Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Michigan Tuesday: Kody and Taylor

I've seen Michigan pull in guys last minute to a class, I've seen surprise commitments, I've even seen Michigan sign the best player in the class.   What I don't believe I've ever seen is a new coach get hired and within two weeks already secure two commitments for the next class.   We need to be crystal clear here,  these players committed to Coach Mo Linguist and U of M.  Sure the football history, the Big House, and academic standing went into the decision but these guys wouldn't be in this class right now if it wasn't for Coach Mo.   That is some high level recruiting right there.  

Kody Jones:

Rivals: “I’m committing to Michigan because of the relationship I have with Coach Mo,” Jones said. “Really, it’s Coach Mo. The relationship we have is crazy. What we talk about and how we talk about it is real. I felt it in my heart. That’s where I want to be. I know it in my heart, so why wait?

Kody is just under 6'0 and 180 pounds and could play many positions.  He is listed as an athlete on most sites, but all the sites agree he is a 4 star.  Michigan is recruiting him as a DB as there is a major need in that position room.  His 2020 season got cancelled so he hasn't seen the field for awhile.  

Kody's offer list is an good one which included the likes of:  Auburn, FSU, ND, Oklahoma, OK State,  ND, Oregon, PSU, Texas A&M, Tenn, and many more.  

Taylor Groves:

per Michigan Insider and Mgoblog:  “Coach Mo called and had one of the realest conversations I’ve ever had and then he offered me,” Groves told The Michigan Insider. “It was just really amazing. (He told me) that he can help me reach every goal that I want, including school, and how he loves every aspect of my game and wants to make me a Wolverine.

"I’ve only talked to him that one phone call, but I can already tell that he really cares and a coach that will do everything he can to make me the best man and football player I can be."

Taylor is the second Tennessee player to commit to the Wolverines and Coach Mo in the 2022 class.  He is 6'2 and 175 pounds and is the tall DB that the Michigan defense prefers.  He can play WR or DB and again Michigan wants him in the defensive backfield.  

Taylor has a similar offer list to Kody's: Baylor, UK. LSU, ND, MSU, PSU, TN, Ole Miss, Va Tech, Texas A&M, and many more.  

Michigan has had little success in Tennessee which is clearly in the middle of the SEC recruiting world, for them to pull 2 guys in one day is very strong.   Its also a new recruiting philosophy, there would be a time under Harbaugh that he would tell recruits to consider waiting to commit so they could do things like visit Ann Arbor, meet the coaches in person, see the Big House, etc.   That strategy hasn't worked well enough to be an elite program.  Nick Saban and Urban Meyer would only be good coaches at other schools.  When you add 5 star players they become great.  Jimmy and staff are missing that elite talent to become an elite program.  

Welcome guys!  I hope you end up like hall of famer Charles Woodson! 

  • Michigan athletics is finally out of quarantine and it seems the game at Wisconsin is on for Sunday.  The 6 days should be good enough to get the Wolverines legs back in practice.  

  • RIP Marty Ball - Marty Schottenheimer

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szanreno said...

I hope they stay, but now-a-days no one is a committed until they sign.