Thursday, April 22, 2021

Michigan Thursday: News and Notes

  • Maybe Joe Milton hasn't picked Tennessee 100% yet.  Sam Webb says he will pick between UT and Washington State this weekend.   My guess is, he is trying to drum up some drama and is going to UT and it already leaked.  
  • Speaking of schools in Washington:  One of their best players on defense, Zion Tupuola-Fetui has  ruptured his Achilles.   As you know, UW is on Michigan's schedule next Fall. 
  • I'm so tired of hearing NFL people say, "he wasn't used properly in Don Brown's defense at Michigan".   Same is being said of Kwity Paye, who luckily won't be hurt by Don's schemes as he is the top rated rusher and will be picked in the 1st round.   Enjoy that future statement Arizona. 
  • Mark Turgeon just hired some back-up if he decides to run at Juwan next year.   Mark hired Danny Manning as an assistant coach on Wednesday
  • Michigan Legacy TE Josh Kattus picked Kentucky yesterday.  Josh is a 3 star TE. 
  • One week from the NFL Draft.  Michigan has had at least one player drafted in every modern era NFL Draft's.   


Jack said...

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Rudy said...

Milton has 3 years of eligibility left, I'll wager that he transfers again before that 3 years is up. He believed his own hype and that was his downfall.