Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: The Transfer Portal Hits Everyone

The transfer portal is just a way of life now in college football.   Back ups feel like they should be starting and starters want a better path to the NFL.   July 1 is the last day a player can jump into the portal and play somewhere else next season.  

What doesn't get reported, is the transfer portal can also kill your football career.  There are thousands of players in the portal and very few spots on teams.  Jordan Anthony a former Michigan Wolverine LB, spent a year and half in the transfer portal before he found a home with Troy a few months ago.   These decisions are much bigger then many players and parents know.    When Jordan jumped in, he thought he would be playing for LSU or another major school that recruited him out of high school.  He ended up working two jobs, while he waited for his next opportunity. 

Its getting pretty clear there are specific times that many players decide to leave school.   

#1: Right after the season ends 
#2: During or right after Spring Ball 
#3: New position coach or head coach is hired 

Illinois Football, along with the July 1 deadline has had 6 players jump into the portal in a 24 hour period this week.  They are one of those programs that checks boxes #2 and #3.   None of the players that left where huge contributors but when your building a program back up, you need every player possible.  

I know all these kids think they are going to the next Pat Mahomes or Aaron Donald but they really need to understand that is the elite 1% and getting a great education for free is something they should consider in their decision.    

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