Saturday, October 30, 2021

No Feel For the Game

We will find out in the press conference who called the formation or QB.  Michigan lost this game when JJ entered the game when Michigan has a 1st and 10 at midfield and a 3 point lead.   Either way, it will fall on Harbaugh and it should.   When Michigan was driving the possession prior a terrible feeling rumbled in my stomach.   JJ fumbles and the ball gets kicked out of bounds.  I then text my close friend and family a simple text:

No more JJ for this game.

I yell, No!!! when Fox comes back from its 1000th commercial of the game and I see him in the backfield.  The rest of the game, you know what happens.

For the life of me, I can't figure out how these rag tag Spartan players and coaches out coach the Wolverines staff every year.  BTW, congratulations to Ken Walker 3 on winning the Heisman Trophy with his 5 TD's and 200 yard performance.  

I've been supporting Harbaugh and for the most part and thought the team competed and probably should have won the game.  The lack of feel for a game at that point is James Franklin bad.  Maybe he is high on the chew and can't make the right decisions.  


  • Michigan found a pass game 
  • Cade (minus his last throw) played well 
  • A2 is a future superstar 
  • OL was great in pass pro 
  • Michigan started well 
  • Tempo killed Michigan's defense
  • Walker walked all over our LB's 
  • The overturn of the strip sack TD was egregious and probably cost Michigan the game (zero proof to over turn the call)
  • Michigan continues to struggle to score TD's 
  • Left way too many points on the field 
  • When your defense can't stop the run, fields goals will get you beat 
  • Macdonald's  defense plan was poor and he didn't adjust 
  • Michigan wasted a great offensive performance from Cade and A2 - 30 points should have won this game by 10 points at least. 
  • I don't believe one review went Michigan's way as 2 of Walkers TD were questionable at best
  • Can we call a timeout when we are out of position on defense please?
  • Why can't our coaches understand that MSU and OSU will do anything to beat Michigan, this is more then their seasons, its their life.  To beat that type of commitment you have to be better in all stages of the game and continue to be better (as Fox games never end).   It seems like Michigan is not able to get to that level and that is on the head coach. 

MSU played hard and they fought for everything they got in the game.  Michigan just didn't respond and that is on everyone but ends with the head coach.  Harbaugh let this team down today and should take 100% blame for this loss.  No feel for the game.


Goblu said...

As I said last week, can’t put JJ in that position. Clearly Gatis didn’t read my comment…. Cade doesn’t turn the ball over, and that’s all we needed. Ball possession.

But, more important, can’t blow a 30-14 lead. That is unacceptable from our D. This was an out-coaching experience. And that stinks.

GoBlueBruce said...

The OC and DC need to apologize to the players and fans. The OC for inserting JJ after his fumble. He could not keep his hands on a cold wet football. And why at midfield? The DC did not prepare the defense for a up tempo team? Apologize as this team had enought talent to beat MSU. And enough about JJ as he is not yet ready for the big games.

Gemini4 said...

The fumble by #9 was crazy! It appeared to be a run option play with #25, with #25 performing the reads. All JJ had to do was look at Haskins -- Haskins did not want the ball -- and follow Haskins as his lead blocker. Apparently Haskins noted a running lane open on the left side of the line somewhere, but a blocker was needed to make use of it. Films likely will suggest that JJ could have slid through the opening and possibly scamper all the way to the end zone. Freshman inexperience (and more time needed in the school hard knock school of learning) is likely the culprit for JJ's blunder.
On #25's interception play, take a look at the film and notice that #1 was wide open at the sidelines about 10 yards behind where the ball was intercepted. Cade should have taken a chance with #1 (Anthony), who may have been able to break free for a long scamper to the left of the congested area. By the way, #1 appears to be super fast and able to jump quite high.

MichiganMan said...

This is Harbgarbge as last year..
Blue 🔵 for life

Voice of Reason said...

