Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Wolverine Wednesday: Looks At An Interesting Offer

Jeffery M'ba has been almost everywhere.  He grew up in the Congo, started to play football in France, and now is one off the highest rated JUCO players in the country playing in Kansas.  

Jeffery was a highly ranked 6'6 305 pound DT recruit in the 2019 class that originally committed to Virginia.   After playing for one year for a private school in Connecticut.   There were too many transcript and visa issues for Jeffery to enroll at UVA, so he changed his year to 2020 and then COVID hit.  Which made him head home to the Congo and re-evaluate what his next step was.   Back in 2019, Michigan was very interested in Jeffery and offered him a scholarship.  

Looking like his football career is slipping away, a coach in France got him into Kansas Independent Community College and he started playing football again last season.  He struggled as he hadn't played football in a year and other players started dominating the big man.  

This year is a different story, he has 17 tackles and 2 sacks and big time programs (West Virginia, Arizona State, Houston, Minnesota, NC State, Mississippi State, USC, Nebraska, Florida Atlantic and Miami) are starting to take notice.  Michigan offered yesterday and M'ba has some history with the program.  He watched Michigan practice when they were in France a few years ago and he also knows staffer Biff Poggi.  As M'Ba was trying to enroll at Baltimore St. Frances from France when he was looking for a U.S. high school.  

He will visit Miami this weekend and probably will look to visit USC and Ann Arbor later this season.   His former position coach at UVA is now at USC (but might not be there for long).  

His high school coach tweeted out that Michigan hasn't offered a JUCO player in 27 years but that is not the case as Austin Panter was a JUCO transfer back in 2007.    Michigan admissions has let JUCO players transfer in for other sports like Baseball and lets hope that trend continues for the football program.  

  • I got an email yesterday from Outback that had Blake Corum and AJ Henning in it.  Times sure are a changing!  
  • Looks like Taylor Lewan suffered a concussion and not a serious neck injury on Monday night.  He should be back after a couple of weeks in the protocol.  


Tim said...

Well, the game this weekend will be extra special for me. My son - who is earning his own cash now - bought two tickets and asked me to attend the game with him. Go Blue.

szanreno said...

That's great. Always love it when a son takes care of his dad. Will be a cool but clear day in Ann Arbor you should have a good time. Let me know where you're sitting and I'll look for you. Enjoy...

Tim said...

Thanks Szanreno. At this time I am not even sure where we are sitting. Kinda stresses me out a bit, but I am trusting he has it under control.

Tim said...

@Szamremo - It would be fun to see you and put a face with the name. And anyone else. Not totally sure how to facilitate that as I don't want to put too much personal information here.

It would be fun to see Michigan Man too, but I hear he will be at Bloomington for the IU game. :)