Sunday, September 26, 2021

Rutgers Post Game - Bad Medicine

Tony Ding | AP Photo

All of us had the same thought in the back of our mind, didn't we?  That Michigan was improved but at some point the problems of 2020 would pop back up like a big forehead zit.   It's hard to teach a winning culture when your team turns over every year and this current Michigan team got a lesson in winning on Saturday. 

That lesson is, other teams are going to punch back and you have to take those punches and continue to execute and not go into a shell.   I think the coaches, who should understand that also got a reminder of that on Saturday during the 2nd half.   You have to punch back and keep playing well.  There is zero reason for our punter and kicker to all of sudden not being able to execute.  

We will get to the cheers and jeers in a minute.  But I saw a few things that troubled me.  First, its obvious that a good defense is not going to let you run right at them.  Rutgers defense gives up 11 points a game and after a first half of letting Michigan run, they made some adjustments and loaded the box.  A couple things, Gattis needs to make better play calls and they also need to let McNamara get out of bad play calls at the line of scrimmage.  If he is a smart kid and knows this offense, let him change a bad play call. 

Lastly, was Cade injured or concussed?  He was 1-7 and after the targeting/roughing the passer call.   He was also double pumping and didn't look right.  If we can see that the trainers, doctors, and coaches should be able to.  (if he was injured)


  • A win is a win and we will take as many of them as possible 
  • #25 scored two TD's and recovered the game winning fumble.  A good day for that number. 
  • The defense only gave up 1 TD and held its ground, when they were tired and confused in the 2nd half. 
  • David Ojabo made a winning play with the strip fumble 
  • Chris Hinton is really coming into his own and I thought played well
  • On some plays I saw Hutch fighting through triple teams
  • Michigan got out coached in the 2nd half and they just stood there and took it without making adjustments 
  • Ross got hurt 
  • Cade went from great to terrible 
  • The defense in the second half was confused and very tired after playing the entire half
  • Moody I'm sorry you have to make that field goal.  You have to
  • When Michigan gives up a personal foul penalty on defense they give up a TD on that drive
  • 2nd half offensive play calling was offensive 
  • How does anyone forget to get Corum to the edge of the defense?
  • Michigan now has given Wisconsin and Nebraska tape on how to confuse its defense

I guess the good thing is this team won't have a big head as they prepare for a trip to Madison next week.  I was flipping back and forth from the Ryder Cup to the ND-Wisconsin game.  For 3 quarters I thought Wisconsin was the better team and then the flood gates opened.   Michigan never wins in Madison and has a huge test in front of them.   Can this team win on the road?  That will be answered in the next 2 weeks. 

Not a good day for the Big Ten: Iowa sleepy, OSU had a LB quit during the game, Minnesota (favored by over 30) gets upset by Bowling Green, Wisky gets blown out by ND, and IU has to rally to beat Western Kentucky.


szanreno said...

The fg instead of the td before the half, and no points off the long punt return at the start of the third were the opportunities to salt the game away. It almost looked like they were playing not to lose. Hey maybe Harbaugh didn't want to show the playbook to Wisconsin. Yeah that's it...

Justwin said...

Ha. Yes, let’s hope.
My take is the Rutgers is a lot better Team than we all thought. Greg S is a good coach (slime ball), and had the team ready. It’s good to get punched - just not great that Mich didn’t punch back. Let’s hope that is a lesson learned. I give props to our D. Way over worked and still held mostly tough when needed.

szanreno said...

Yes indeed. Big props to the defense...

MichiganMan said...

You can dominate a Mac team but when big boys show up you have to dominate them too... Everywin is not going to be a blowout sometimes you have to fight through difficulties and just win and that's what they did...

Blue for life ..

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