Sunday, October 10, 2021

Nebraska Post Game

Isaiah Hole Wolverine Wire 

That was one of the craziest sports day of my life and the Michigan - Nebraska game didn't disappoint in crazy.   There was miss spots, over turned TD's, comebacks, turnovers, and great execution.  I'm glad there wasn't a heart monitor on me during the game because I think it would of triggered a 911 call. 

Michigan showed heart and resolve as they trailed for the first time all year but the defense and Moody made the plays that needed to be made to win the game.   There is a ton I liked and didn't like, so lets not wait any longer for the Cheers and Jeers.


  • Hawkins made the play of the game on the strip fumble
  • Moody was rock solid and put the ball in the middle of the up rights each time 
  • Michigan RB's are special and made great play after great play 
  • Dax Hill had a pick and had great defense on the last play 
  • Robbins averaging 50 yards per punt was huge 
  • Michigan got the win when past Wolverine teams wouldn't have.  
  • Michigan is 6-0 at the midway point of the season

  • Michigan's defense gave up 29 2nd half points 
    • 291 yards in the air 
    • 140 yards on the ground 
  • The officials looked like the lights were too bright for them 
  • I sometime wonder if Jimmy and Gattis are "feeling" the game properly.  Meaning, I hated the 2 point attempt - take the point - too early.  Putting in JJ on 3rd down after the the fumble, is like letting the defense know what you are running.  Give it to a RB! 
  • I need better play calling after a turnover, Michigan is very predictable when they should be scoring TD's not field goals.  
  • AJ makes me so nervous returning punts 
  • Martinez was the only Husker that could beat Michigan and the Wolverines almost let him do it. 
  • I kept yelling, stop throwing at #5 on Nebraska 
  • Michigan had a ton of injuries on the OL
  • Michigan is also very thin at WR right now.  Oliver Martin are you available? 😎

The bye is coming at a good time for the Wolverines, they played a ton of guys on the offensive line and was running out of WR's during the game.  The defense again struggled in the 2nd half, as the Huskers went deep into the play book to try to beat the over aggressive Wolverines.

I thought Michigan left too many points on the field in the first half and that almost cost them. Either way, a win is a win and Michigan's defense made a play when they needed to.   Cade had 38 attempts and thought he played just Ok.  He made some smart decisions but under threw a few deep balls that could have flipped the score and momentum.   I did like how he was finding the TE's on 3rd down.   How are we not getting Corum the ball more?

This team deserves two weeks of rest before the schedule gets even tougher with the likes of MSU, PSU, and OSU.  I'm very happy how the team didn't quit and left Lincoln with a W.


Justwin said...

Agree. Was a gutsy game, good job by those boys. Neb is a solid team, and the game would have slipped past every Michigan team the past few years.
Hated the 2-point call. And the JJ 3rd down was lame. Otherwise, I’m happy with that win.

Bucknut-sack - what that doesn’t mean:
1. We all think Michigan is national champ.
2. We are best team in country.
3. Or any other stupid comment you’ll make. You obv never played sports or were even on a team. That is the sort of win our team needed - guts and steal. I’m happy your team beat a shitty MD.

ScottyDoggs said...

One comment by Bob says it all...."Michigan got the win when past Wolverine teams wouldn't have" {{bullseye}}

szanreno said...

First off I'd like to say I hate night games. All the pomp and circumstance that goes with it turns it into a 4-hour affair. The commercials etc. Even when Scott Frost was calling timeouts at the end just to save the clock they would go to commercial break. The make or break drive of the game was when Michigan drove down to tie it with the field goal. They don't do anything on that drive I don't believe they win the game. Moody was solid money all night. Everyone contributed a little bit here and there. But Hankins made the play of the night with the fumble and recovery. If you're a football purest this was a great game to watch. Cade at the end said it just like it was, years past this might not have happened. This win feels good and so does 6-0. Go Blue!

Cormac said...

ScottyDoggs, that comment by Bob was paraphrased from something that Cade McNamara said during an interview after the game.

MichiganMan said...

Guys pleas, relax...we just beat a 3 and 4 team...we barely game at a time...some of you guys think we won a national title...

Blue for life

Fire Don Brwon...hire Rich Rod...

Tim said...

Great comments (except for MM). Neb is tougher than most realize, night game and energized crow. Just ask Alabama, teams play up for a night game at home.

Yes - we certainly have things to work on - and I certainly hope we can fix some things. But it was a good win and I will take it.

MM - I will try to use small and simple words so hopefully you can understand them. If I use a big word that you don't understand please run upstairs and ask your mom what it means. You said (and I am quoting here) "some of you guys think we won the national title". Who said that? Please refer me to the author and post where someone on this blog said we won or are now expected to with the national title? If you can provide I'll eat crow and you can post away - if you cannot - how about you stay on only Ohio State blogs for at least a month? Stay away from this

MichiganMan said...

How about we have the best team in the country and will win the national championship...this what you want to hear my friend?

Blue for life
Fire Don Brown and hire Rich Rod....

ScottyDoggs said...

For along time, I thought some of you unduly picked on Michigan Man (or I should say bullied him with no reason)....I was wrong... some of Michigan Man's comment's are off the wall..but Michigan won a fierce battle Sat night and credit must be give to Jim and team...I still believe Rich Rod was mis-treated at Michigan, but MM says hire Rich Rod > he is "tainted meat". accused of sexual harassment when He has a lovely wife (go figure)...MM do not go "away mad', Just go away...

MichiganMan said...

What Rich Rod have in common with Harbaugh...not big ten title and no both...hire Lincon Riley...