Thursday, June 10, 2021

Michigan Thursday: No Words

I tried to find the words to write about the Dr. Anderson situation and what Matt Schembechler is going to say today.  I just don't have them.  

Other Michigan Football news at the moment seems irrelevant and callous. 


Rudy said...

Yep, this one is a kick to the jimmy. Sad day indeed.

alablue said...

I hate that it happened to them, truly.
Is it inappropriate to ask what the ncaa will do to our sports programs? I was wondering if they will destroy what's left of a tattered football program.

No one should be raped or abused especially by anyone. When it's someone you should be able to trust it makes it worse.

Chowman said...

to alablue: as long as UofM takes swift and definitive action, I don't think you'll see much more than a slap on the hand. Not saying its right or wrong, this is bigger than my opinion. At the end of the day, programs like Michigan make the NCAA too much money, and sadly we see everyday that money talks and trumps things that should take priority. As to those actions, call me jaded, but I wouldn't be surprised that JH doesn't survive this. I think there are 3 camps in the fan base. Those that are over JH and wanted him gone yesterday for football reasons, those that will support him and want the university to keep him no matter what as they fear "nobody's got it better than us", and those who still believe in Jim but are wavering. I think a scandal like this, and Jim's absentminded statements might be the push to send his career as the head coach at UofM over the edge. Remember his buy out is peanuts now, and the school can walk away from him for next to nothing.

GoBlueBruce said...

I was at the UM in the early 70s to watch exciting football as well as get my degree. Like most people, I worshipped Bo. But now that we know more about Bo the father and person in charge of athletes, I can no longer give him that respect. It is time to take Bo off of the pedestal and see him for what he was: condoning a molester.