Monday, October 18, 2021

The Original Michigan Monday: Hates Commercials

College Football has a problem and its the in game commercials.   It's slowly killing the sport that we love.   The NFL realized this a couple of years ago and if you watch a full game the commercials are reduced and made up between quarters, etc.   They also have the hugely successful Red Zone which has zero commercials between 1:00 and 8:00 PM. 

Fox and NBC are the worst during college football, but ESPN isn't afraid to give you commercials during a short injury timeout.   I understand these networks pay huge dollars to get these games, but there has to be some type of middle ground so you don't Geico and Burger Kinged  to death.    Right now they are.  

What my eyes saw this weekend:

Iowa: Was beat up and not ready to play this weekend and got stung by a rested prepared Purdue team.  I really thought Nebraska was going to ruin Iowa's season the day after Thanksgiving, but even that was taken from Cornhuskers fans.  

MSU: I don't know if MSU was trying to not show everything against IU but they're about as vanilla as vanilla gets on both sides of the ball.   The Spartans are a solid team but one you should be able to game plan against.  They're on a bye this week and get two weeks to prepare for Michigan and will show a bunch of new stuff.  Also you can describe the entire roster by saying, "he is a transfer from _____"

Indiana:  Is not the 2020 team by a long shot. 

Rutgers:  Why does a team play Michigan tough and then just fall off a cliff?

Northwestern: Why does a Big Ten team always get on track prior to playing Michigan?

Nebraska:  See the Rutgers comment. 

LSU: I somehow knew that LSU would get a home win against Florida and Coach O would still get fired.  Something is just off about that guy.  

Bama: Is being Bama after an off week.  They seem to have 1 of those every year. 

Joe Milton:  If you weren't watching the TN - Miss State game this weekend.  Joe has been benched for another transfer QB for UT.  That QB goes down late in the 4th with the game on the line and TN needs a TD.  Joe comes off the bench cold and makes a good throw for 10 yards and a first down.   Next throw sails over a TN WR in the end zone.  Last play, no time left needs a TD, ball on the 21 yard line.  Joe scrambles and looking for a open WR, decides to run and gets hit after a short gain and the game is over.   The worst possible decision.   I'm guessing USF next season?

Seems all referees in both college an NFL were instructed this week to spot every ball short of a first down.  The above TN game had one of those and 100K fans lost their collective minds. 

  • Chris Evans only scores TD's in Michigan and got his first NFL one at Ford Field.   Quick second to consider on Michigan's roster last year:  Haskins, Corum, Charbonnet, and Evans as RB's.   Michigan should have been running the wishbone and I'm not kidding! 
  • DPJ caught a halftime Hail Mary and totaled 2 TD's and 100 yards receiving in a Browns loss. 
  • Two bench players from the MSU Basketball Team held up an "F" Harbaugh sign that was poorly written and they clearly did not not use the proper spacing on Jimmy's last name.   
  • Northwestern and Michigan will be playing for the George Jewett trophy for the first time on Saturday.  I don't believe the trophy has been reveled yet. 
  • Rumor mill is Michigan Basketball team will play a secret scrimmage against DePaul.  Also that Super Senior Eli Brooks might have a lower leg injury.  
  • San Diego State Football was made for Brady Hoke and is undefeated this year.  Well done!

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Goblu said...

That Sparty game leaves me scratching my head… would have loved them to save that performance for us!