!!!

szanreno said...

IU 28 first downs, 39 minutes time of poss. I barely remember a Michigan possession. I've tried to stay positive on Harbaugh but I can't see him getting fired, who else is out there? Don has regressed, his defenses were not always this inept. But maybe his time has come, maybe it's the players at times?!? IU is average at best, they got a gift verses PSU. Issues everywhere, not sides of the ball. I know this post is rambling but I can't pin this on one thing. Thoughts.

South Carolina Wolverine said...

Just going to throw this out there. Chris Partridge.

SecondChance said...

Who's got it better than us ? Wheels coming off the program right now, need a complete coaching change.

Mike T said...

All the hype on this offense and it stinks worse that the defense.... Speed in space my ass... The entire staff must go now!!!!

Ron said...

You didn't mention Joe Milton he's not accurate enough yet