Thursday, August 19, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Big Ten News: Nebraska Will Not Only Out Hit You - They Will Out Practice You

There can be some parallels drawn between Scott Frost and Jim Harbaugh.  Both had success at other programs and both are now leading their Universities where they once played.   You can also state truthfully, that neither has had the success that everyone was expecting at their home schools.  Frost has only won 12 games in 3 years and his program has struggled more then Michigan's has.  

Now the NCAA is investigating the Nebraska program for a number of issues, including analysts being used as on-field coaches (during practices and games) and doing private off-campus workouts and practices when everyone was supposed to be shut down for the pandemic.   Some outlets are reporting that there is plenty of video tape on the off campus workouts/practices.  (To be fair, the Free Press is reporting something similar today on Harbaugh's staff with the use of analyst Ryan Osborn as a coach during Spring Practice)

Is this a fire-able offense?  My guess is, most Nebraska leadership won't fault Frost for trying to get better, but that he has to follow the rules.   Maybe a slap on the wrist sort of thing.   A fine or sitting out a game against a lower opponent. 

Northwestern:  Which is back on Michigan's schedule this year, will be starting former Clemson 5 star QB Hunter Johnson who beat out former South Carolina QB Ryan Hilinski.

The Wisconsin Badgers are 90% vaccinated. 

Illinois seems to be the Big Ten's Biggest Mystery going into the season.

Did you know there is a ton of Big Ten Football Week 1 (or earlier)?

Nebraska@Illinois on 8/28

OSU @Minn on Thursday 9/2

MSU@Northwestern on Friday 9/3

IU@Iowa in a huge game on 9/4

Penn State@Wisconsin in another huge game on 9/4

  • Wayne State is opening a new arena (co-funded by the Pistons) and Juwan is taking his team there to open it for an exhibition game on 11/5.   What a great decision all around! 

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