Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: Loves This Notification

This year I have been hating ESPN notifications on our beloved Wolverines.   In football, it was full of lopsided loses and even semi-embarrassing wins (like OT to Rutgers).    Last night I loved this ESPN notification so much I took a screen shot of it.  

Rarely does a game leave me speechless, but the win over the Badgers did just that.   At one point during the 43-6 run I wondered if Wisconsin was even going to score anymore in the 2nd half.   I try to keep my expectations leveled off as the Big Ten is just a meat grinder of a league this season.   One team looks great one day and then they roll off 3 straight losses.  

Michigan always lived and died with the 3 ball under Coach B.  Now with this NBA style low post game, this team has a ton of options.   If the 3 ball is going down and the way this team defends, they will be very hard to beat.   

Mike Smith - love his game and a perfect point guard for this team.  Can score when you need it and his defense has greatly improved since the start of the season.  

Franz Wagner - finally is showing what he has.  Dakich called him the Big Ten's best NBA prospect.  His length is a problem on both sides.  

Hunter Dickinson - is maybe the best Michigan freshman since the Fab 5.  I love how he just owns the second half of every game.  

Isaiah Livers - when he plays smart and his shot is going, is another NBA prospect.   When he is shooting well, this is a different team. 

Eli Brooks - just fits his role perfectly, plays suffocating defense and hits 3's when he has a chance.  

Austin Davis - is better off the bench.  He comes in, gets some boards, a block, uses some fouls, and dunks.   Glad he is back from injury. 

Chaundee Brown - Makes me smile every time he is on the court.  He checks up full court, hits a couple 3's, hustles like its his last game, and defends the best player on the other team.   He gives this team toughness that many Michigan teams have lacked. 

Brandon Johns - Is just lacking confidence and it seems he maybe gaining it.   If he starts getting closer to his ceiling, look out.  

Its fun to watch and support a team that wins and competes this hard! 

  • There is some interesting news brewing.   When Jay got moved to Special Teams coach, there left an opening at RB coach.  Many Michigan fans want 1 person in that role.   There are rumors that Mike Hart, IU RB coach has been offered that role.   There are also reports that Jedd tried to bring Jay to Arizona and he turned down the offer.  This will be a difficult decision for Mike as he has helped build something at IU. 

  • Its not official but Mike Zordich is gone.  I wouldn't be surprised if he also ended up at Arizona with Don Brown and Jedd. 

  • RR was hired as the OC for Louisiana Monroe. 


Goblu said...

szanreno... think a poem dedicated to the Mich blow out of Wisc would be nice

szanreno said...

I got nothing. I had to plagiarize the last one I used from Bob Ufer... Anyone of you old timers remember???

MichiganMan said...

Roses are red violets are blue please fire Harbaugh and his crew...

szanreno said...

Roses are red, violets are blue, I saw the ass raping Alabama put on Ohio State and so did you!!! Hahaha....

In Harbaugh we trust said...

MIKE HART has come home
Recruiting for RB, state of Michigan....ALL OF MIDWEST just got stronger