Friday, July 16, 2021

Michigan Friday: Being Duncan Robinson

I'm not sure I've every been more happy and once more disappointed in a Michigan player in my entire life of being a Michigan fan.   Let's start with the negative first, I remember writing before the National Championship game, that is was going to be a battle between 6 men on who wins the game.  I was right, DiVincenzo went for 31 and Duncan scored 0.   

I thought Duncan was headed to the public sector or would spend a few years in Europe playing.  He gets a summer league contract and then Miami signs him to their roster.   He was starting in the NBA Finals last summer.  (I also saw him playing golf at Disney during that time)

That is a hell of a comeback and ride.  Duncan has also reviled he has a condition called "imposter syndrome" where he feels he is not worthy of the accolades, accomplishment, or the career he has received.  

If you search on Duncan's name today, you see two types of stories:

1. Duncan maybe the replacement for Bradley Beal on Team USA in the Olympics.  

2. Duncan is a valued free agent, with stories about interest from the NY Knicks and LA Lakers. 

Duncan you probably don't read this blog, but if you happen to come across this post.  Here is some friendly advice; you have earned your standing in the NBA by working hard and getting the right opportunity.   You deserve everything positive that has happened to you (scholarship from a D3 to Michigan, Playing in the NBA, and starting in an NBA Final) and everything positive that will come.  Keep working hard, being humble, and shooting the 3!   You are a Michigan Man and the Michigan faithful is behind you.   

Hope to see you on the course!

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