Thursday, September 16, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Previews the Big Ten Weekend

The Big Ten office in Indy was a bit off this week.  Rarely, do they have to deal with a week where Ohio State loses.   I hope the staff was able to find their offices this week.    I'm sure they cancelled the meeting where they review the competence of their Big Ten officials.   Actually, that weekly meeting at the Big Ten offices is on the calendar as a  joke so the members can go golfing.    

This is a very strange week for Big Ten Football with a number of sneaky match-ups against ranked teams.   These are the leagues that the Big Ten will be playing:  ACC (2), Big 12, SEC, MAC, PAC 12, ND, American (2), CAA in FCS, and a conference game. 

Friday Night Football: Maryland -7.5 @ Illinois:  Is Maryland sneaky good at 2-0?  Strange that Illinois will have played two big ten games a week before Michigan plays its first.   Maryland 28 Illinois 20

Nebraska @ #3 Oklahoma -22:  Why Nebraska?  If Scott Frost wants to change the trajectory of his program this could be a career saving win.   Oklahoma is known for having a few "stinkers" and Nebraska could come in and upset one of the best teams in the nation.   Or not.  OK 50  Nebraska 21

#8 Cincinnati -4 @ Indiana:  What a sneaky good game.  The big question here, is either team good?  IU looked terrible in week 1 and UC is riding high in the top 10 after playing nobody so far.  IU needs this win to recreate some 2020 momentum.  UC wants to sneak into the playoffs.  These campuses are closer then people may think and only a 2.5 hours drive.   IU 31 UC 30

MSU @ #24 Miami -6:  Another unique meeting between past powers.  Miami lost to a professional team in Alabama and barley got by App. State last week.   MSU had a nice week 1 win against Northwestern and an FCS team last week.  Another game where we don't know if either team is good.   Miami 20 MSU 17

Minnesota @ Colorado - 3:  When Minnesota lost that really good RB, their season turned on dime.  I don't like Big Ten teams playing at elevation.  Colorado 30 Minn 14

Purdue @ #12 ND -7:  Is this game NBC worthy or will they put it on the Peacock?  Will this game be a bit strange for Drew Brees to be calling a Purdue game on the ND Network?  How is Drew's hair growing at the rate it is now?  Is ND for real after a close win over a bad FSU team and Toledo?  Is Purdue better this year?   We need answers!!!   ND 28 Purdue 23

Tulsa @ #9 OSU -24.5:  Everything will be fixed this week!  OSU 52 Tulsa 10

Delaware @ Rutgers No line:  Rutgers 40 Delaware 3

Northwestern -3@ Duke:  The SAT Bowl.  They should forget the game and just do a standardize test.  Duke 1550  Northwestern 1500 

#22 Auburn @ #10 Penn State -5:   Wow, another weird match-up.  An SEC team playing at Happy Valley at night in a White Out.   Is this the Citrus Bowl in September?   I'm not buying Penn State yet but I have no idea who is coaching Auburn these days.   I would never bet against PSU in a white out.   PSU 20  Auburn 14

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