Thursday, October 7, 2021

Michigan Thursday: Preview Big Ten Week 6

 After this weekend, 50% of the season will be behind us.  That is really hard to believe as it feels like the season started just a couple of weeks ago.   This weekend is a limited but good lineup of games in the Big Ten and maybe the biggest game in the Big Ten in 15 years that didn't include the Buckeyes.  Only 5 games this week, including Michigan and Nebraska: 

#4 Penn State @ #3 Iowa (-1.5):  Penn State has had to go on the road to Wisconsin and Iowa already this year.  It seems the Big Ten wanted to give the Nittany Lions the Michigan schedule treatment.  Iowa to my eyes looks like the best team in the Big Ten and a lock to be Indy representing the West Division.   Iowa doesn't play Michigan or OSU in the regular season, so this is really their last tough game of the year.  Iowa 21 PSU 17

#11 MSU (-5.5) @ Rutgers:  Michigan made Rutgers look like a Big Ten contender two weeks ago and OSU made them look like the Rutgers of old.   So which team will we see on Saturday against the upstart Spartans?  MSU has been a bit shaky the last two weeks.  I feel an upset coming.   Rutgers 20 MSU 14

Maryland @ #7 OSU (-21):  Everyone seems to be writing OSU off, was it the Oregon loss or maybe its Urban Meyer dancing in Dublin?  Either way, they are not done yet and have another upstart team that got slapped down last weekend by Iowa.   OSU 38 Maryland 13 

Wisconsin (-10) @ Illinois:  Time for Wisconsin to get their first Big Ten win this season.  They will run over Illinois, as long as they have a healthy QB to play.   Wisconsin 28 Illinois 17

  • 2024 PG Christian Anderson commits to Michigan.  2024 is a long ways away so I will take this commitment with a grain of salt.  I do hope his nickname is "Hans" and it seems that he has great shooting range. 
  • There is a rumor that Roman Wilson has a wrist injury and that he played through last week in Madison.   He could be questionable this weekend. 
  • Today is the start of Big Ten Basketball Media Days in Chicago.
  • 2022 FL DE Commit Mario Eugenio has de-committed from Michigan this morning.  Sam Webb said this wasn't a surprise.  


Goblu said...

Can't wait for IA vs PennSt. Think will be a great game, and I am leaning toward a PennSt win. If it were an 8pm kick-off, I'd probably lean the other way.

Now - to translate for those fans of Bucknutsack. Penn State will win, unless Iowa does, and that is only the case if Penn State loses and Iowa wins, or if it's September, not October. And there is a 50/50 chance that one team wins, but only a 10% chance of that happening.

MichiganMan said...

GoBlue....I like what you said...I would rather have PennSt win as well, so when we play them hopefully (both teams are undefeated) at start of the game and not after of course.....if you know what I mean? The game will be more meaningful....white out 7:30 ABC....we need some more 4 and 5 stars committing to our beloved football team and leave after 2 years...Anyways Urban to Michigan is something I hope to happen if not, Harbaugh better get us to the promise land next year....

Blue for Life
Fire Don Brown..and Hire Rich Rod

szanreno said...

Now that's funny Goblu. You out did me. Too bad mine were better. Hahaha...