Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: Where The Wolverines Might Go - NFL Draft


Tomorrow is the first round and start of the NFL Draft that goes through Saturday.   The big questions of the draft are whether teams are scared of former Ohio State QB's and what will San Francisco do?  Also has there ever been a draft where the best player in the draft be a Tight End?  This should be an interesting draft and hope there are a  few surprises.  

Let's take a look at where the Wolverines and some former Wolverines might go: 

Kwity Paye DE:  1st Round - The top pass rusher in the draft 

Jalen Mayfield OT/G: Rounds 2-3  - Very good OL prospect 

Nico Collins WR: Rounds 2-4  - Great size, some worry about his top end speed 

James Hudson OL: Rounds 3-4  - Former Wolverine - I guess Jimmy was right, he is a better offensive lineman. 

Ben St-Juste CB: Rounds 3-4  - Former Wolverine that Jimmy asked to retire.  I guess Ben was right on this one.  Great size, concern over speed.  

Ambry Thomas CB: Rounds 4-5 - Not sure you leave early to be a late round pick.  The Bama and OSU tape hurts him. 

Cam McGrone LB: Rounds 4-6 - A bit of a tweener, hope he finds a good situation

Ben Mason FB: Rounds 5-7 - FB is a lost art in the NFL, someone will love his toughness and pick him up. 

Chris Evans RB: Rounds 6-7 - Could be a diamond in the rough. 

Carlo Kemp DT: 6-FA - Carlo's best play ever was in the all star game.  Good depth guy on a NFL Roster. See Bryan Mone as a comp.

Nick Eubanks TE: FA - Not enough tape but could make a team with a good camp 

Quinn Nordin K: FA - Great leg - questionable accuracy 

Cam Cheeseman LS: FA - Sat out last season but could have a long NFL career.  Name is a perfect fit for Green Bay. 

Michigan should have 6 guys drafted with Evans, Kemp, and Eubanks being on the edge of a late round pick or a Free Agent.  Most people say, being a Free Agent in that situation is better because you can pick your situation vs. having to go to a team that may already be thinking about cutting you.    

It may sound silly but Cheesman could have the longest career.  A really good long snapper can play 15 years in the league.  

  • Mark Emmert got an extension from the NCAA - That should be a job with a time limit. 
  • Jordan Bohannon is coming back for his 25th year at Iowa
  • Michigan's Women's Basketball Coach Kim Barnes Arico is a candidate for the Baylor job
  • Michigan Basketball Transfer candidate: Coastal Carolina PG DeVante’ Jones is announcing his choice on Sunday.  Michigan, Texas Tech, Houston, Texas, and Memphis are all in the mix for the Sun Belt player of the year. 


Cormac said...

IMHO, both Thomas and McGrone should have come back. Especially Thomas when the last memory of you is getting lit up like a Christmas tree.

Unknown said...

Totally agree. I'm really shocked these players think they're that good (or have developed into a serious NFL player).
Someone is given these kids the wrong advice.

tike mik said...

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