Michigan imploded. MSU did play hard but it wasn't enough to win without Michigan's help. Michigan left so many points on the field because of poor execution and mistakes, plus their defensive tackling was almost non-existent. They played like they weren't being coached. Michigan must have left their game back on the bus because they certainly didn't bring it with them onto the field. IMHO!!!

Goose said...

I thought Cade played really well, it’s a shame the loss is overshadowing his game today. I believe the reason JJ was in the game is that Cade was in the medical tent at the time of JJ’s fumble. Assuming that is true ( I cannot confirm) it makes perfect sense that the coaches would call a read option with JJ. That is what he mostly does it’s a play he’s comfortable with unfortunately he got harbaughed. I’m not exactly sure of the definition of that but it’s a little worse than a jinx but not as bad as a curse….it’s a harbaugh.

Justwin said...

Goose, if Cade was in the tent, then I get it. If not, then it’s a terrible call.

I agree with you that Cade played well (need more td’s than fg’s, but they weren’t all on him). Stinks for him, as he did play his best game.

Goblue said...

Yes the officiating was horrible but MSU players just made more plays than ours. We can't have dropped passes for big plays, mishandled another punt attempt, and have a mishandled read option and expect to win. Even vs teams we are much more talented then. We just have to be better all around.

BigTed said...

How can MSU build a championship team in just one year with a new coach and 40 new players while we have been building for 7 years, the Transfer Portal! Why does Michigan not explore this great opportunity to build a better team, after all our coach was all for it?? Michigan MUST begin looking very seriously at this new recruiting tool.
Unfortunately it is not just ONE game but a number of similar games over the last 7 years - I have gotten to a point where I just don't care anymore.

ScottyDoggs said...

This is my thoughts during the game... (already mentioned)... I told a neighbor how Harbaugh platooned the quarterbacks... he said when you do that "you have no quarterback". At least Harbaugh can save money on a Halloween costume, he is a clown so he does not need to buy a costume....this game is equivalent to him punting the ball when no Michigan state player was in the back field to receive Harbaugh wear your goofy clothes, drink your milk, and sit it the corner of your living room and play with yourself, and any fecal matter if you desire... I used to be "true blue" years ago.... the players blaming themselves for loss is bogus, only the head clown is to blame (he kept you from winning).

GoBlueBruce said...

An update to my comment, if Cade was injured than it made sense to put JJ into the game. And I agree that JJ made freshman mistakes in a BIG game. A tough spot to put him in and hopefully he will learna and have a bettter back up by next year. Still there is no excuse for failing at anticipating and planning for the up tempo game of MSU.

Tommertoffo said...

Refs make mistakes. For the most part, I'm amazed at how accurate refs are at game speed. It's a tough job, and for the most part, I thought the game on the field was called reasonably well - though they did favor MSU.

It was a great game. IMO, Michigan was the superior team with almost 200 more yards offense against MSU. However, at key times, MSU came up with big plays. They also had the best player on the field.

However, to deny that the B1G refs have some animosity towards Michigan is simply wrong. The absolute number of calls that go against Michigan or aren't called against our opponents, is ridiculous. Especially in consequential games, the refs are terribly unfair to Michigan. Just google the plays in question throughout Harbaugh's tenure. The stats bare it out as well. No holding on MSU's OL until they call the holding on Michigan's WR (which was very weak). The reversal of the TD was wrong from EVERYONE except the replay official...and he's supposed to reverse indisputable calls. A call like that reflects the bias. It's not a coordinated conspiracy, but it is a bias

You can say this is whining, however you can't say this is inaccurate. When did Michigan last WIN a game where the refs were consequential? Too many calls go against Michigan. Then, the B1G, to cover it's anti-Michigan mishaps, will have Teddy Greenstein or Andrew Bagnato create articles to suggest this isn't the case. The Tribune will work overtime to cover the obvious truth. Why such effort, Tribune? Because the Tribune understands the bias as much as everyone else.